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1. Better think twice. I think Rocky Anderson is a pal of Mitt Romney.
Tue Dec 20, 2011, 10:37 PM
Dec 2011

I would not put it past Romney to ask Anderson to run as a third-party challenger to take votes from Obama.

I don't have any evidence, so I don't know if maybe I should take this to the UFO/Bigfoot conspiracy forum.

But hey I'm just sayin, it could be.

Better think twice. I think Rocky Anderson is a pal of Mitt Romney. limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #1
They sure aren't "pals" anymore! Read what Anderson had to say about Romney in the interview. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #3
I'm still not buying that. It seems really fishy to me. nt limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #11
If this idiot managed to siphon off enough votes, combined with vote theft, voter suppression, MADem Dec 2011 #48
Rocky Anderson is not an idiot. totodeinhere Dec 2011 #67
+1 at the very least. nt ooglymoogly Dec 2011 #92
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! WillyT Dec 2011 #114
Will his old boss Mitt give him the "Token Dem" slot in the Cabinet, I wonder? nt MADem Dec 2011 #143
Tell him to run for Congress or Senate or State legislator Maraya1969 Dec 2011 #182
You really don't have any idea who Rocky Anderson is or his politican standing is Javaman Dec 2011 #87
In my personal view, he's not the brightest bulb if he is running a third party MADem Dec 2011 #106
Speaking of dim bulbs...nwat ooglymoogly Dec 2011 #110
Do elucidate--don't be vague, now. NT MADem Dec 2011 #141
I'm sure he realizes the long odds. But he is used to defying the odds. totodeinhere Dec 2011 #121
so in other words, you know nothing about him. Javaman Dec 2011 #134
And so, instead of assisting in my understanding, you instead choose to snark. MADem Dec 2011 #142
So instead of doing it yourself you get mad at me. LOL Javaman Dec 2011 #164
You're the one who's telling me I need a lesson, yet not giving it. MADem Dec 2011 #165
And now you resort to the Peewee Herman defense! Javaman Dec 2011 #166
Naaah. You may think you're being cute, but you're not. MADem Dec 2011 #167
I have never in my entire life seen someone turn a mole hill into a mountain. Javaman Dec 2011 #170
Javaman, you have one of those nice days, OK? MADem Dec 2011 #171
you just can't let it go... Javaman Dec 2011 #173
Ciao, Javaman! MADem Dec 2011 #176
Interesting. There will be a well funded 3rd party candidate to run to Obama's left. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #4
On what basis do you see this campaign as "well funded"? brooklynite Dec 2011 #34
Not saying it is...just saying there will be one . Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #35
he might even get kkkarl rove money. try to spilt dem vote leftyohiolib Dec 2011 #91
Citizen's United aka "Corporations are People, too!" Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #94
I am quite sure the Koch brothers will pony up some donations for the "progressive" candidate! whistler162 Dec 2011 #180
It would be interesting to see if any of the money Anderson raises is from Romney donors karynnj Dec 2011 #46
- a bunch...nt ooglymoogly Dec 2011 #66
Why? ProSense Dec 2011 #2
I opposed anyone running a primary campaign against Obama. Did you conveniently forget that? Better Believe It Dec 2011 #6
How ProSense Dec 2011 #13
November 8, 2011 Better Believe It: "I actually don't favor a primary campaign" against Obama. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #20
I'm sure an apology will be forth-coming! sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #120
So conveniently bookmarked. Bobbie Jo Dec 2011 #181
Confucius say, the mutterings ooglymoogly Dec 2011 #69
the feature is available now magical thyme Dec 2011 #62
Being able to see the edit history is badass isn't it BBI snooper2 Dec 2011 #82
Any vote that does not help defeat the conservatives is a mistake Motown_Johnny Dec 2011 #5
Great. No voter contact plan with national scope eridani Dec 2011 #7
Couldn't agree more. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #19
You honestly don't think if a third party candidate beat an incumbent President that nothing would A Simple Game Dec 2011 #123
Yes, nothing would change. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #135
I will still maintain that if Anderson could beat President Obama A Simple Game Dec 2011 #149
As I said, you can believe anything you want. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #152
I guess we will have to agree to disagree. A Simple Game Dec 2011 #179
The notion that a 3rd party candidate could beat an incumbent without -- eridani Dec 2011 #146
Just five words for you. A Simple Game Dec 2011 #147
If you don't want to win, why run? eridani Dec 2011 #148
I'm sure he does want to win. A Simple Game Dec 2011 #150
You don't think OWS would get behind his candidacy? NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #83
I'm thinking that they are totally blowing off electoral politics for the time being n/t eridani Dec 2011 #86
Is he a Democrat? Is so, why isn't running a primary challenge? Luminous Animal Dec 2011 #8
He answers your question in the articles. Read them. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #9
