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5. Against. Most "free trade" agreements are bad...
Thu Jun 26, 2014, 03:27 PM
Jun 2014

... because they give unrestricted mobility to capital, that doesn't exist for labor. Therefore, labor in all countries signed on to the agreement end up getting the shaft.

The thing is - i'm against it because we don't know what's in it. el_bryanto Jun 2014 #1
However the president feels whatchamacallit Jun 2014 #2
The President is highly in favor MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #3
So is HRC, helped draft it OhioChick Jun 2014 #4
Joking of course whatchamacallit Jun 2014 #6
Got it. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #9
Against. Most "free trade" agreements are bad... HooptieWagon Jun 2014 #5
"Free Trade" is dog-whistle for "Screw the Workers and the Environment." Maedhros Jun 2014 #19
"Fair Trade not Free Trade". I think Kucinich used that phrase in a debate. KittyWampus Jun 2014 #22
were you unable to do this without snarking on people who care about other issues? bettyellen Jun 2014 #7
Sorry, perhaps you haven't noticed. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #8
so "he started it" works for you, LOL? Okay then. bettyellen Jun 2014 #11
No. I didn't do the same thing back. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #13
it looks like childish tit for tat to me. bettyellen Jun 2014 #15
Where did I write that I'm MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #18
what were these racist accusations about then? very eagerly awaiting your response! bettyellen Jun 2014 #23
As I already linked to in a response to you in this very thread: MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #24
no one called you are racist. they said it appears racial matters do not concern you. bettyellen Jun 2014 #27
LOL. You're still upset about my post from a week ago? Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #25
Manny must have misread your post- he claimed you called him a racist! Not true at all. bettyellen Jun 2014 #31
Is there a draft bill yet? JoePhilly Jun 2014 #10
Perhaps Ed Snowden can make a visit and let the people know what its gov't is doing. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2014 #12
When would our President want that draft bill to be available to the public? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #14
Fast track is used to prevent senators from trying to derail legislation with JoePhilly Jun 2014 #16
Thanks, but you didn't answer my simple question. nt MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #20
Nor did you answer mine. Funny how that works. JoePhilly Jun 2014 #21
I think I did, but to make it clearer MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #26
Works pretty good at stifling push back from all comers TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #30
Except Republican Senators are the ones pushing for fast track passage. pa28 Jun 2014 #32
Against it because it does not do what needs to be done. pampango Jun 2014 #17
I'm against it, but I recognize that's a knee-jerk reaction to secrecy.... mike_c Jun 2014 #28
Whatever it is, I'm against it! KamaAina Jun 2014 #29
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