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75. Yeah - no shit! (Pardon the pun!)
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 10:45 AM
Jul 2014

And THANK YOU, ted nugent, for so thoughtfully providing us this "Moment of Mirth!"

and he has a black friend PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #1
I bet he even calls him Bro. lpbk2713 Jul 2014 #12
"Hygiene challenged"! Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #2
I know! I shower every single day!! Siwsan Jul 2014 #4
He has some serious gall. And I see "Ted for President" bumperstickers around here. nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #8
You should encourage these folks to write Ted's name on the ballot. Contrary1 Jul 2014 #22
I believe I shall. I've heard that many will be doing it. Perfect candidate for some. Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #23
Yeah that's a bit much from a man who spent a month... MohRokTah Jul 2014 #9
I remember it, ewww. He's a real peach. nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #26
When it comes to being hygiene-challenged rocktivity Jul 2014 #11
Good perspective, rocktivity. nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #25
Lol! NealK Jul 2014 #39
Total disconnect in that one! Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #49
Kinda nails one reason why none of us wanted him in our foxhole pinboy3niner Jul 2014 #40
My 5yo grandson has better hygiene, and he's a mess usually after his bath too. I cannot imagine how Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #50
That coming from the man that shit his pants to avoid the draft! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #55
Well, he would know, wouldn't he! calimary Jul 2014 #71
I wonder if my g-grandma's saying applies to this? "A skunk smells his own hole first."nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #72
Yeah - no shit! (Pardon the pun!) calimary Jul 2014 #75
Gotta' give the smellster credit, has been fun! Great pun, btw... nt Mnemosyne Jul 2014 #83
Gimme a moment to try to pretend I care. Xipe Totec Jul 2014 #3
And those were some of his milder comments! Siwsan Jul 2014 #6
Should we rename this place "Vermin Underground"? Generic Brad Jul 2014 #5
He probably posts on Discussionist. eom sheshe2 Jul 2014 #56
Our sheriff, madamesilverspurs Jul 2014 #7
Nugent may never have to tour again -- but he won't have to go broke rocktivity Jul 2014 #10
Well, we always knew he's delusional among other problems. IrishAyes Jul 2014 #13
Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma WA Aug 2-3 nolabear Jul 2014 #14
Not to mention rocktivity Jul 2014 #18
Does Dan Aykroyd still own part of HoB? nolabear Jul 2014 #20
Another reason to never go there, LOL... freshwest Jul 2014 #42
Always wanted to film a zombie film there. nolabear Jul 2014 #48
Also cancelled jmowreader Jul 2014 #58
You have just made my day. nolabear Jul 2014 #59
Puppet Show & Ted Nugent Initech Jul 2014 #67
I've thought the same thing about Ted's latest tour jmowreader Jul 2014 #68
LOL deutsey Jul 2014 #84
There's just a two words review: "shit sandwich". Initech Jul 2014 #86
Ted Nugent Aerows Jul 2014 #15
Seriously, I don't think therapy would help. nolabear Jul 2014 #21
One word Aerows Jul 2014 #24
LOL! nolabear Jul 2014 #27
He does sound disturbed... and revolting eShirl Jul 2014 #16
"They literally have an army assigned to destroy Ted Nugent" lovemydog Jul 2014 #17
Once again "literally" is literally beyond him. nolabear Jul 2014 #28
But at least they don't wave their gun around during shows... Oh, wait, is that is a gun or... freshwest Jul 2014 #44
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #57
CrapPantsFeverŠ wishes it was... freshwest Jul 2014 #63
Well at least the kitteh is cute. sheshe2 Jul 2014 #64
Literally... riqster Jul 2014 #76
Don't mock it pinboy3niner Jul 2014 #77
Nugent should only write in emoji lovemydog Jul 2014 #90
Brawaaa.. ted nugent has done that all by his asshole self. Cha Jul 2014 #19
How much do the bass players get paid, Ted? nt DocMac Jul 2014 #29
C'mon guys, Ted Nugent "Pride" how can he be... oh, sorry, that's U2. LOL n/t brewens Jul 2014 #30
Once a classless asshole, always a classless asshole! Initech Jul 2014 #31
Don't shit your pants ted it's all true lunasun Jul 2014 #32
Hygene challenged? Like Crapping Your Pants at the induction center? easychoice Jul 2014 #33
Ted Nugent didn't crap his pants only at the induction center jmowreader Jul 2014 #60
Yeah,He should get himself in a "Stranglehold" easychoice Jul 2014 #65
Excuse me mr. Shit your pant to avoid service. onecaliberal Jul 2014 #34
I'm joining Tom Petty's rock 'n' roll political army, thank you. And Bruce's. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2014 #35
He is just so... PatrickforO Jul 2014 #36
Newsflash for Nugent StevePaulson Jul 2014 #37
You win the thread! freshwest Jul 2014 #45
Bravo! dhill926 Jul 2014 #51
Ted who? Adsos Letter Jul 2014 #38
Ted Nugget-in-his-pants. xfundy Jul 2014 #41
CrapPantsFeverŠ freshwest Jul 2014 #46
Wang Dang Sweet Shitstang lovemydog Jul 2014 #47
Pee For All riqster Jul 2014 #91
Should someone who shit his pants to avoid military service nyquil_man Jul 2014 #43
Yeah I thought the same thing! Initech Jul 2014 #87
nugent protests too loudly samsingh Jul 2014 #52
did Nugent sleep with an underage girl? samsingh Jul 2014 #53
Hey Ted. It's over. Go to hell! Lint Head Jul 2014 #54
"...they claim...I dodged the draft...." truebluegreen Jul 2014 #61
Another cancellation eyeofnewt Jul 2014 #62
"I'm not racist. All my slaves are black." Theo Beauregard Nugent, 1856 jberryhill Jul 2014 #66
Isn't ALL rock music influenced by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley? jmowreader Jul 2014 #69
Yup, Chuck Berry is the real King of Rock n Roll. U4ikLefty Jul 2014 #70
Elvis is the King. doxydad Jul 2014 #73
Pants-Shat Fevuuuuuuur! HughBeaumont Jul 2014 #74
Duzy lovemydog Jul 2014 #92
Gee ...does this mean Ted is hurting? I think so ...or he wouldn't be spouting this shit. L0oniX Jul 2014 #78
I don't think he is that hurt. abakan Jul 2014 #82
Why are conservative and gun nuts soooo mikeysnot Jul 2014 #79
Pity. nt truebluegreen Jul 2014 #80
Didn't he say that he'd be "dead or in jail" by now? Renew Deal Jul 2014 #81
Greg Abbot's relationship with Nugent will be an issue in Texas governors race Gothmog Jul 2014 #85
I notice that Nugent doesn't dispute the things people say about him (racist, pedophile, draft) Mike Daniels Jul 2014 #88
No kidding. It's like Ted Bundy complaining lovemydog Jul 2014 #93
Looks like he shit himself... again. nt backscatter712 Jul 2014 #89
When the money train screeches to a halt, he'll have a lucrative new career... pinboy3niner Jul 2014 #94
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