Is he a Democrat? Luminous Animal Dec 2011 #16
He is a former Democrat but has now joined the newly formed Justice Party Bjorn Against Dec 2011 #18
How mnay states has the Justice Party attained the qualifications to Luminous Animal Dec 2011 #26
I am not sure, they just announced the formation of the party last week so they may not be on any. Bjorn Against Dec 2011 #29
They won't be able to get on CA's ballot. joshcryer Dec 2011 #38
The California Peace and Freedom Party could vote to put Anderson as their candidate on the ballot. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #90
Perhaps not. ChadwickHenryWard Dec 2011 #64
Darcy Richardson is running a primary campaign. mmonk Dec 2011 #15
Nope...tiny odds on the Rock....unknown and tiny $$ ain't shit in this Realm of the Oval... opihimoimoi Dec 2011 #10
He's a shoe-in. Scurrilous Dec 2011 #12
He's eschewin' reality. great white snark Dec 2011 #43
Cool! I'll remember the name ... T S Justly Dec 2011 #14
Seems like a good choice for 2016 if he re-registers as a democrat. nt bluestate10 Dec 2011 #17
Why the Anderson campaign for President will not be like Nader's campaign in 2000. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #21
Ever wonder why they only poll Congress as if it were a monolythic body? Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #22
Actually, that is only one way they poll Congress. aquart Dec 2011 #27
True, but it's the only polling that seems to get discussed in the mainstream media. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #28
That's hilarious ProSense Dec 2011 #23
Hilarious? NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #84
I resided in Utah when Rocky was mayor newspeak Dec 2011 #57
A mormon running against a mormon for president? alittlelark Dec 2011 #24
I wouldn't call Rocky Anderson a Mormon FreeState Dec 2011 #37
I was wondering... CanSocDem Dec 2011 #168
Here's an idea ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2011 #25
That's too much work. Independent progressives want a political messiah to fix everything. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #31
So you think Rocky Anderson would be "a weaker version" of the Great Compromiser President Obama? Better Believe It Dec 2011 #41
Silly question. Follow the Messiah - he'll lead you to the Promised Land! Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #96
We tried Obama. How has that worked out for ya? Better Believe It Dec 2011 #100
Silly question. Follow the Messiah - he'll lead you to the Promised Land! Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #104
Stealing phrases from Sarah Palin doesn't help your case, also too. Bobbie Jo Dec 2011 #124
"Stealing phrases from Sarah Palin doesn't help your case, also too." Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #161
+1 for this^ Ineeda Dec 2011 #109
Besides the Democrats and GOPers there are FOURTEEN other folks running Tx4obama Dec 2011 #30
I think running for POTUS might be the new financial con. Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #32
Correct, I hope DU doesn't get caught up in Anderson hysteria... joshcryer Dec 2011 #39
Personally, I'm pretty concerned about klook Dec 2011 #79
Ron Paul has a better chance of being elected President than this guy Hugabear Dec 2011 #33
The last Anderson who ran as a progressive third party candidate helped get us Reagan RFKHumphreyObama Dec 2011 #36
I will never forget it Irishonly Dec 2011 #55
Is this a suicide by cop thread? UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2011 #40
He's got as many ex-wives as Newt Gingrich Freddie Stubbs Dec 2011 #42
Do you have any evidence he "cheated" on his two ex-wives? Links please. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #49
actually his marriages probably ended in divorce newspeak Dec 2011 #58
He couldn't handle marriage and he couldn't handle working to change the Democratic party Freddie Stubbs Dec 2011 #63
Keep ProSense Dec 2011 #44
I wish I could rec this. I think Clinton's re-elect numbers were about 20 pts. lower. (nt) Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #162
unrecc spanone Dec 2011 #45
Sounds like a great guy! He should run for Senate agentS Dec 2011 #47
Yeah! vote for Rocky and let a republican win WI_DEM Dec 2011 #50
Mr. Anderson, Ralph Nader on line 2...nt SidDithers Dec 2011 #51
he worked with Romney in the 2002 Winter Olympics bigtree Dec 2011 #52
of course he worked with romney newspeak Dec 2011 #60
What would a REAL Democrat have said? dems_rightnow Dec 2011 #145
I had dealings with this guy when he was Mayor of Salt Lake CanonRay Dec 2011 #53
I had a feeling that was what it was. BlueToTheBone Dec 2011 #56
Excellent Republican strategy JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2011 #54
Some front group funded by the Kochs and/or Rove's anonymous donors emulatorloo Dec 2011 #136
Good. Having choices is what democracy is about. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #59
Actually, making choices collectively is what Democracy is all about. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #71
Which means that more choices are a plus. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #81
DU is about electing Democrats. nt sufrommich Dec 2011 #131
I'm beginning to think that there are a lot of EC Dec 2011 #61
