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33. Hard to argue that so I will enthusiastically agree instead.
Wed Jun 25, 2014, 10:43 PM
Jun 2014

I got a fuck for the way too many across the board that in that like 90% when it was nitty gritty time because this was one of the dumbest things to do ever and no excuses either from the mealy mouth brigade, this went against like 70 years of bipartisan foreign policy.

I don't believe the elders were happy at all because as wicked as they are they do see moves ahead and know such an action introduces too many variables to allow even them to get and maintain a hold on the whole middle east.

Iraq was under a long duration air cap and embargo, whatever it's intents it was in an almost uniquely special position of having precious little ability to pose a threat to the US.

What do you think the real extent of military and CIA surveillance capabilities even a decade or so back? Shieeeeet, this might be the most hemmed in a country has ever been and they were sold as a threat?

And all the putrid gnashing of teeth about all of his own people Saddam had murdered (certainly true, ignoring the fucked up nation building gone wrong stuff that makes own dicey) because Charles Schultz and Rumsfeld went during and after some of the worst and tickled his taint and went just shy of calling him a saint.

The putrid part, I hope you understand is the same crew used a lot of what they totally sold as a reason to motivate for a war when it suited them and killed up all kinds of poor people and set off untold destruction that we might be getting started on because we have made one epic mess and bombing some more folks to prop up Bush's jacked up puppet that won't puppet isn't not going to fix or help shit.

If we are not very fucking careful we are likely to now set off a whole sect and escalate and inflame the whole mess regionally not just immediately but sewing seeds of discord to reap later as well.

Hell, here we are again poking with no known objectives and almost everyone will at least go along and suck it up, like it or not.

Tune in for "America's Most Petulant Pixie" this fall, on FOX. tridim Jun 2014 #1
F-bomb vapors.... mike_c Jun 2014 #2
She has ripped her pearls off and scattered them into the room. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #6
....thought she used em for anal beads. Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2014 #32
Yeah, but the F-bomb ain't sexist or racist, it's universally obscene rickyhall Jun 2014 #7
Which is why it's not a problem on this site. n/t whathehell Jun 2014 #14
Bad Words Are Bad!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #25
Nothing to do with the post .... I just want cntrygrl Jun 2014 #40
Once again, the Rude One The Traveler Jun 2014 #3
I so wish . . . Richard D Jun 2014 #4
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That's sort of like wanting barbeque without the sauce... Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2014 #9
Oh, I do enjoy it! Richard D Jun 2014 #16
Kicked and recommended an entire shit load. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #5
when they first suggested this war demigoddess Jun 2014 #10
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But what if they are a dick? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2014 #19
Panties in a wad The Wizard Jun 2014 #12
"You're goddamn right it wasn't worth it. Where were you motherfuckers back in 2003?" Scuba Jun 2014 #13
X 1000 ctsnowman Jun 2014 #36
"America's most petulant pixie, John McCain" The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2014 #15
Bravo, Rude Pundit. Encore. (nt) Paladin Jun 2014 #17
K/R: Welcome back, Your Rudeness Jack Rabbit Jun 2014 #18
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Why should the cons care, after all their kids are not on the front line Stargazer99 Jun 2014 #23
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If the US had the Fairness Doctrine in place, we might not have had these Fox News Wars. valerief Jun 2014 #24
IBTL obxhead Jun 2014 #26
Recc'd it, and I rarely do. Shrike47 Jun 2014 #27
In other words, Republicans have just begun to fuck themselves malaise Jun 2014 #28
"Democratic voters, though, are another animal altogether. They were consistent with their Cha Jun 2014 #29
K & R SunSeeker Jun 2014 #30
K&fuckingR.... daleanime Jun 2014 #31
Hard to argue that so I will enthusiastically agree instead. TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #33
They have built a perpetual money machine in the Middle East. raouldukelives Jun 2014 #38
The Dixie Chicks...enough said. kairos12 Jun 2014 #35
Rude Pundit OLDMDDEM Jun 2014 #37
Good points LiberalLovinLug Jun 2014 #41
Rude Pundit OLDMDDEM Jun 2014 #42
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