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I support whoever the D nominee is and believe JaneyVee Jun 2014 #1
So amazing that 47 percent of the voters are not supporting Hillary in the primaries yeoman6987 Jun 2014 #26
you mean voters on DU? wyldwolf Jun 2014 #31
Not really. joshcryer Jun 2014 #34
DU only represents DU, not the real world. Beacool Jun 2014 #42
She will not be the nominee, but if she is I will of course vote for her! Logical Jun 2014 #43
No, it's not amazing at all. JackRiddler Jun 2014 #45
Don't worry the moderates, centrist corporate third way type of Dems will support her Exposethefrauds Jun 2014 #56
Chicago is in the Bible Belt? Beacool Jun 2014 #41
Illinois considered the bible belt? Stellar Jun 2014 #55
I respect and admire Hillary, if the bible was the biggest influence on any politician Autumn Jun 2014 #2
sh'es full of beans but has to say that elehhhhna Jun 2014 #23
Find me a politician who doesn't bring out their religion. Autumn Jun 2014 #25
I'll ONLY support Hillary if Politicalboi Jun 2014 #3
No, infact I doubt she actually religous. Shoulders of Giants Jun 2014 #4
I file that under the heading "Self Serving Political Bullshit" Stinky The Clown Jun 2014 #5
That would be accurate. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #51
I Expect, Sir, That Like Most Who Cite That Book The Magistrate Jun 2014 #6
Perhaps as she was growing up. I think today it might be her bank-book (I'll still vote for her!). WinkyDink Jun 2014 #7
I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. BootinUp Jun 2014 #8
Does her bible have the Book of Goldman-Sachs in it? HooptieWagon Jun 2014 #9
LOL! SammyWinstonJack Jun 2014 #68
I'll support Clinton if she's the nominee although she's not my first choice aint_no_life_nowhere Jun 2014 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Little Star Jun 2014 #11
Machiavelli wrote the bible? Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #12
ouch! Puzzledtraveller Jun 2014 #35
... Enthusiast Jun 2014 #50
Not for one second. Iggo Jun 2014 #13
"Do unto others as you would have done unto you". Nye Bevan Jun 2014 #14
Lot's of good stuff like intaglio Jun 2014 #57
Here is where she stated it..... Little Star Jun 2014 #15
I don't know. Maybe, if by that she means Christian socail and spiritual teachings Tom Rinaldo Jun 2014 #16
Whatever it takes to defeat the republican candidate for POTUS in 2016. Walk away Jun 2014 #17
lol, very pragmatic. BootinUp Jun 2014 #18
Who says Clinton is a strong candidate? JackRiddler Jun 2014 #46
You must have graduated from the republican school of math! Walk away Jun 2014 #58
Like Republicans, you must not believe in empirical evidence! JackRiddler Jun 2014 #66
Keep dreaming that DU dream! Who is your imaginary POTUS? Walk away Jun 2014 #69
I don't care whether or not is is or if she said it or under what conditions. Meh. uppityperson Jun 2014 #19
Here is 1st Timothy 2:11-15. Bluenorthwest Jun 2014 #20
She is NOT a rightwing religionist. Period. It's easily proven that she is not: freshwest Jun 2014 #21
Presumably not. JackRiddler Jun 2014 #47
She said it for the fundie vote...who cares if it's true: let's remember the big picture. ileus Jun 2014 #22
You mean the vote she'll never get? JackRiddler Jun 2014 #48
There are plenty of Bill fans that remember the 90's as being great. ileus Jun 2014 #60
Only she knows if it's true and why she said it. Boomerproud Jun 2014 #24
Where is the option Caretha Jun 2014 #27
Credibility is not Hillary's strong point. immoderate Jun 2014 #28
Nope, I think calculated ambition is (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #29
I don't support her as a primary... Scootaloo Jun 2014 #30
Wait, if we say we DO NOT believe her, does that also mean we think she is a liar? kelly1mm Jun 2014 #32
To quote Dr. House LostOne4Ever Jun 2014 #33
What "primary" are you talking about???????? George II Jun 2014 #36
The Democratic Presidential Primary - I'm sorry if that wasn't clear. nt el_bryanto Jun 2014 #39
There is "a" presidential primary? George II Jun 2014 #40
Thank you for being so technical - I think most people knew what I meant el_bryanto Jun 2014 #61
Cool, never knew that, who are the primary candidates I can't find a list anywhere snooper2 Jun 2014 #64
we are still far enough out that most of them are theoretical - but Hillary Clinton at the moment el_bryanto Jun 2014 #65
No need..... George II Jun 2014 #67
There are primary elections in all States, that cycle will take up right after Nov elections Bluenorthwest Jun 2014 #62
Don't support her. If I did that statement alone would end it. Religion poisons everything. nt Demo_Chris Jun 2014 #37
my exact sentiment. nt m-lekktor Jun 2014 #59
Nah. Profit motive. [n/t] Maedhros Jun 2014 #38
It's no one's business but her own. Beacool Jun 2014 #44
I think she said it because she was pandering to the dummies. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #49
I like to think the statement is not true. JNelson6563 Jun 2014 #52
What is very worrying is that she says so. longship Jun 2014 #53
I haven't made up my mind about the primaries, and I don't know enough about Hillary's thought Warren DeMontague Jun 2014 #54
christian thought goes thru and thu this nation dembotoz Jun 2014 #63
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