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20. About that "makes a fortune" part -
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:46 PM
Jul 2014

GOOD. I say "GOOD!" I say "MORE, please!" I say - "hmmm... Michael Moore is making a fortune? FANTASTIC!!!! So much the BETTER!!! It's about time one of the Good Guys got rich! What HE does with HIS money helps all the rest of us. Opens more eyes. Gets more facts and truth and reality out there into the national mindset and the national dialogue. Changes the calculus and tips the scales a little more toward OUR side. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part means he'll make more movies that further the agenda WE want to see furthered. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part will blow a bigger hole in the PNAC machinery. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part will produce another movie that brings the corporate pirates and pillagers further to their knees, or wises more people up to Wall Street's crimes and thefts, or blows not the whistle but the air-raid siren on more insurance industry fraud and chicanery."

Frankly I don't see how that's a bad thing. I WANT people like Michael Moore to get rich. Because what he does with that money is directly and profoundly beneficial to all the rest of us.

Does he speak out about capitalism? LexVegas Jul 2014 #1
It IS a little more nuanced than that. calimary Jul 2014 #3
Nuance is lost on the ideological purity crowd LordGlenconner Jul 2014 #7
Some brains just can't handle all that thinking at one time arcane1 Jul 2014 #44
I suspect this has less to do with ideological purity than provocation. Squinch Jul 2014 #89
" H2O Man Jul 2014 #98
He speaks out against CORRUPTION, Big Banks etc. Never heard him attack sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #51
Yes, did you see it? Anyone who did knows his pov on the subject. Unless they are from sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #55
Only to ignorant people on the far right in my experience. Even normal conservatives sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #76
If fact all of the important dominoes.. sendero Jul 2014 #93
Yes, he did. We know that now, part of the Corporate Wing that has taken over sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #107
No one will hit perfection. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #2
+1000000! Cooley Hurd Jul 2014 #5
Yes, some people miss it by 8 houses and private jets. Dreamer Tatum Jul 2014 #10
And others are a little further from the mark. nt. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #14
Like Moore, for example. nt Dreamer Tatum Jul 2014 #17
That doesn't make sense. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #23
Occupy had it right, this poster has it wrong. The 1% should not be regarded as the enemy stevenleser Jul 2014 #56
Thank you for your answer and your common sense. n/t ChazII Jul 2014 #100
You're aware that this is an old Right Wing/Fox/Limbaugh talking point now brought to DU sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #50
Michael Moore's to the left of you CreekDog Jul 2014 #74
Democrats are allowed to make money. Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #109
if this was 1968, would you be calling Bobby Kennedy a hypocrite, too? n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #115
What then is the precise measure of the mark, and on what objective measure is that sum based on? LanternWaste Jul 2014 #61
What Democrat do you admire? Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #83
NOBODY is completely perfect. calimary Jul 2014 #12
Sing it from the rooftops. nt. NCTraveler Jul 2014 #16
You are batting 1000 today. nolabear Jul 2014 #66
Background..... daleanime Jul 2014 #4
Ah... another new poster trots out an old RW chestnut whatchamacallit Jul 2014 #6
Spot on. n/t Laelth Jul 2014 #28
That was my reaction as well. nt el_bryanto Jul 2014 #37
I'd bet the farm that this poster is 'vader' on Disussionist. Old and In the Way Jul 2014 #104
Hmm... whatchamacallit Jul 2014 #106
You may be right Gothmog Jul 2014 #114
What have you done to make the world a better place? CBGLuthier Jul 2014 #8
And yet another standard right wing talking point appears on DU. QC Jul 2014 #9
He swings! He misses! He runs away! Squinch Jul 2014 #91
Don't always agree with Michael Moore, but conservaphobe Jul 2014 #11
Thanks for posting, but you forgot the link... joeybee12 Jul 2014 #13
I'll tell you the same thing I (probably) told you on Discussionist: NuclearDem Jul 2014 #15
That thread is amusing Gothmog Jul 2014 #52
Um, irony *does* have a name. beerandjesus Jul 2014 #18
. Guy Whitey Corngood Jul 2014 #19
LOL conservaphobe Jul 2014 #22
<3 Starry Messenger Jul 2014 #29
About that "makes a fortune" part - calimary Jul 2014 #20
Not this shit again lame54 Jul 2014 #21
Yes, that is how Republicans criticize Moore. tridim Jul 2014 #24
He should be more like the Koch Brothers and the other 1%--scheming daily to screw the rest of us hlthe2b Jul 2014 #25
what the fuck have you done to criticize anybody.... Ellipsis Jul 2014 #26
+1 xchrom Jul 2014 #27
You left out that he's fat Capt. Obvious Jul 2014 #30
So, of all the ironies ever witnessed and ever to be witnessed, you chose ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2014 #31
