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13. Probably not. OR, they're hearing only what they WANT to hear.
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 11:33 AM
Jul 2014

With the convoluted thinking that dominates that side of the aisle, I'm sure they can put their magic earphones on and hear whatever message they want. SURELY these artists are actually raging against all those lazy moochers out there, aren't they?!?

I just became a bigger fan. EOM Earth Bound Misfit Jul 2014 #1
way to thread the needle.... kids okay, Rick no way tomm2thumbs Jul 2014 #2
What I don't get is Santorum's motive for the picture. TexasProgresive Jul 2014 #3
Maybe Santorum isn't familiar with the actor, Eric J in MN Jul 2014 #6
Maybe he wanted the picture to spread around so some people would be fooled into thinking he was Maraya1969 Jul 2014 #33
Why is RATM one of Paul Ryan's favorite bands? theaocp Jul 2014 #7
Why is Bruce Springsteen one of Chris Christie's favorites? rocktivity Jul 2014 #9
Probably not. OR, they're hearing only what they WANT to hear. calimary Jul 2014 #13
You hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. QuestForSense Jul 2014 #20
Because Springsteen really is The Boss. GOLGO 13 Jul 2014 #39
Probably because he can look at music as entertainment and nothing more shedevil69taz Jul 2014 #35
My guess is NewJeffCT Jul 2014 #16
Santorum probably figured it was "OK" because "he only PLAYS one on TV...!" MADem Jul 2014 #37
WTG Eric! progressoid Jul 2014 #4
Modern Family goes against everything sick rick is for IronLionZion Jul 2014 #5
I think that conservatives like the show Curmudgeoness Jul 2014 #24
It think it's a little like black entertainers back before Civil Rights (and after, alas!).... Moonwalk Jul 2014 #32
I subscribe to Rick's email list TlalocW Jul 2014 #8
Stonestreet should get some extra special Straight Allies Award. Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #10
Good for Stonestreet. Aristus Jul 2014 #11
Wouldn't surprise me. After all, victim-hood is something they embrace calimary Jul 2014 #15
870 The Answer complaining about it this morning Johonny Jul 2014 #12
I love that show. Kudos to him. n/t tammywammy Jul 2014 #14
Geez. SPOILER ALERT! Wait Wut Jul 2014 #17
awesome demtenjeep Jul 2014 #18
Actually, he is from Kansas. KSstellarcat Jul 2014 #34
Good job Eric - TBF Jul 2014 #19
Nicely done, Eric! City Lights Jul 2014 #21
knr Douglas Carpenter Jul 2014 #22
That takes nerve. Good for him. mainer Jul 2014 #23
Best shunning I've seen in a long time. Well done, Mr. Stonestreet. Paladin Jul 2014 #25
K&R! Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #26
On Huff Post TNNurse Jul 2014 #27
Good on him! nt valerief Jul 2014 #28
You gotta love the cognitive dissonance ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2014 #29
Only mainstream show our family watches together lunasun Jul 2014 #30
I would pose for I photo with Rick Santorum.... LynneSin Jul 2014 #31
Me too. 47of74 Jul 2014 #38
Love that show! BlueMTexpat Jul 2014 #36
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