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Tue Jul 1, 2014, 02:04 PM Jul 2014

As a Gay man I just have to say this [View all]

I love women! I love the compassion they have, I love the smiles they are able to put on many a face's, I love the simple fact that I am here is because of a women, I absolutely love the fact that women are more intuned to help support LGBT Rights. There are so many more reasons to love women (feel free to add to the list).


To all the lovely women out there, I salute you, you make life worth living.

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William....what a NICE post !!!..... clarice Jul 2014 #1
... William769 Jul 2014 #5
My dear William769! CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2014 #2
Yes we do and I am in your corner. William769 Jul 2014 #4
dear william, you are loved back because you are a man I can relate roguevalley Jul 2014 #92
Agree with Cali Peggy !! yuiyoshida Jul 2014 #126
:) sheshe2 Jul 2014 #3
Especially you. For reasons you know. William769 Jul 2014 #7
We have each others backs.... sheshe2 Jul 2014 #15
Ain't no sunshine in this world without happy women. Rex Jul 2014 #6
I am with you, too. The ladies make life fun, loving, peaceful... I could go on... CurtEastPoint Jul 2014 #8
Worth living. Rex Jul 2014 #10
Thank you. Skidmore Jul 2014 #9
Thank you, William!! theHandpuppet Jul 2014 #11
As a gay woman Aerows Jul 2014 #12
Thanks you! JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #13
You big sweetie! redwitch Jul 2014 #14
I'm a straight man, and I agree with you. Aristus Jul 2014 #16
Thank you too, Aristus.. whathehell Jul 2014 #40
straight guy here who also agrees with Aristus and William ! nt steve2470 Jul 2014 #84
Aw redqueen Jul 2014 #17
Thank you! PasadenaTrudy Jul 2014 #18
I love this post. octoberlib Jul 2014 #19
Woo hoo! greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #20
Thank you, William769 Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #21
It's impractical for me to respond to all so use this post for all of the support. William769 Jul 2014 #22
+1,000,000 SoapBox Jul 2014 #23
Kick, kick, kick!!! Heidi Jul 2014 #24
Thank you. n/t ohheckyeah Jul 2014 #25
Thanks for the support Bill - TBF Jul 2014 #26
Thank you! Hugs right back at you! Ilsa Jul 2014 #27
Thanks SO MUCH William...I think lots of women (like me) need to hear that! whathehell Jul 2014 #28
Thank you!! ladym55 Jul 2014 #29
Whe you see someone with out a smile, give them your's. William769 Jul 2014 #31
Me too! lovemydog Jul 2014 #30
Thank you, so very much! n/t fredamae Jul 2014 #32
Nice post, William769! calimary Jul 2014 #33
I agree and we will be waiting. William769 Jul 2014 #36
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #63
Thank you. Starry Messenger Jul 2014 #34
All of us, women and men, need to elect Democrats in November! 6000eliot Jul 2014 #35
Oh my. After all that's gone on, I think I just got... Hekate Jul 2014 #37
Thanks, William. Jane Austin Jul 2014 #38
as a gay man i agree 110%! m-lekktor Jul 2014 #39
As a hetero man I just have to say this KamaAina Jul 2014 #41
+1 nomorenomore08 Jul 2014 #96
I'm sorry you haven't found the right woman yet. Boomerproud Jul 2014 #107
Wow! Thank you! lunatica Jul 2014 #42
Thank you Rider3 Jul 2014 #43
Well! You just made my day! Thanks--someone loves me! asjr Jul 2014 #44
Thank you for saying so. mnhtnbb Jul 2014 #45
Back at you, William769! pnwmom Jul 2014 #46
You are obviously a man of great sense and intelligence mcar Jul 2014 #47
Lovely post, William769 Bobbie Jo Jul 2014 #48
There are many women here on DU that inspired it. William769 Jul 2014 #49
Thank you William get the red out Jul 2014 #50
Thank you! dgibby Jul 2014 #51
As a human being I have to say this... Jeff In Milwaukee Jul 2014 #52
Amen and amen. nolabear Jul 2014 #62
+2 nomorenomore08 Jul 2014 #97
Thank you! MuseRider Jul 2014 #53
Thank you for your post. littlemissmartypants Jul 2014 #54
As a bonobo, I gotta tellya, William-- TygrBright Jul 2014 #55
Homophobia is rooted in misogyny Warpy Jul 2014 #56
thank you, William. :) BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2014 #57
Thank you very much, William769. WinkyDink Jul 2014 #58
What a sweetheart! ReRe Jul 2014 #59
Lovely post. Thank you. LoisB Jul 2014 #60
Oh honey, I SO needed that. Thank you. nolabear Jul 2014 #61
Thank you, William.... CherokeeDem Jul 2014 #64
