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12. NOBODY is completely perfect.
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:40 PM
Jul 2014

So should I turn my back on Al Gore then? Should I NOT vote for the Democrat in whatever race it is, because he or she is not ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PERFECT? Well, if I do, hey, let's allow the republi-CON in, instead, and see how well THAT works! Let's SEND a MESSAGE!!!!!!

Yeah THAT'LL work. That'll work JUST FUCKING GREAT. The only "message" you wind up sending is the one that answers back with a nice big hearty "Thanks, CHUMP!" from the bad guy - who slithers into power because YOU just HAD to send that ever-lovin' damned stupid idiotic unrealistic pie-in-the-sky "MESSAGE"!!!!

Does he speak out about capitalism? LexVegas Jul 2014 #1
It IS a little more nuanced than that. calimary Jul 2014 #3
Nuance is lost on the ideological purity crowd LordGlenconner Jul 2014 #7
Some brains just can't handle all that thinking at one time arcane1 Jul 2014 #44
I suspect this has less to do with ideological purity than provocation. Squinch Jul 2014 #89
" H2O Man Jul 2014 #98
He speaks out against CORRUPTION, Big Banks etc. Never heard him attack sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #51
Yes, did you see it? Anyone who did knows his pov on the subject. Unless they are from sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #55
Only to ignorant people on the far right in my experience. Even normal conservatives sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #76
If fact all of the important dominoes.. sendero Jul 2014 #93
Yes, he did. We know that now, part of the Corporate Wing that has taken over sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #107
No one will hit perfection. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #2
+1000000! Cooley Hurd Jul 2014 #5
Yes, some people miss it by 8 houses and private jets. Dreamer Tatum Jul 2014 #10
And others are a little further from the mark. nt. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #14
Like Moore, for example. nt Dreamer Tatum Jul 2014 #17
That doesn't make sense. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #23
Occupy had it right, this poster has it wrong. The 1% should not be regarded as the enemy stevenleser Jul 2014 #56
Thank you for your answer and your common sense. n/t ChazII Jul 2014 #100
You're aware that this is an old Right Wing/Fox/Limbaugh talking point now brought to DU sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #50
Michael Moore's to the left of you CreekDog Jul 2014 #74
Democrats are allowed to make money. Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #109
if this was 1968, would you be calling Bobby Kennedy a hypocrite, too? n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #115
What then is the precise measure of the mark, and on what objective measure is that sum based on? LanternWaste Jul 2014 #61
What Democrat do you admire? Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #83
NOBODY is completely perfect. calimary Jul 2014 #12
Sing it from the rooftops. nt. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #16
You are batting 1000 today. nolabear Jul 2014 #66
Background..... daleanime Jul 2014 #4
Ah... another new poster trots out an old RW chestnut whatchamacallit Jul 2014 #6
Spot on. n/t Laelth Jul 2014 #28
That was my reaction as well. nt el_bryanto Jul 2014 #37
I'd bet the farm that this poster is 'vader' on Disussionist. Old and In the Way Jul 2014 #104
Hmm... whatchamacallit Jul 2014 #106
You may be right Gothmog Jul 2014 #114
What have you done to make the world a better place? CBGLuthier Jul 2014 #8
And yet another standard right wing talking point appears on DU. QC Jul 2014 #9
He swings! He misses! He runs away! Squinch Jul 2014 #91
Don't always agree with Michael Moore, but conservaphobe Jul 2014 #11
Thanks for posting, but you forgot the link... joeybee12 Jul 2014 #13
I'll tell you the same thing I (probably) told you on Discussionist: NuclearDem Jul 2014 #15
That thread is amusing Gothmog Jul 2014 #52
Um, irony *does* have a name. beerandjesus Jul 2014 #18
. Guy Whitey Corngood Jul 2014 #19
LOL conservaphobe Jul 2014 #22
<3 Starry Messenger Jul 2014 #29
About that "makes a fortune" part - calimary Jul 2014 #20
Not this shit again lame54 Jul 2014 #21
Yes, that is how Republicans criticize Moore. tridim Jul 2014 #24
He should be more like the Koch Brothers and the other 1%--scheming daily to screw the rest of us hlthe2b Jul 2014 #25
what the fuck have you done to criticize anybody.... Ellipsis Jul 2014 #26
+1 xchrom Jul 2014 #27
You left out that he's fat Capt. Obvious Jul 2014 #30
So, of all the ironies ever witnessed and ever to be witnessed, you chose ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2014 #31
so you complain about success, eh? elleng Jul 2014 #32
Have you reduced your possessions missingthebigdog Jul 2014 #33
And thinks the rich edhopper Jul 2014 #34
Renting one apartment, travelling only to the neighboring towns, and charging to do free-lance... LanternWaste Jul 2014 #35
