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Algernon Moncrieff

(5,780 posts)
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 10:10 AM Aug 2014

Where were you 40 years ago this evening when President Richard M. Nixon resigned? [View all]

I was a kid at home in Maryland. My parents opened Champagne. Many others (including some stalwart Nixon haters) have told me that they wept. If you were around, what did you do , where were you, and what did you think?

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I was not yet born
3 (11%)
I was too young to have any real memory/understanding of what was going on
4 (15%)
I was driving/at work and heard it on radio
0 (0%)
I watched at a bar/ party away from my home
2 (7%)
I watched at home
11 (41%)
Other (please describe)
7 (26%)
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I don't even want to think about it... Xyzse Aug 2014 #1
I was celebrating. Lugnut Aug 2014 #2
At home with an infant. femmocrat Aug 2014 #3
I made my repub husband a greater than usual dinner and was quite joyful. This irritated him..LOL.. monmouth3 Aug 2014 #4
Nixon's resignation is my first "public events" memory. Coventina Aug 2014 #5
I was at home ..... H2O Man Aug 2014 #6
I was a 10-yr old kid who had been riveted by the entire thing. Yes, I was a ChisolmTrailDem Aug 2014 #7
The hearings were daily viewing Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #21
Daily viewing indeed, AM. I think it was the first time ChisolmTrailDem Aug 2014 #124
I was too young to remember Nixon resigning davidpdx Aug 2014 #122
Can you imagine, a little 10yr old kid running around hollerin' "What's on that ChisolmTrailDem Aug 2014 #127
At the beach. meaculpa2011 Aug 2014 #8
I was in the Air Force stationed in Weisbaden Germany and the Headquarter was having its annual Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #9
How did the military, generally, feel about Nixon at that point? Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #16
It was the sort of mixed feelings that you would have found anywhere. Some thought Nixon was being Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #29
I remember by '74 the "his only fault was getting caught" meme was rising Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #34
Watching the whole thing on TV with great pleasure. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2014 #10
I was at my parent's home in Indiana. MohRokTah Aug 2014 #11
I was taking my mom out to a fancy schmancy dinner for her 50th birthday at the catbyte Aug 2014 #12
I was almost 18 hifiguy Aug 2014 #13
At home with an infant and a three year old. I thought it was a good thing, as did my husband. Shrike47 Aug 2014 #14
These threads always remind me how old DU's users skew TransitJohn Aug 2014 #15
My guess is that many younger DUers see the thread title and skip it Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #18
These threads remind me of how many decades WE have been working for social justice. You're welcome. Hekate Aug 2014 #93
Good for you. TransitJohn Aug 2014 #105
Get theee hence from mine lawne forthwithye, younge whippersnappers! Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #113
..unlike Boomers, a majority of Gen X & Millennials voted for Obama & support LGBT marriage equality Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #111
We all have to work together or we'll never get there, and there's been... Hekate Aug 2014 #119
Well hell, like I said, I just had to invest in my first pair of bifocals. Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #120
I feel your pain. I have to use a magnifying glass to read the funny papers, plus my new glasses. Hekate Aug 2014 #121
My wife and watched with our daughter ... GeorgeGist Aug 2014 #97
Watched at home with Mom and Grandma. I was 11.n/t BuelahWitch Aug 2014 #17
I was 15 sitting in my parents living room liberal N proud Aug 2014 #19
In the hospital before and after surgery...night before the surgery nixon was president... Tikki Aug 2014 #20
Celebrating one of the happiest days of my life. gordianot Aug 2014 #22
I was at home, I was watching, I was happy... joeybee12 Aug 2014 #23
