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15. Wouldn't surprise me. After all, victim-hood is something they embrace
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 11:35 AM
Jul 2014

as though their lives depended on it. Poor dears. THEY'RE the "victims" here, don't you understand?

I just became a bigger fan. EOM Earth Bound Misfit Jul 2014 #1
way to thread the needle.... kids okay, Rick no way tomm2thumbs Jul 2014 #2
What I don't get is Santorum's motive for the picture. TexasProgresive Jul 2014 #3
Maybe Santorum isn't familiar with the actor, Eric J in MN Jul 2014 #6
Maybe he wanted the picture to spread around so some people would be fooled into thinking he was Maraya1969 Jul 2014 #33
Why is RATM one of Paul Ryan's favorite bands? theaocp Jul 2014 #7
Why is Bruce Springsteen one of Chris Christie's favorites? rocktivity Jul 2014 #9
Probably not. OR, they're hearing only what they WANT to hear. calimary Jul 2014 #13
You hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. QuestForSense Jul 2014 #20
Because Springsteen really is The Boss. GOLGO 13 Jul 2014 #39
Probably because he can look at music as entertainment and nothing more shedevil69taz Jul 2014 #35
My guess is NewJeffCT Jul 2014 #16
Santorum probably figured it was "OK" because "he only PLAYS one on TV...!" MADem Jul 2014 #37
WTG Eric! progressoid Jul 2014 #4
Modern Family goes against everything sick rick is for IronLionZion Jul 2014 #5
I think that conservatives like the show Curmudgeoness Jul 2014 #24
It think it's a little like black entertainers back before Civil Rights (and after, alas!).... Moonwalk Jul 2014 #32
I subscribe to Rick's email list TlalocW Jul 2014 #8
Stonestreet should get some extra special Straight Allies Award. Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #10
Good for Stonestreet. Aristus Jul 2014 #11
Wouldn't surprise me. After all, victim-hood is something they embrace calimary Jul 2014 #15
870 The Answer complaining about it this morning Johonny Jul 2014 #12
I love that show. Kudos to him. n/t tammywammy Jul 2014 #14
Geez. SPOILER ALERT! Wait Wut Jul 2014 #17
awesome demtenjeep Jul 2014 #18
Actually, he is from Kansas. KSstellarcat Jul 2014 #34
Good job Eric - TBF Jul 2014 #19
Nicely done, Eric! City Lights Jul 2014 #21
knr Douglas Carpenter Jul 2014 #22
That takes nerve. Good for him. mainer Jul 2014 #23
Best shunning I've seen in a long time. Well done, Mr. Stonestreet. Paladin Jul 2014 #25
K&R! Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #26
On Huff Post TNNurse Jul 2014 #27
Good on him! nt valerief Jul 2014 #28
You gotta love the cognitive dissonance ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2014 #29
Only mainstream show our family watches together lunasun Jul 2014 #30
I would pose for I photo with Rick Santorum.... LynneSin Jul 2014 #31
Me too. 47of74 Jul 2014 #38
Love that show! BlueMTexpat Jul 2014 #36
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