And what does he do with his money and power? senseandsensibility Jul 2014 #36
Perfect parroting of a right-wing meme. SalviaBlue Jul 2014 #38
DAMN...and I'd bet he's avoiding taxes by hoarding off shore too... Sheepshank Jul 2014 #39
Small wonder why I won't join Discussionist . . . . HughBeaumont Jul 2014 #40
Because "capitalism" is just this one thing, with one form, and it's either 100% good or 100% bad? arcane1 Jul 2014 #41
So, got any proof to back up these claims? Kelvin Mace Jul 2014 #42
Agreed, he should give up all of his worldly possessions before he is allowed to speak his mind. corkhead Jul 2014 #43
Right wing talking points have a name, right wing talking points. Lol, you are bringing sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #45
So the man makes money because a film that could have destroyed him was a hit Farhenheit 9-11 Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #46
A newbie starting threads with RW troll talking points? Blocked. Goodbye. TeamPooka Jul 2014 #48
why is that ironic? did he make this money denying people health care? La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2014 #49
What Moore actually does with his money Al Carroll Jul 2014 #54
He never claimed to be opposed to capitalism. Laffy Kat Jul 2014 #57
I believe that "Fahrenheit 911" CrispyQ Jul 2014 #59
do not remember taking a vow of poverty when i became a progressive dem dembotoz Jul 2014 #60
OP's journal shows a bit of a pattern. n/t Orsino Jul 2014 #62
Screw pattern. That journal is a detailed road map. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2014 #64
NM Birder criticizing a Liberal. Color me not shocked. ieoeja Jul 2014 #63
+1 nt laundry_queen Jul 2014 #73
Please cite your source for claim Moore speaks AGAINST the American dream and capitalism. blm Jul 2014 #65
LOL--- trumad Jul 2014 #67
He's earned his money honestly, and has every right to buy 9 houses, Nye Bevan Jul 2014 #68
And if Moore gave away all his money and possessions this afternoon...... Paladin Jul 2014 #69
Ye I saw that on FOX NEWS too. It is bullshit there and its bullshit here. Armstead Jul 2014 #70
Is irony the opposite of wrinkly? nt clarice Jul 2014 #71
Don't like Moore either huh? Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #84
The hatred over his wealth...something I would expect NOT to see here. Rex Jul 2014 #85
Repubs are afraid of Moore and attack anything about him. Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #87
Sad. Yet they listen to Rush lie his ass off all day long and worship at his feet. Rex Jul 2014 #90
I imagine there's a mirror on the wall, yes? LanternWaste Jul 2014 #95
*SPANKED* Ellipsis Jul 2014 #72
From horse's mouth deaniac21 Jul 2014 #75
And he voted for Nader in 2000 bluestateguy Jul 2014 #77
And no doubt he was leading the swiftboating charge against JK in 2004. Rex Jul 2014 #86
No doubt, the very same half-witted and sub-literate believe he invented hanging chad, too. LanternWaste Jul 2014 #97
Or the Internets. Rex Jul 2014 #99
You said it, not me bluestateguy Jul 2014 #120
Wow, so you hate the wealthy...heard about people like you on DU. Rex Jul 2014 #78
There are more. Including a poster where the last three letters of their screen name is another name stevenleser Jul 2014 #80
Other DUrs tell me these things, I just don't believe it Rex Jul 2014 #82
I don't see the irony. If anything... JaneyVee Jul 2014 #79
Uh, capitalism is a *system*, not a lifestyle choice Cal Carpenter Jul 2014 #81
We need wealthy people who recognize the system is unfair. Not more Republicans. pa28 Jul 2014 #88
Gee, I thought conservatives ADMIRED people who got rich on the basis of their talents Lydia Leftcoast Jul 2014 #92
Can you cite an instance where Moore whined about having to pay higher taxes? tenderfoot Jul 2014 #94
How is it ironic? He's done well under the system but he speaks out for those who have been crushed NYC Liberal Jul 2014 #96
Post & Run Away. Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2014 #101
Someone addressed this very point many years ago gratuitous Jul 2014 #102
WTF??? Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #103
Psssstttt .. you signed into the wrong site by mistake. TBF Jul 2014 #105
Yes, this would be Vader. Old and In the Way Jul 2014 #110
Enjoying yourself? Iggo Jul 2014 #108
it appears that onethatcares Jul 2014 #111
Why is a bagger talking point posted here? catbyte Jul 2014 #112
As a liberal, so long as he pays his taxes and doesn't complain treestar Jul 2014 #113
What he makes and how he spends it is his business. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #116
It does, and it uses the logo, "we report, you decide". They decide before they put their DocwillCuNow Jul 2014 #117
Sure are a lot of right-wing talking points on this board lately. /nt Marr Jul 2014 #118
We can do without RW talking points, thank you. n/t GP6971 Jul 2014 #119
I saw him speak in 2006 at Key Arena for $15, with Eddie Vetter as a surprise guest freeplessinseattle Jul 2014 #121
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