so you complain about success, eh? elleng Jul 2014 #32
Have you reduced your possessions missingthebigdog Jul 2014 #33
And thinks the rich edhopper Jul 2014 #34
Renting one apartment, travelling only to the neighboring towns, and charging to do free-lance... LanternWaste Jul 2014 #35
And what does he do with his money and power? senseandsensibility Jul 2014 #36
Perfect parroting of a right-wing meme. SalviaBlue Jul 2014 #38
DAMN...and I'd bet he's avoiding taxes by hoarding off shore too... Sheepshank Jul 2014 #39
Small wonder why I won't join Discussionist . . . . HughBeaumont Jul 2014 #40
Because "capitalism" is just this one thing, with one form, and it's either 100% good or 100% bad? arcane1 Jul 2014 #41
So, got any proof to back up these claims? Kelvin Mace Jul 2014 #42
Agreed, he should give up all of his worldly possessions before he is allowed to speak his mind. corkhead Jul 2014 #43
Right wing talking points have a name, right wing talking points. Lol, you are bringing sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #45
So the man makes money because a film that could have destroyed him was a hit Farhenheit 9-11 Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #46
A newbie starting threads with RW troll talking points? Blocked. Goodbye. TeamPooka Jul 2014 #48
why is that ironic? did he make this money denying people health care? La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2014 #49
What Moore actually does with his money Al Carroll Jul 2014 #54
He never claimed to be opposed to capitalism. Laffy Kat Jul 2014 #57
I believe that "Fahrenheit 911" CrispyQ Jul 2014 #59
do not remember taking a vow of poverty when i became a progressive dem dembotoz Jul 2014 #60
OP's journal shows a bit of a pattern. n/t Orsino Jul 2014 #62
Screw pattern. That journal is a detailed road map. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2014 #64
NM Birder criticizing a Liberal. Color me not shocked. ieoeja Jul 2014 #63
+1 nt laundry_queen Jul 2014 #73
Please cite your source for claim Moore speaks AGAINST the American dream and capitalism. blm Jul 2014 #65
LOL--- trumad Jul 2014 #67
He's earned his money honestly, and has every right to buy 9 houses, Nye Bevan Jul 2014 #68
And if Moore gave away all his money and possessions this afternoon...... Paladin Jul 2014 #69
Ye I saw that on FOX NEWS too. It is bullshit there and its bullshit here. Armstead Jul 2014 #70
Is irony the opposite of wrinkly? nt clarice Jul 2014 #71
Don't like Moore either huh? Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #84
The hatred over his wealth...something I would expect NOT to see here. Rex Jul 2014 #85
Repubs are afraid of Moore and attack anything about him. Kingofalldems Jul 2014 #87
Sad. Yet they listen to Rush lie his ass off all day long and worship at his feet. Rex Jul 2014 #90
I imagine there's a mirror on the wall, yes? LanternWaste Jul 2014 #95
*SPANKED* Ellipsis Jul 2014 #72
From horse's mouth deaniac21 Jul 2014 #75
And he voted for Nader in 2000 bluestateguy Jul 2014 #77
And no doubt he was leading the swiftboating charge against JK in 2004. Rex Jul 2014 #86
No doubt, the very same half-witted and sub-literate believe he invented hanging chad, too. LanternWaste Jul 2014 #97
Or the Internets. Rex Jul 2014 #99
You said it, not me bluestateguy Jul 2014 #120
Wow, so you hate the wealthy...heard about people like you on DU. Rex Jul 2014 #78
There are more. Including a poster where the last three letters of their screen name is another name stevenleser Jul 2014 #80
Other DUrs tell me these things, I just don't believe it Rex Jul 2014 #82
I don't see the irony. If anything... JaneyVee Jul 2014 #79
Uh, capitalism is a *system*, not a lifestyle choice Cal Carpenter Jul 2014 #81
We need wealthy people who recognize the system is unfair. Not more Republicans. pa28 Jul 2014 #88
Gee, I thought conservatives ADMIRED people who got rich on the basis of their talents Lydia Leftcoast Jul 2014 #92
Can you cite an instance where Moore whined about having to pay higher taxes? tenderfoot Jul 2014 #94
How is it ironic? He's done well under the system but he speaks out for those who have been crushed NYC Liberal Jul 2014 #96
Post & Run Away. Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2014 #101
Someone addressed this very point many years ago gratuitous Jul 2014 #102
WTF??? Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #103
Psssstttt .. you signed into the wrong site by mistake. TBF Jul 2014 #105
Yes, this would be Vader. Old and In the Way Jul 2014 #110
Enjoying yourself? Iggo Jul 2014 #108
it appears that onethatcares Jul 2014 #111
Why is a bagger talking point posted here? catbyte Jul 2014 #112
As a liberal, so long as he pays his taxes and doesn't complain treestar Jul 2014 #113
What he makes and how he spends it is his business. BKH70041 Jul 2014 #116
It does, and it uses the logo, "we report, you decide". They decide before they put their DocwillCuNow Jul 2014 #117
Sure are a lot of right-wing talking points on this board lately. /nt Marr Jul 2014 #118
We can do without RW talking points, thank you. n/t GP6971 Jul 2014 #119
I saw him speak in 2006 at Key Arena for $15, with Eddie Vetter as a surprise guest freeplessinseattle Jul 2014 #121
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