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20. not so impractical as you might think
Mon Jun 16, 2014, 07:01 PM
Jun 2014

I know moving away is a daunting prospect for many, but it is not as impractical as you might think. I live on less than $15k and because I live out of the country, I live quite comfortably. The fact is, some organizations that operate in other countries have to pay a premium for US workers to go there. Examples familiar to me are school teachers, nurses, call center workers with good English skills, resort greeters, and I am sure there are other jobs of the same sort. Whereas a US school teacher can scrape along at $30k - making the same amount in a developing country at an "American school" is much more lucrative due to low living costs. If look for overseas jobs that match your skills, and you are willing to take the adventure, you might be surprised by some of the opportunities. Oh, and a good babysitter in many such places will cost less than $10 per day (compare THAT to daycare, single moms - plus your kids might quickly pick up a second language!)

I believe thats what passes for middle class 2pooped2pop Jun 2014 #1
THIS LeftyMom Jun 2014 #2
+1 xchrom Jun 2014 #4
This is extremely interesting. It seems to me that education about the programs would help a lot. jwirr Jun 2014 #3
If you're Bo or Luke Romney: I get them mixed up with the Dukes of Hazzard! rustydog Jun 2014 #5
Unless the link provided more information this article did not really answer the question of what jwirr Jun 2014 #6
Join the military? corkhead Jun 2014 #7
Tis true, and with Iraq War III now starting to spin up ... Kennah Jun 2014 #8
You get desperate and work at a strip club. bravenak Jun 2014 #9
there are only so many openings quakerboy Jun 2014 #12
I sometimes forget that the things i can do some can't. bravenak Jun 2014 #13
You are homeless. Or you sleep on someone's couch. McCamy Taylor Jun 2014 #10
All the conservatives I know that stand behind the banner of "personal responsibility" don't have a gtar100 Jun 2014 #11
out of the box, so to speak kg4jxt Jun 2014 #14
1 problem: you need money for that. nt xchrom Jun 2014 #16
Highly impractical suggestion for a poor person. You might as well say they should count on some raccoon Jun 2014 #19
not so impractical as you might think kg4jxt Jun 2014 #20
It's time for basic income, an income you receive whether you're looking for a job or not! reformist2 Jun 2014 #15
one mother put her 2 hopemountain Jun 2014 #17
... Skittles Jun 2014 #18
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