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6. You've done it AGAIN, sheshe2!
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 07:01 PM
Jul 2014

BRAVA!!!! I LOVE the Vagina Inc. I think we women should all start doing that. En masse!!! Let's make that fucked-up ruling work for US, 'eh? Because freedom-freedom!

Vagina, inc [View all] sheshe2 Jul 2014 OP
Had uterus removed years ago, can I still incorporate? nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #1
Why not!? sheshe2 Jul 2014 #3
I see what you did. Half-Century Man Jul 2014 #9
Actually, I do. :) nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #24
I have no problem linking courage with specific reproductive organs. Half-Century Man Jul 2014 #32
How did you know I'm a grandmother?! Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #28
A wild guess, Mnemosyne. sheshe2 Jul 2014 #31
You can be a shell corporation. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2014 #7
Oh, Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #25
You can entertain a motion. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #13
Dare I ask what motion? nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #27
<BFEG>... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #30
Heh ismnotwasm Jul 2014 #41
I went with friends recently to the showing at Bally's here in Vegas.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #43
Yeah, you still have a vajayjay. nt Ilsa Jul 2014 #15
Guess I'll do it then! Anything that helps the younger women. nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #26
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2014 #2
Someone really should print off those certificates...then people joeybee12 Jul 2014 #4
Ha! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #11
Kick & recommended. William769 Jul 2014 #5
You've done it AGAIN, sheshe2! calimary Jul 2014 #6
calimary, thank you! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #10
I was watching fuck turd - oops - I mean chuck todd (sorry - my husband started calling him that calimary Jul 2014 #44
First of all, I am liking your husband. In a platonic sense of course. sheshe2 Jul 2014 #48
Oh you'd like him a LOT. He also came up with "republi-KLANs" calimary Jul 2014 #49
624 - 0 -- that's a pretty poweful point well made Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2014 #8
K & R SunSeeker Jul 2014 #12
Funny story but off topic so please hear me out. greiner3 Jul 2014 #14
At some point, a pregnant woman becomes responsible for a child with rights of its own. badtoworse Jul 2014 #16
That point is "birth" REP Jul 2014 #17
There is no need for any regulations at any time over sheshe2 Jul 2014 #19
What I posted is indisputable. The question is when it happens. badtoworse Jul 2014 #20
"No politician, church or SCOTUS belongs in a woman's bedroom or in her doctors office." Kath1 Jul 2014 #34
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #35
They are so stupid! Kath1 Jul 2014 #37
Love this!!! ismnotwasm Jul 2014 #18
Thanks, ism! eom sheshe2 Jul 2014 #21
Excellent. lovemydog Jul 2014 #22
Not to invaldate this excellent OP but just a note that the draft certainly riderinthestorm Jul 2014 #23
Yes, and LWolf Jul 2014 #29
Excellent, she! Kath1 Jul 2014 #33
Until a uterus... Half-Century Man Jul 2014 #36
Two days ago... 3catwoman3 Jul 2014 #38
I applaud you, 3catwoman3. sheshe2 Jul 2014 #39
I highly recommend this thread. Major Hogwash Jul 2014 #40
Ha! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #42
That vagina has teeth snooper2 Jul 2014 #45
Vagina dentata. nt clarice Jul 2014 #47
Can I have the franchise rights? nt clarice Jul 2014 #46
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