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40. Yeah, no kidding.
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 09:10 PM
Jul 2014

I'm 61. I've never seen it this bad, either. I don't remember it ever being this bad.

His worst crime is presidentin' while black. His second-worst crime is presidentin' while not a republi-CON. And that's the long and the short of it. (See "World's Biggest Entitlement Program" - as in the GOP's presumption that it is the GOP ALONE that is entitled to rule.)

Embarrassing, isn't it?

It's always been there, but sometimes it hides out in a few ... surrealAmerican Jul 2014 #1
Sorry, but I think it was hidden very carefully. sadoldgirl Jul 2014 #2
Yup. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #51
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2014 #57
... napkinz Jul 2014 #3
I didn't figure it getting this bad gwheezie Jul 2014 #4
Me either...I thought Obama's election signaled a real change, and whathehell Jul 2014 #39
It did signal a real change... jmondine Jul 2014 #50
Yes, the scab was removed in 2008. Boomerproud Jul 2014 #5
+1000. nt awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #21
That was my impression as well bhikkhu Jul 2014 #35
Anything in particular that spurred this post? Or just a general observation? BillZBubb Jul 2014 #6
I am over 60 and I saw people passing for white to get into apartments and to get jobs n NYC. hollysmom Jul 2014 #7
I'm a Georgia native, and I have never witnessed this level of racist hatred. onehandle Jul 2014 #8
I agree, but..... Glitterati Jul 2014 #9
It used to be , just the way it is. maindawg Jul 2014 #32
Trust me: the darker you are, the more they hate. And they'll pit the brown people Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2014 #60
and a sad commentary barbtries Jul 2014 #10
The only thing different is the scab is off and the infection of racism is able to be be seen. appleannie1 Jul 2014 #11
Maybe there is some hope sadoldgirl Jul 2014 #12
Yep! Agree! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #59
Wait until we elect a woman. TNNurse Jul 2014 #13
Oh yeah, I think there will be a lot of overlap IronLionZion Jul 2014 #26
They're practicing on Wendy Davis KatyMan Jul 2014 #46
AMEN AND AMEN!!! uponit7771 Jul 2014 #58
Likewise with me, but I did see some deplorable racism when I was younger. The difference world wide wally Jul 2014 #14
+1 freshwest Jul 2014 #54
Meh... toddwv Jul 2014 #15
The lesson is: We could make the Right self-destruct Shankapotomus Jul 2014 #16
Scratch the surface of the GOP, and all matter of evilness oozes out. Against blacks. Against women. blkmusclmachine Jul 2014 #17
Against, against--so true! So many sensible conservatives have left what the GOP has become. Hortensis Jul 2014 #24
It never went away, but The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2014 #18
I think they DID creat this moster. Rove and co. wanted to napi21 Jul 2014 #34
You're both right, of course. The Greatly-Shrunk Old Party has lost most of Hortensis Jul 2014 #49
There was an actual KKK lynching in 1981. Nye Bevan Jul 2014 #19
There have been similar "lynchings," recently -- Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, etc. Hoyt Jul 2014 #28
Over racism by one of the two most powerful political parties that run our country. ieoeja Jul 2014 #47
I'm bumping 60 myself, and I agree 100%! ColesCountyDem Jul 2014 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author savalez Jul 2014 #22
My mid-20s cousin posted this on facebook yesterday LittleGirl Jul 2014 #23
I am enjoying it. savalez Jul 2014 #25
That's the reason so many right/white wingers are arming up and promoting hatred. Hoyt Jul 2014 #27
Talked to my Mom and Sister today gelsdorf Jul 2014 #29
I live in Pittsburgh, too, and in many ways it is… Efilroft Sul Jul 2014 #45
the election activated the sleeper cells easychoice Jul 2014 #30
I'm over 60 too,and it's worse than the sixties NastyRiffraff Jul 2014 #31
I agree. Skidmore Jul 2014 #33
Agreed! mdbl Jul 2014 #38
Plus a million. Hard to do with the media as it is, though. Life was better when it *was* liberal. freshwest Jul 2014 #53
Remember, not all republicans are racists skydive forever Jul 2014 #36
Same there, wilt. I am just amazed at the amount of racism the President is subjected to japple Jul 2014 #37
Yeah, no kidding. calimary Jul 2014 #40
American racial hate always has been right under the surface, culturally heaven05 Jul 2014 #41
I'm middle aged and grew up in the midwest - TBF Jul 2014 #42
being raciist is the new cool dembotoz Jul 2014 #43
a tad OT but MrScorpio goes hammer and tongs after 'em on Discussionist steve2470 Jul 2014 #44
Number 42 vssmith Jul 2014 #48
Wake up white people. Wellstone ruled Jul 2014 #52
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I had thought we as a country had gotten past the sixties. I've RKP5637 Jul 2014 #55
Why are you surprised? What did you think was gonna happen? johnlucas Jul 2014 #56
All of those racist cockroaches were running around freely in the dark, until Obama's election..... DrewFlorida Jul 2014 #61
I have been shocked at how many people i never knew were that way redstatebluegirl Jul 2014 #62
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