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34. Being anti-gay, abhorrent on its own, does not compare to killing children.
Fri Aug 1, 2014, 08:48 AM
Aug 2014

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i feel a lot of people who are doing it are doing it purposely to STICK IT JI7 Aug 2014 #1
I disagree. I haven't used that term but I don't see why it would be against "JEWS" as you say. MH1 Aug 2014 #27
I think it is better to talk about yourself hfojvt Aug 2014 #39
Yep. 840high Aug 2014 #58
Who are you and what have you done with Scootaloo? Fozzledick Aug 2014 #2
In the film "Source Code" that question brings a smile. nt edgineered Aug 2014 #54
I do find it somewhat ironic that the theocratic Tea Party is siding with Israel ErikJ Aug 2014 #3
I don't consider those who side with Hamas to be at all progressive. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #4
Dead kids are dead kids think Aug 2014 #6
Parroting Hamas' anti-Israel propaganda only encourages them to get more kids killed. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #7
Excuse me? think Aug 2014 #8
OK, you're excused. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #13
Israel is to blame for Hamas' human sacrifice strategy??? malaise Aug 2014 #24
See? THIS is exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #40
I'm sorry, but Israel has to take responsibility for its own actions. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #56
Enough with your disingenuous excuses for aggressive war and terrorism. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #62
And that's just this round. 2banon Aug 2014 #50
Hamas is just as guilty. 840high Aug 2014 #60
And parroting Israel's anti-Palestinian propaganda doesn't? Hissyspit Aug 2014 #17
Did you notice the title of this thread? intaglio Aug 2014 #31
Parroting Hamas' propaganda is more harmful Fozzledick Aug 2014 #46
Propagating Israeli propaganda intaglio Aug 2014 #49
Hamas is responsible for ALL the deaths on both sides. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #61
What a peice of work your post is intaglio Aug 2014 #64
I would have thought Hamas' apologists would be ashamed to show their faces today. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #66
I have never made apology for Hamas, intaglio Aug 2014 #68
You contradict yourself. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #69
Where or are you just making stuff up? n/t intaglio Aug 2014 #70
+1 whatchamacallit Aug 2014 #91
so those of who are against Israel slaughtering the Palestinians while they m-lekktor Aug 2014 #23
Apparently neither was John Lennon. randome Aug 2014 #25
Progressives are certainly not "Siding" with a theocracy... truedelphi Aug 2014 #5
Dear one, the US sends much aid to many countries who have laws against being gay Bluenorthwest Aug 2014 #33
Being anti-gay, abhorrent on its own, does not compare to killing children. randome Aug 2014 #34
I was comparing killing of gay people to killing of other people. Is that wrong in your eyes? Bluenorthwest Aug 2014 #92
I agree that the U.S., as a country, should make more demands -where we can- on equal rights. randome Aug 2014 #93
I am not sure that I get the gist of your remark. truedelphi Aug 2014 #55
the teabaggers aren't siding with a seculary socialist democracy and progressive aren't siding with JI7 Aug 2014 #9
do you seriously think teabaggers support israel because of their welfare system ? JI7 Aug 2014 #11
Being against the destruction of Gaza, including murder of children, is NOT siding with Hamas. MH1 Aug 2014 #28
This TeamPooka Aug 2014 #53
The ruling party coalition of Israel is not secular. BlindTiresias Aug 2014 #59
Nadin's a she, I'm pretty certain. Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #10
Did not know; edited accordingly Scootaloo Aug 2014 #14
Nonsense, a pox on both of their houses. longship Aug 2014 #12
No... family fueds tend to last a long time. whistler162 Aug 2014 #21
The 'gotcha' works from both directions. randome Aug 2014 #15
I don't really think any comparison of Israel with Nazi Germany is fair or accurate, personally. Spider Jerusalem Aug 2014 #16
It doesn't have to be an exact analogy. Hissyspit Aug 2014 #18
But Americans avoid the equation to treatment of Native Americans which is a better analogy Bluenorthwest Aug 2014 #35
yes, really hfojvt Aug 2014 #41
You paid for your slaves too, we didn't kidnap those folks and enslave them! TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #65
+1 bravenak Aug 2014 #77
Analogies are just that, analogies cpwm17 Aug 2014 #19
"...no matter what religion they practice." randome Aug 2014 #20
Thank you for agreeing cpwm17 Aug 2014 #22
"the primary purpose of religion" hfojvt Aug 2014 #43
Corporations have papers, too. And bylaws. randome Aug 2014 #45
the purpose of a gun IS to kill hfojvt Aug 2014 #51
You really think religion was created to do good? randome Aug 2014 #67
Hear, Hear! defacto7 Aug 2014 #81
but not all analogies are good analogies. and bad analogies mislead onenote Aug 2014 #90
Nadin won't be gone long Capt. Obvious Aug 2014 #26
Until mid August, according to her transparency page. :( MerryBlooms Aug 2014 #30
Damn! L0oniX Aug 2014 #44
in this case it's not the usual ones she has a problem with that are responsible JI7 Aug 2014 #76
Here's my nuanced position steve2470 Aug 2014 #29
+1. nt bemildred Aug 2014 #32
Good post. Agschmid Aug 2014 #36
Agree, well said n/t Spazito Aug 2014 #37
Thank you. n/t snpsmom Aug 2014 #89
Comparing Israel to nazis is hyperbolic anti semitism.Especially sufrommich Aug 2014 #38
I've never understood this but a lot of people come to DU believing they are in enemy territory el_bryanto Aug 2014 #42
I don't see why one cannot compare anything to anything else treestar Aug 2014 #47
Elections have consequences AnalystInParadise Aug 2014 #48
Yeah, all those children are definitely to blame for electing Hamas. MH1 Aug 2014 #57
That last senteence is a point we can actually agree on AnalystInParadise Aug 2014 #73
that's like saying 9/11, Sandy Hook, Katrina were all deserved JI7 Aug 2014 #71
In the eyes of radical Islam AnalystInParadise Aug 2014 #72
people could have been saved during Katrina, which is my point but Bush as President JI7 Aug 2014 #74
Are you really trying AnalystInParadise Aug 2014 #82
9/11, Katrina, Sandy Hoook and Elections have Consequences JI7 Aug 2014 #83
Palestinian civilians DO NOT deserve to be indiscriminately killed.... Violet_Crumble Aug 2014 #86
+1000 MrBig Aug 2014 #52
Good OP scootaloo.. 2banon Aug 2014 #63
I made a similar point a week or so ago BainsBane Aug 2014 #75
I don't always agree with you, but I'll second that. cheapdate Aug 2014 #78
The Settlements is the issue here. deathrind Aug 2014 #79
K&R. I wish I'd seen this earlier. MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #80
I take that to be indicative of a very low standard here! Scootaloo Aug 2014 #88
Did you really mean to start this defacto7 Aug 2014 #84
I'm not seeing a shit-storm... Scootaloo Aug 2014 #85
Well, nice op! defacto7 Aug 2014 #87
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