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38. P. S. pic of the President and Eric Shineski this morning..
Fri May 30, 2014, 11:20 PM
May 2014

@petesouza: Pres Obama walks w Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki on the WH south grounds this morning


Liberal Librarian @Lib_Librarian
So, now that Shinseki's head is on a platter, those 41 GOP senators will vote for Sanders' VA bill, right? Right? Yeah.
11:21 AM - 30 May 2014
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agreedů. dhill926 May 2014 #1
K & R...for...well, just for..... Wounded Bear May 2014 #2
Obama admin has become like poison to those who try and serve in it quinnox May 2014 #3
I could not disagree with your assessment more. MohRokTah May 2014 #4
and that is fine. Part of the beauty of Du is we all get to have our own opinions about these quinnox May 2014 #6
Don't read it malokvale77 May 2014 #22
... SammyWinstonJack May 2014 #83
... RKP5637 Jun 2014 #103
Hide thread, ignore poster, problem solved nadinbrzezinski May 2014 #63
I never hide threads MohRokTah May 2014 #78
There's only one reason it would bother a person so much. It's true. n/t A Simple Game May 2014 #64
You're not thinking very hard then. The freepers view it as their job to attack pnwmom May 2014 #9
Joe Biden? I had forgotten about him, he seems to have been hiding from view for a long time quinnox May 2014 #11
Since you were the one who can't even remember Joe Biden, the fact that pnwmom May 2014 #16
I think your reflexive defense of the Obama admin is typical quinnox May 2014 #18
I don't blame you for not paying attention to my postings. pnwmom May 2014 #21
Rethugs ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2014 #53
I remember Joe Biden! bvar22 May 2014 #71
Biden is somehow insulated. Good for him. Ed Suspicious May 2014 #36
Are you sure you want to use the Consumer Protection Agency as an example? n/t A Simple Game May 2014 #66
The head of the FDA? bvar22 May 2014 #70
maybe if it was not filled DonCoquixote May 2014 #25
"Empress Hillary"? quinnox May 2014 #27
NO it is not DonCoquixote May 2014 #30
I didn't vote for her in the primary either ConservativeDemocrat May 2014 #41
his last sec. of state will be the next president nt arely staircase May 2014 #74
I think if anything youve got it backward quakerboy May 2014 #93
racism knows no bounds Tumbulu May 2014 #96
Very True. deathrind May 2014 #5
Listening to heartbroken vets and co-workers on NPR today, I agree this move was boneheaded riderinthestorm May 2014 #7
My only concern Lee-Lee May 2014 #13
Agreed however its clear his staff shielded him from the corruption. Damn shame nt riderinthestorm May 2014 #17
This problem onecaliberal May 2014 #39
It was his job to be not blindsided. HubertHeaver May 2014 #23
This is it. goldent Jun 2014 #118
Telling the truth got him fired in the run up to the Iraq War and now he was set up to neverforget May 2014 #8
Obama said today the VA received more increases than any other agency. former9thward May 2014 #19
you left out the increase in medical costs for 5 years nt Leme May 2014 #32
Then you can provide them. former9thward May 2014 #37
I am saying Leme May 2014 #42
I don't know the corrrect budget for the VA former9thward May 2014 #49
when people use numbers I sometimes look closer Leme May 2014 #50
Obama made the budget an issue this March when he asked pnwmom May 2014 #81
No, he did not make it an issue. former9thward May 2014 #85
Congress gave him less than he asked for, but he signed the bills anyway. pnwmom May 2014 #86
I am using the numbers from the VA former9thward May 2014 #87
You lie with numbers, and wake up with fleas. ChairmanAgnostic May 2014 #33
Is that in reference to Obama? former9thward May 2014 #35
The budget has increased by only 30% during Obama's administration, despite the rise pnwmom May 2014 #80
The demands tha Shinseki leave will no longer be a media headline Leme May 2014 #10
"Off With His Head"....but, the problems will continue because the figurehead is gone.... KoKo May 2014 #60
He fell on his sword for the king. Rick is a stand-up guy. MADem May 2014 #12
It is like firing the coach on an underperforming sports team. Kurska May 2014 #14
The Right Wing wants to write him up in their history book as a rotten leader.... Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #15
He's job is now to be ablative armor mindwalker_i May 2014 #20
Truer words were never typed, WilliamPitt. You are so right. nt kelliekat44 May 2014 #24
He's out of a job in part because so many Democrats called for his resignation today. madfloridian May 2014 #26
He is out of a job because of treacherous Democrats and asshole Republicans in the Senate/House. phleshdef May 2014 #28
