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That would make her a Libertarian AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #1
That's just what I was going to say. Aristus Jun 2014 #31
That's LaVayan Satanism. Which is not the same as other forms of Satanism. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #48
Okay. Aristus Jun 2014 #59
the same way being a Christian makes her a Republican? 0rganism Jun 2014 #63
Honestly? No. Way too creepy. nt ecstatic Jun 2014 #2
But see, I strongly suspect they enjoy that reaction far too much. moriah Jun 2014 #8
Depends on the denomination Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #12
We're not creepy Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #9
Sorry. I guess I watch way too many ecstatic Jun 2014 #28
It's ok, I've watched many of those movies too Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #34
Most who self-define as "Satanist" don't believe in the Biblical "Satan", soooooo.... moriah Jun 2014 #3
So why do they call themselves "satanists" then? Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #15
The Satanist in this thread seemed to concur.... moriah Jun 2014 #17
Well, all I can say is that Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #18
What if they told you they were a witch? n/t moriah Jun 2014 #19
That depends Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #21
Well, Satanism got about the same bad rep as witchcraft, and through similar means.... moriah Jun 2014 #23
I think that the word "witch" is kind of neutral Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #30
Why not get to know them and what they believe LostOne4Ever Jun 2014 #44
I've known people like that before Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #46
That's the same reason many people despise atheists. beam me up scottie Jun 2014 #50
Some people get off on the "edgy" thing. Of course, the same thing can be said about witchcraft. moriah Jun 2014 #49
Why is that? Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #36
Have you ever thought that the term "Satanist" just creeps people out? Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #39
... Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #40
Admittedly, the term "muslim" is viewed negatively by many Christians, Art_from_Ark Jun 2014 #43
And what else should we call ourselves? Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #55
Apparently, someone took great umbrage. It was a ridiculous alert, and got what it deserved. Tarheel_Dem Jun 2014 #60
I'm not OK with her, period. Has nothing to do with religeous beliefs. NYC_SKP Jun 2014 #4
I believe that you just described Satanism... R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2014 #6
I get that whatchamacallit Jun 2014 #7
I actually AM a Satanist Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #5
Ahh, a thiestic Satanist! moriah Jun 2014 #10
There aren't many of us around Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #14
That is fascinating. I've never heard of Satanism from that perspective before. liberal_at_heart Jun 2014 #37
Well, glad to meet you! n/t Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #38
Technically, that is quintessentially satanist. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #45
She worships Wall St... isn't that the same thing? HooptieWagon Jun 2014 #11
I'll have to think about it Skittles Jun 2014 #13
I don't care what a candidate's faith is. hrmjustin Jun 2014 #16
Only if she were a Socialist. roody Jun 2014 #20
LaVeyan Satanism, at least, seems more compatible with Randian libertarianism than with socialism. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #24
I'd be cool with her faith if it was progressive. delrem Jun 2014 #22
An argument can be made that Christianity isn't harmless n/t geomon666 Jun 2014 #25
I'd like it if she was a Wiccan. Nye Bevan Jun 2014 #26
But do we really want them to get better? n/t moriah Jun 2014 #47
I was OK with Nixon being a Quaker. And, I'm OK with Hil being a Methodist. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #27
Muslin, Satinist, Linenist? What's the diff? n/t eridani Jun 2014 #29
No. Jenoch Jun 2014 #32
For me the turn off is not the religion but the particular religious group that she hung with newthinking Jun 2014 #33
Well... it wouldn't be pandering BS, but it's still just magical thinking. nt Demo_Chris Jun 2014 #35
Well, at least you're consistent Prophet 451 Jun 2014 #41
Would you be cool with Rand Paul if he was aa atheist? rug Jun 2014 #42
If she was a Stalinist I doubt she'd be a popular president. Kablooie Jun 2014 #51
The only thing Stalinists and Satanists have in common is hipster facial hair: Ken Burch Jun 2014 #54
moot point. There's no conflict between satanism and support for military interventionism. n/t. Ken Burch Jun 2014 #52
Um, fuck no. Skip Intro Jun 2014 #53
I'd be happy to see... malokvale77 Jun 2014 #56
I'm, what I liked to call, a constitutional atheist. Javaman Jun 2014 #57
At least it would be something different and new for a presidential candidate . . . hatrack Jun 2014 #58
She could worship me, and I still wouldn't vote for her. bigwillq Jun 2014 #61
Coming out as a Satanist would be a remarkable act of political courage... Orsino Jun 2014 #62
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