Justice Party ecoalex2 Dec 2011 #65
Because there's not a dime's worth of difference between George Bush and Al Gore... greenman3610 Dec 2011 #68
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2011 #76
He's running with the "Throw your vote right in the Trashcan" Party. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #70
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #72
Fuck Hr 676. Fuck EFCA 2.0 but some will get their self-righteous buzz on anyway & lie down with patrice Dec 2011 #73
And if you think I can't back that up with empirical support, you're wrong. patrice Dec 2011 #74
I have followed Rocky for a long time. ooglymoogly Dec 2011 #89
I thought you weren't coming to the new DU? ecstatic Dec 2011 #75
OP found out as long as he posts anti-material with a disclaimer at the bottom, he is within Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #77
You're now on ignore for personal attacks. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #85
Oh my stars and garters! Whatever shall I do? I...I feel faint! Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #99
merciful heavens! dionysus Dec 2011 #139
Pretty slick, huh? AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #88
(cough) Everything's getting so cold...(cough) so dark, so cold...(gasp).... Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #101
are you sure you'll be okay? you seem broken up about it.... dionysus Dec 2011 #140
+1...nt SidDithers Dec 2011 #97
How convenient for the repugs siligut Dec 2011 #78
I'll vote for a Third Party candidate ... Martin Eden Dec 2011 #80
Not this silliness again. Obama approval was at 84% among Dems last week and it's going up. OregonBlue Dec 2011 #93
People who think a vote splitting third choice is a good idea should bet the rent money on it. JohnnyRingo Dec 2011 #95
Amen. But there is no maximum contribution. The Kochs could bankroll this guy 100%--- McCamy Taylor Dec 2011 #98
Republicans and Wall Street could also give millions to Obama. They gave a lot to Kerry and Obama Better Believe It Dec 2011 #102
Anderson won't accept the maximum donation amount. Not even close. jtrockville Dec 2011 #108
Wait. You donated to someone running against... SidDithers Dec 2011 #126
I heard about that $100 maximum, now that you mention it. JohnnyRingo Dec 2011 #138
My input is that someone who makes repeated anti Obama posts and then puts grantcart Dec 2011 #103
I think that is a version of concern trolling. nt stevenleser Dec 2011 #105
Is your comment directed at me or someone else? Better Believe It Dec 2011 #111
It's my charachterization of the repeated anti Obama posts that you make and then add some grantcart Dec 2011 #117
Your misrepresentation of my views may fit your Obama talking points nicely but I tell the truth. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #133
It's called a paraphrase Bobbie Jo Dec 2011 #118
He should win because he puts his fist in the air frazzled Dec 2011 #107
I of course prefer someone who seems to be delivering a lecture to the uneducated masses. Better Believe It Dec 2011 #113
"I don't support Anderson's presidential campaign" ... dionysus Dec 2011 #112
Really, eh?... SidDithers Dec 2011 #127
why Sid, we should start a kickboxin' club. dionysus Dec 2011 #132
Very interesting idea. Turbineguy Dec 2011 #115
Fuck Rocky Anderson and Fuck the Justice Party WonderGrunion Dec 2011 #116
Oh great. Siphon off enough votes from Obama to a guy who seriously has no realistic chance against calimary Dec 2011 #119
REC. Excellent topic of discussion. nt bertman Dec 2011 #122
excellent indeed, especially if you want a GOP president, bert. or one embarrased rocky. dionysus Dec 2011 #129
He left office before I moved to Salt Lake LadyHawkAZ Dec 2011 #125
Why is this 3rd party shit allowed on DU3? sufrommich Dec 2011 #128
yeah, and strangely this type of bullshit is allowed to stand. dionysus Dec 2011 #130
Some posters seem to be bullet proof emulatorloo Dec 2011 #137
Ding! Ding! Ding! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #163
We'll see if ToS volations are enforced come nomination time. joshcryer Dec 2011 #144
My prediction RZM Dec 2011 #151
I really don't see it, to be honest. joshcryer Dec 2011 #154
There's going to have to be a do or die moment in 2012 RZM Dec 2011 #155
Definitely going to be interesting. joshcryer Dec 2011 #156
You're right, assuming a constant 5 point lead RZM Dec 2011 #157
Isn't that a statement of principle within the ToS? That we're here to get Dems elected? MADem Dec 2011 #159
Disingenuous weasel-worded disclaimers REP Dec 2011 #153
Please share when you have further info. Dewey Finn Dec 2011 #158
You SO obviously don't realize - Summer Hathaway Dec 2011 #160
You've been here for a week, and you act like you've known BBI for years. MADem Dec 2011 #169
Long time lurker - Summer Hathaway Dec 2011 #174
He has his own issues, and they're coming to the fore. MADem Dec 2011 #175
In response to your request for more information here's a link to his interview with Cenk Uygur Better Believe It Dec 2011 #172
That's more than sufficient. Dewey Finn Dec 2011 #178
Personally, I would like to see a third party that would challenge the rightward drift paulk Dec 2011 #177
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