I agree.. President Obama defended Eric Shineski last week and since then the Dems came out in Cha May 2014 #31
P. S. pic of the President and Eric Shineski this morning.. Cha May 2014 #38
Damn. This is one time I wish the President would've told Democrats to get fucked. phleshdef May 2014 #46
I wish he would have too, phlesh.. my heart sank when Cha May 2014 #56
Our Dems needed cover for the Mid-Terms. It was about politics, then. n/t KoKo May 2014 #61
How much time did he spend visiting VA hospitals Nye Bevan May 2014 #29
The same amount onecaliberal May 2014 #40
Ah, that makes it OK then. (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #43
The CONGRESS onecaliberal May 2014 #65
So, he should have been making speech after speech, Nye Bevan May 2014 #69
I have no idea onecaliberal May 2014 #88
Don't Be a Rethug gussmith May 2014 #48
Visits would not have helped rainbow4321 May 2014 #72
If he had wanted to, he could have dropped by unannounced. Nye Bevan May 2014 #73
Bullshit, providing adequate healthcare for our veterans isn't impossible, it's the VA's job Hippo_Tron May 2014 #34
I feel so sorry for the people that serve, sacrifice, then return and often get shit on! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2014 #105
Shinseki can take a seat next to Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, and Steven Miller. OnyxCollie May 2014 #44
its the military way. mopinko May 2014 #45
Not Exactly gussmith May 2014 #47
Shinseki Not a Fan May 2014 #51
i wasn't wondering but i appreciate the confirmation. spanone May 2014 #52
Listen, he headed an agency accused of gross misconduct. It was his responsibility... Gravitycollapse May 2014 #54
Ok Will, but why not tell them the truth. Wash. state Desk Jet May 2014 #55
Chicago Tribune characterizes the scandal as damaging to Democrats Martin Eden May 2014 #57
Agreed! mountain grammy May 2014 #58
... and because he became a football in the fight between the Tea Congress and the President .... marble falls May 2014 #59
correct... daleanime May 2014 #62
Democrats cave when Republicans whine about them. alarimer May 2014 #67
I'd buy that if he had been screaming up and down the chain.. Ballast_Point May 2014 #68
borrowing this. wyldwolf May 2014 #75
As am I, couldn't have been said better nt gelsdorf May 2014 #76
Endless distraction, blame the Black man, dont look at what happened before randys1 May 2014 #77
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast May 2014 #79
As long as the GOP has any power left there, DC will be toxic. Hekate May 2014 #82
Sorry, wrong answer. Savannahmann May 2014 #84
Do you think the VA is adequately funded to timely serve all vets?! SunSeeker May 2014 #91
Certainly not. Savannahmann May 2014 #95
So you think now that the GOP knows the actual wait times, they'll approve the $21B? SunSeeker Jun 2014 #98
No, I didn't say any of that Savannahmann Jun 2014 #99
The "peasants are headed to the castle with pitchforks"? Seriously? SunSeeker Jun 2014 #100
Try to remember that in November when we lose the Senate. Savannahmann Jun 2014 #101
If we lose the Senate, it won't be because of the VA scandal. SunSeeker Jun 2014 #102
Again I agree Savannahmann Jun 2014 #106
You're making shit up. SunSeeker Jun 2014 #108
Fine, prove your points Savannahmann Jun 2014 #109
How about you prove YOUR 67% figure? Where did you get it? SunSeeker Jun 2014 #110
Anti Obama Rant? Savannahmann Jun 2014 #111
No link=you made the 67% figure up. nt SunSeeker Jun 2014 #112
Why won't you answer one question? Savannahmann Jun 2014 #113
Either you made up the 67% figure or got it from an embarrassing source (e.g. a RW site). SunSeeker Jun 2014 #115
Ah, now you're the enforcer of the rules here. Savannahmann Jun 2014 #116
Wow. That sure is a long way of saying you won't provide a link. SunSeeker Jun 2014 #117
Indeed? Then for the others, here is one of many links available. Savannahmann Jun 2014 #119
Your link shows you made the 67% figure up. SunSeeker Jun 2014 #120
What? Savannahmann Jun 2014 #121
He was blamed for the system failure caused by GOP refusal to fund the VA adequately. SunSeeker May 2014 #89
well stated nt Tumbulu May 2014 #97
He was Van Jones'd. blkmusclmachine May 2014 #90
of course Skittles May 2014 #92
They bailed out Ukraine, Banks, Corps etc why not the VA? kickysnana May 2014 #94
Funny..I said the same thing a week ago.....Thanks!!!! msanthrope Jun 2014 #104
Agreed Stargazer09 Jun 2014 #107
No, Will he is out of a job because of devotion to the failed con of "bipartisanship" and TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #114
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