Andrews Air Force Base, Washington DC. Scuba Aug 2014 #24
I was about 10 minutes away in New Carrolton Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #26
At the Fox Hollow Folk Festival in Petersburg, NY HERVEPA Aug 2014 #25
I was ten and watched it at home etherealtruth Aug 2014 #27
I was 9 and watched it on TV. roamer65 Aug 2014 #137
I think I was playing with my blocks and alternately seeing what they tasted like. nt el_bryanto Aug 2014 #28
On leave. moondust Aug 2014 #30
I imagine I was home with my folks... I know my Mom, who had a major crush on Howard Baker, hlthe2b Aug 2014 #31
I dimly recall watching RFK's funeral on TV deutsey Aug 2014 #41
Living at home with my folks Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2014 #32
President Nixon was the last liberal President. nt onehandle Aug 2014 #33
Another drive by post Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2014 #42
Said by that right-wing shill, Noam Chomsky. onehandle Aug 2014 #43
Chomsky's your God Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2014 #46
This is actually correct, technically. hifiguy Aug 2014 #54
Nixon approved OSHA and the EPA...and 2naSalit Aug 2014 #107
The Wilderness Act was signed by Lyndon Johnson in 1964 Art_from_Ark Aug 2014 #108
Doh!! 2naSalit Aug 2014 #136
Today marks 50 years 4dsc Sep 2014 #145
Sitting in the Day Room of our barracks at Ft. Lewis Adsos Letter Aug 2014 #35
I was 9, we had just moved to Maryland's Eastern Shore deutsey Aug 2014 #36
Your grendmother spoke a great truth Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #39
That time period was amazing, wasn't it? dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #58
Those were amazing times! Kath1 Aug 2014 #82
I was in Navy Basic Training at Orlando, FL. razorman Aug 2014 #37
Watched it on TV at my boyfriend's house with his family. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Aug 2014 #38
I was working as a bartender. Cleita Aug 2014 #40
I remember thinking that he looked drugged. Arkansas Granny Aug 2014 #44
We didn't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more. hahahahahahaha Hekate Aug 2014 #96
I was celebrating my 14th birthday... MANative Aug 2014 #45
A bunch of friends got together and threw a party csziggy Aug 2014 #47
I was riding with my then-girlfriend in her little red Falcon. Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #48
Somewhere in a box in my house.. Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #50
I had a sticker on my bass case hifiguy Aug 2014 #57
I was 23, in my apt. in Ruidoso, BarbaRosa Aug 2014 #49
Couldn't wait until the noon tomorrow part... Historic NY Aug 2014 #51
Cannot Remember RobinA Aug 2014 #52
Probably sleeping in my crib JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #53
I was at home with my parents. MiniMe Aug 2014 #55
teacher discussed it with us 12 yr olds. didnt understand the signicance Liberal_in_LA Aug 2014 #56
I was in Capetown, South Africa LibertyLover Aug 2014 #59
Did you have any sense of the apartheid in SA and Rhodesia? Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #134
Yes, it was very uncomfortable LibertyLover Aug 2014 #139
That reminds me of my Mother In Law talking about South Carolina in the 50s. Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #141
At the time LibertyLover Aug 2014 #144
I probably downed an extra bottle of milk...I was in my terrible 2s KeepItReal Aug 2014 #60
I was a teacher at the time SteveG Aug 2014 #61
I wish I could say not yet born! JackRiddler Aug 2014 #62
Many of us say that Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #75
on vacation in Nag's Head NC. Kip Humphrey Aug 2014 #63
I and a co worker were taking 'lunch' in the parking lot of a MickeyDees.......... wandy Aug 2014 #64
wishing my dad would stop watching the news so he could read to me wyldwolf Aug 2014 #65
That reminds me of Battlestar Galactica Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #69
Watching on TV in Barcelona, Spain.nt tblue37 Aug 2014 #66
In the waning days of Franquist Spain Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #70
Yep. The ones I spoke to about it were completely blown away. tblue37 Aug 2014 #85
