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78. Me too! I've been here since 2001. Can't pull myself away.
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:17 PM
Jul 2014

trumad, congrats on the new chapter opening up in your "little" girl's life!

... Liberal Jesus Freak Jul 2014 #1
I've been here since early 2002, and, well, I know people will NOT care when I go. HuckleB Jul 2014 #2
Huckle... you one of the good guys! trumad Jul 2014 #5
LOL! I'm glad you think so... HuckleB Jul 2014 #8
My input is kind of haphazard. trumad Jul 2014 #11
Indeed. Same here. HuckleB Jul 2014 #13
i would miss you immensely. mopinko Jul 2014 #47
Sweet post. cyberswede Jul 2014 #3
Me too! I've been here since 2001. Can't pull myself away. calimary Jul 2014 #78
I don't believe it's too much, only love can conquer hate. Uncle Joe Jul 2014 #4
I hear you, my dear trumad... CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2014 #6
I kind of wish we'd have a big convention type get-together trumad Jul 2014 #9
I would go too. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2014 #10
that's such a great idea! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2014 #35
Back At You Trumad - Been Here - Under Different Name - Since 2001 cantbeserious Jul 2014 #7
Now youve got me wondering who your earlier alter egos were Armstead Jul 2014 #59
Likewise, Tru salin Jul 2014 #12
Salin... trumad Jul 2014 #17
I feel the same. It's like I know you... but I don't... salin Jul 2014 #53
RainDog's death has really upset me malaise Jul 2014 #14
It has upset me also Mojorabbit Jul 2014 #51
glad your break was temporary, Trumad fishwax Jul 2014 #15
Fish.. trumad Jul 2014 #19
I'd drink to that, trumad fishwax Jul 2014 #27
Night for reflecting, eh, trumad. Skidmore Jul 2014 #16
Yes it is.... trumad Jul 2014 #21
I get what you are saying Ruby the Liberal Jul 2014 #18
Yep---made me think that we are a community for sure. trumad Jul 2014 #22
You're one of my favorites alcibiades_mystery Jul 2014 #20
Let's talk about a meet-up/convention of DUrs in the near future. I'd go, it beats my class reunion monmouth3 Jul 2014 #23
For damn sure would beat a class reunion. Divernan Jul 2014 #29
I would have to fly in to wherever it is but that would be an adventure for me. We must monmouth3 Jul 2014 #31
I've been here since 2003, but my post count doesn't show it. I will be here until I keel catbyte Jul 2014 #24
Congratulations on your family's milestone of your daughter Cha Jul 2014 #25
I've been here since 2001 or 2002. I too expect to be here intheozone Jul 2014 #26
I'll be here with you as long as I can rurallib Jul 2014 #28
Trumad, I don't post much but I read all your posts and Raven Jul 2014 #30
I signed up 3 persons after you (5176 - 5179) KG Jul 2014 #32
Time flies, doesn't it? n2doc Jul 2014 #33
Pour me a glass, I'm feeling a bit emotional too Crewleader Jul 2014 #34
Fond of you too ya daft bastid. nolabear Jul 2014 #36
I thought this was going to one of those "trumad" posts, but apparently it wasn't.... madinmaryland Jul 2014 #37
Mad ... no matter our smack talk... you're one of the best... trumad Jul 2014 #40
Love you, too, trumad... TygrBright Jul 2014 #38
I dig you Trumad... Texasgal Jul 2014 #39
Been here since 2001 also. Triana Jul 2014 #41
I may not be your favorite, but you're one of mine. MADem Jul 2014 #42
Like most families, DU is great and frustrating. progressoid Jul 2014 #43
I've been here a little over a year. Half-Century Man Jul 2014 #44
Oh, trumad. Hekate Jul 2014 #45
I really curious as to what kind of wine? mackerel Jul 2014 #46
a cheap wine called Middle Sister trumad Jul 2014 #67
Thoughtful gift! pinboy3niner Jul 2014 #69
I saw that in Raley's the other day and wonder about the wine. I was trying to mackerel Jul 2014 #83
Not really sure where it was made... trumad Jul 2014 #86
Love most of yous too. Eom. libnnc Jul 2014 #48
Trumad, I don't know if you like me or not - I know I pissed you off royally a few years back. scarletwoman Jul 2014 #49
"I'll be here the rest of my life." Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #50
I can't remember who said that years ago, "I expect I'll be here the rest of my life." Major Hogwash Jul 2014 #52
I hear you. I will probably be the same. I have met a lot of really good people and plan seabeyond Jul 2014 #54
I've been here since peabody Jul 2014 #55
Not sure if I'm included in that some davidthegnome Jul 2014 #56
... Solly Mack Jul 2014 #57
I'll be right here with you, Trumad! woodsprite Jul 2014 #58
"not all men" hfojvt Jul 2014 #60
There is a lot of memories here for sure Armstead Jul 2014 #61
I've been here on and off since then Demobrat Jul 2014 #62
Been here since 2004, ten years now. texanwitch Jul 2014 #63
FSU is my alma mater. Iris Jul 2014 #64
Cigar and a Bottle of wine? Enthusiast Jul 2014 #65
yep, what a long onethatcares Jul 2014 #66
I've been here since the spring of 2001 deutsey Jul 2014 #68
Its its a huge milestone in our lives too Peacetrain Jul 2014 #70
GO BUCKEYES!!! underpants Jul 2014 #71
Yeah same here. Rex Jul 2014 #72
Congrats on your daughter's pending new phase BumRushDaShow Jul 2014 #73
My virtual dysfunctional family too. redwitch Jul 2014 #74
You are well loved here. Jamastiene Jul 2014 #75
It is so hard when they leave the nest... redstatebluegirl Jul 2014 #76
Hey plcdude Jul 2014 #77
May you live to be 100 and sane. R. Daneel Olivaw Jul 2014 #79
Fuck it, I think we all love some of you too! /nt dballance Jul 2014 #80
Love you too brother in democratic electrons, no joke. mahina Jul 2014 #81
I've been around since February of 2001. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #82
Floyd Mayweather, Jr., H2O Man Jul 2014 #84
Good to have you around! csziggy Jul 2014 #85
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