Why 'as a gay man'? Dawgs Jul 2014 #65
It's not at all. We share the same struggles William769 Jul 2014 #68
not when you consider everything that has been going on JI7 Jul 2014 #69
I agree IronLionZion Jul 2014 #66
KnR... MrMickeysMom Jul 2014 #67
If ever there was a time for allies in fighting the Right, this is it! SleeplessinSoCal Jul 2014 #70
I agree 100% CaptainTruth Jul 2014 #71
Here`s a hug from Vermont..... democrank Jul 2014 #72
I'm with you all the way... world wide wally Jul 2014 #73
K&R! Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #74
My best regards to all you lovely women! kenichol Jul 2014 #75
Thank You. Women in America today need some arms around them. misterhighwasted Jul 2014 #80
Love you more William769. You are the men that matter. misterhighwasted Jul 2014 #76
BTW, a judge in Louisville has overturned Kentucky's ban on same sex marriage. Yes! alfredo Jul 2014 #77
I saw that. William769 Jul 2014 #78
born, raised, abandoned, returned, abandoned, returned and here I stay. I love the bluegrass region. alfredo Jul 2014 #79
S.E. Kentucky here. William769 Jul 2014 #83
Incredible landscape there. alfredo Jul 2014 #134
as a straight woman, thank you demigoddess Jul 2014 #81
I gotta jump in. I don't know how old you are, but as an old Bi-guy, when AIDS was GRID and we knew genwah Jul 2014 #82
For the record I have AIDS. William769 Jul 2014 #85
I didn't know. I never got to my point, which is that we owe each other, my friends had unexpected genwah Jul 2014 #93
Those years when no one knew how it spread were scary. I remember that time well, pnwmom Jul 2014 #123
That brought tears to my eyes evemac Jul 2014 #86
Tears pf joy are always good. William769 Jul 2014 #90
William769, we love you too!!!! DesertDiamond Jul 2014 #87
real men love women Skittles Jul 2014 #88
... William769 Jul 2014 #89
This hetero man is right there with you, brother. Enthusiast Jul 2014 #91
I love women also, but more importantly, I respect them. Great post William. rhett o rick Jul 2014 #94
If this doesn't unite women, what will? Enthusiast Jul 2014 #95
I hope this stirs men to join them. ancianita Jul 2014 #103
I hope this stirs men to teach other men it aint cool to disrespect women. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #109
That, too. Absolutely. Gotta start with your own people.Women have to work on the stockholmies, too. ancianita Jul 2014 #112
This woman PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #98
Muah! yellerpup Jul 2014 #99
How lovely. Thanks! valerief Jul 2014 #100
Thank you. shenmue Jul 2014 #101
Thank you. We need you and all other women-respecting men to show up at future battles. Seriously. ancianita Jul 2014 #102
Agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #104
Thank you William769. Boomerproud Jul 2014 #105
Thank you gwheezie Jul 2014 #106
K&R. Nice post! R B Garr Jul 2014 #108
I love you back, William! Mahalo for your eloquent piece on how you feel Cha Jul 2014 #110
... William769 Jul 2014 #113
.. Cha Jul 2014 #116
I love that picture and the message Cha! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #117
Hey she! Those ol' derelict men on the Extreme Court are not going to take Cha Jul 2014 #118
I am with ya there Cha! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #119
Justice Ginsburg, Kerry Washington and Planned Parenthood, she~ Cha Jul 2014 #120
#Join the Dissent sheshe2 Jul 2014 #122
Thank you William! smirkymonkey Jul 2014 #111
... William769 Jul 2014 #114
If all women, and I mean ALL women, would come together and vote as one mountain grammy Jul 2014 #115
Simply- thank you! n/t marew Jul 2014 #121
Thank you for loving us, ..... meti57b Jul 2014 #124
You rock, William769! Momgonepostal Jul 2014 #125
Thank You! Liberalynn Jul 2014 #127
Thank you... snacker Jul 2014 #128
Hear! Hear! Uncle Joe Jul 2014 #129
What a loving thing to say, William! Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #130
You would think all men would love women. DirkGently Jul 2014 #131
Beautiful post! YoungDemCA Jul 2014 #138
I love you too McCamy Taylor Jul 2014 #132
Bravo William and thank you! cntrygrl Jul 2014 #133
thank you- do you think there wll come a day when straight men wise up and realize the RW zealots bettyellen Jul 2014 #135
getting stronger every day yuiyoshida Jul 2014 #136
This woman loves you right back wryter2000 Jul 2014 #137
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