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32. Greenwald responds in all Capital Letters.. Rofl.
Sat May 31, 2014, 03:40 AM
May 2014

"Reached for comment by email, Greenwald objected in all-caps to the idea that he is profiting off of the Snowden leaks, and notes that "THERE IS AN OBVIOUS IRONY TO COMPLAINING THAT WE'RE PROFITING FROM OUR WORK WHILE HE TRIES TO RAISE $100,000 BY FEATURING OUR WORK."

Yeah, GG.. BFD.. he wants to raise $100, 000 to get the word out on your fucking profiteering from Snowden leaks while you're making Million$$$ or is it Billion$$$$$?

2014 The Colbert Report..

Secrets for Sale?: The Greenwald/Omidyar/NSA connection

Greedy Money Grubbing Greenwald

It's a petard engineering convention jberryhill May 2014 #1
I'm hoisting one to you pinboy3niner May 2014 #2
You're such a good sport jberryhill May 2014 #4
I am nothing if not sporty--whatever that means pinboy3niner May 2014 #5
Is that a real tattoo? OilemFirchen May 2014 #6
Fake tatoo. Real arm. Luminous Animal May 2014 #8
Or vice versa jberryhill May 2014 #9
Also, looking at her stomach while squinting your eyes, there is a cherub sucking Luminous Animal May 2014 #12
Withut squinting, it's a snow child sucking Jesus's eye. Luminous Animal May 2014 #22
She should get some REAL tattoos, like mine pinboy3niner May 2014 #33
Those will come in handy when you try to convince somebody of something. Luminous Animal May 2014 #36
Alas, no one else ever sees them pinboy3niner May 2014 #37
Aw! :) The colors are great and have stood the test of time. Luminous Animal May 2014 #39
WTF happened to her arm?! Holy hell!! I always liked Sporty Spice. I didn't know she was in an Luminous Animal May 2014 #7
Who knows? pinboy3niner May 2014 #10
Spice Girls? Really? jberryhill May 2014 #11
Below her bicep, you could thread shish kabob. Luminous Animal May 2014 #13
Dude, it's the border of the picture jberryhill May 2014 #19
What happened to her inner forearm? Luminous Animal May 2014 #21
And look over to her left shoulder. It looks like ET's head is poking out. Luminous Animal May 2014 #35
Do us a favor... jberryhill Jun 2014 #71
I was wondering 2naSalit May 2014 #51
I guess you must have missed the major trauma when What'sername Spice left the group pinboy3niner May 2014 #16
Wasn't that Old Spice jberryhill May 2014 #44
My favorite Spice Girls were... nikto May 2014 #25
You're a man of my own heart pinboy3niner May 2014 #27
Geniuses need to stick together nikto May 2014 #29
What's that on her head? Unknown Beatle May 2014 #28
Indeed. They posted a 7 minute video of the back & side of Greenwald's head. I'm not lying. Luminous Animal May 2014 #3
they posted the book? grasswire May 2014 #14
Ya it's illegal... Cali_Democrat May 2014 #17
Could you post the link? Luminous Animal May 2014 #23
Link to what? The law detailing how taking classified docs is illegal? Cali_Democrat May 2014 #30
To the pdf of the book. Luminous Animal May 2014 #31
The article says his book is posted there.... Cali_Democrat May 2014 #34
Here ya go... OilemFirchen May 2014 #49
Oh, I already have the book and I knew the link. But thanks! Luminous Animal May 2014 #52
I have no doubt. Free advance copy? OilemFirchen May 2014 #53
From the horse's mouth.. "Sometimes to do the right thing you have to break a law. Cha May 2014 #24
Snowden's dreamy voice. randome May 2014 #46
That was the most soft ball interview ever flamingdem May 2014 #56
I say Eddie should listen to Daniel Ellsberg if he doesn't want to hear what John Cha May 2014 #58
Gosh who else expected you all to detect any difference between those laws bobduca May 2014 #48
The public has a right to know jberryhill May 2014 #20
And cryptome has the right of to raise $100K by posting 7 minutes of the back of Greenwald's head. Luminous Animal May 2014 #26
Oh fuck.. nothing's going to make GG more mad then someone he thinks is Cha May 2014 #15
You should watch the 100K video. Riveting and totally worth a donation. Luminous Animal May 2014 #18
lol. i watched about 3 minutes of it! m-lekktor May 2014 #43
Cryptome was around long before Wikileaks, and in fact publicly eschewed Assange msanthrope May 2014 #47
I wonder if Glenn is going to sue them treestar May 2014 #41
We'll see won't we.. this is such delightful news, treestar. Someone.. John Young is messing Cha May 2014 #42
Doubtful. joshcryer May 2014 #62
Greenwald responds in all Capital Letters.. Rofl. Cha May 2014 #32
Strange you left this off from Greenwald..."I'M GLAD THERE IS A CRYPTOME AND HOPE THEY SUCCEED Luminous Animal May 2014 #38
Not "strange" at all.. the link is in the OP.. anyone can go there and read the rest and post Cha May 2014 #40
Priceless! flamingdem May 2014 #57
Really! Here's to John Young.. Cha May 2014 #59
What a slimey liar. Gawd that man is despicable. Whisp May 2014 #66
They're Cha May 2014 #67
Cryptome is the only leaker site worth reading. It always has been. nt msanthrope May 2014 #45
Cryptome posts everything. joshcryer May 2014 #60
What happened?? nt msanthrope May 2014 #61
Was sent a message with a forged public key. joshcryer May 2014 #63
What assholes. No wonder Young published his book. nt msanthrope May 2014 #64
He posted Luke Harding's book, too, mind you. joshcryer May 2014 #65
Harding wrote the better book by a mile, and that's because he is a better writer and msanthrope May 2014 #69
"They," "their," "them." joshcryer Jun 2014 #74
thanks for the heads up on that book, josh. Luke Harding's "The Snowden Files". nm Cha Jun 2014 #75
The outer Matryoshka doll OilemFirchen May 2014 #50
I'm sure that's true. But it's also likely that the vast majority of stolen documents are useless. randome May 2014 #54
Doubtless OilemFirchen May 2014 #55
"Worse, in Young's mind, is that they're allegedly profiting off of whistleblowing." Number23 May 2014 #68
It's a rubber-meeting-road moment. OilemFirchen May 2014 #70
Oh, you know as well as I do why they aren't here. The same folks that bray that Obama supporters Number23 Jun 2014 #72
Maybe I need a Bat Signal: OilemFirchen Jun 2014 #73
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