I was 5. I have a dim memory of Watergate hearings pre-empting all of my favorite TV shows. Aristus Aug 2014 #67
I was 5 but I remember rbrnmw Aug 2014 #68
I was 14 and hated Nixon with a passion. AngryOldDem Aug 2014 #71
I too was a kid in Maryland! zappaman Aug 2014 #72
That was an interesting time in MD Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author onethatcares Aug 2014 #73
I was in Spain with my parents. cwydro Aug 2014 #74
What did the Spaniards think? nt Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #78
My (then) husband is a professor of Spanish language and literature. tblue37 Aug 2014 #86
More than a twinkle in my mother's eye distantearlywarning Aug 2014 #76
I honestly don't remember -- I was probably high. gateley Aug 2014 #79
I was 25 with a three year old child, PDJane Aug 2014 #80
I was waitressing at a place in Denver. The owner set up a TV in the kitchen likesmountains 52 Aug 2014 #81
"Well, you won't have Nixon to kick around any more." lpbk2713 Aug 2014 #83
I was in Zermatt, Switzerland...summer skiing and climbing. I was shocked snappyturtle Aug 2014 #84
Couple of weeks before my wedding HockeyMom Aug 2014 #87
I was still a sprem cell minivan2 Aug 2014 #88
Visiting relatives in New England mcar Aug 2014 #89
Frantically driving home, fighting afternoon traffic, so I could stick my tape recorder calimary Aug 2014 #90
I was in 2nd grade. My mother made me and my octoberlib Aug 2014 #91
I watched it at my home in Honolulu and I rejoiced. My Senator Inouye was on the Watergate Committee Hekate Aug 2014 #92
I was becoming a permanent Democrat and learning about Jimmy Carter. El Supremo Aug 2014 #94
I don't remember. This moment itself did not leave an impact. kwassa Aug 2014 #95
I graduated from heavy equipment school madokie Aug 2014 #98
At home, throwing a party quaker bill Aug 2014 #99
I don't have a memory of it BainsBane Aug 2014 #100
I read it in the paper the next day. Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #114
Was camping and was told as my family and I walked into a store cally Aug 2014 #101
Shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my cousin's wedding dflprincess Aug 2014 #102
I was a midshipman cloudbase Aug 2014 #103
Planning my wedding. Delmette Aug 2014 #104
In grad school, I felt a personal relief, a bit hopeful that everything might get better after all. ancianita Aug 2014 #106
Nixon resigned on August 9th, not the 8th. Major Hogwash Aug 2014 #109
He made the announcement on 8/8, which most people consider "the resignation" Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #135
I was in D.C. and got to watch his helicopter fly off into the distance Motown_Johnny Aug 2014 #110
It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade... Ken Burch Aug 2014 #112
13 years old, on vacation with my family Ex Lurker Aug 2014 #115
home, saying: "OMG THE F***ING PRESIDENT IS RESIGNING" Skittles Aug 2014 #116
I was nine, jen63 Aug 2014 #117
Hampton Beach, NH with the family TorchTheWitch Aug 2014 #118
I was at work and watched it on television with a large crowd--coulda heard a pin drop. nt MADem Aug 2014 #123
At my grand parents house... tenderfoot Aug 2014 #125
Living with my boyfriend (now husband) in a three room furnished apartment on the west end of Pgh. livetohike Aug 2014 #126
I love that you mentioned that it was a black & white TV Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #133
I was checking out those AMAZING hip huggers the girls in junior high were wearing. chrisstopher Aug 2014 #128
The 70's were a good time to be a young man Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #132
I was a one-year-old shenmue Aug 2014 #129
I was negative 6 MillennialDem Aug 2014 #130
On the road from Paris to northern Portugal in my old, red VW Beetle. Surya Gayatri Aug 2014 #131
I was in Korea ... oldhippie Aug 2014 #138
12 yrs old, rental home on Cape Cod and... nutsnberries Aug 2014 #140
I was almost 14 and had been following it treestar Aug 2014 #142
It's a ridiculously complicated scandal to explain. Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2014 #143
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