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16. Jeff9K - Excuse me but are you new to our planet?
Fri Aug 15, 2014, 11:41 AM
Aug 2014

Do you understand the carnage these weapons cause when they are in the hands of individuals that aren't in a combat zone? No amount of safety training for the donut munchers is going to override the swelling in their pants over having overwhelming superior firepower - why do you think so many ex-military go into law enforcement?? To serve and protect? I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps (71-77) as a battalion armorer and practically saw no one I thought should have had a weapon in their hands outside in the 'real' (civilian) world...

Big brother carries a big stick. chrisstopher Aug 2014 #1
If You Dont Think Grayson Can Win billhicks76 Aug 2014 #119
Hopefully they don't repeat the same mistake next time. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #2
They BETTER NOT repeat the same mistake next time. calimary Aug 2014 #5
It wasn't much of an issue at the time. conservaphobe Aug 2014 #8
Well, it damn well BETTER BE an issue this time. calimary Aug 2014 #12
Amen to that derby378 Aug 2014 #63
These armored vehicles have a price tag of $ 370,000 truedelphi Aug 2014 #109
All the way on the east coast, I feel for you! We don't usually identify Marin County as anything maddiemom Aug 2014 #130
... Vots Aug 2014 #21
Possibly. If nearly all the Dems voted in favor. JoeyT Aug 2014 #125
Oh, it was an issue, but the yellow stripe down so many Dems' ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2014 #23
We need strong police forces... awoke_in_2003 Aug 2014 #118
It was more kissing campaign contributions from the MIC and police support good-bye than Dustlawyer Aug 2014 #132
++++999,999 Vincardog Aug 2014 #135
Shame? Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #37
I say shame on them for going to this dark place. calimary Aug 2014 #43
Mary, I think you misread my meaning. Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #45
Oh, probably... calimary Aug 2014 #139
That's so generous of you to call it a "mistake". cui bono Aug 2014 #72
+1 woo me with science Aug 2014 #137
When the people lead, the leaders will follow... joeybee12 Aug 2014 #3
Most politicians blow with the wind no matter which party. Seldom are politicians that have the RKP5637 Aug 2014 #7
I agree...sadly...nt joeybee12 Aug 2014 #11
Most politicians are vitally interested in performing their principal function, which is Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #42
Exactly! Well Said! Thanks! RKP5637 Aug 2014 #49
Grayson likely referred to Madison when he claimed "...one might venture to say that the weapons ancianita Aug 2014 #143
That's why the money has to start coming from us... Volaris Aug 2014 #131
...^ that 840high Aug 2014 #153
I find it interesting that this is one of very few issues that seem razorman Aug 2014 #4
+10 nt 99th_Monkey Aug 2014 #15
RWers support it. Therefore, even if it's right, we must oppose it RufusTFirefly Aug 2014 #25
" Democrats did form the bulk of support for the amendment " redqueen Aug 2014 #36
Well, specifically, the libertarian quadrants of the political map. Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #47
Since most RW'ers and most of us LW'ers are in the same part of the truedelphi Aug 2014 #110
I agree. There are a few issues on which we can find agreement, I think. razorman Aug 2014 #171
You're conflating a few different issues Blue_Tires Aug 2014 #177
You are right that the issues are very different, although I do not believe razorman Aug 2014 #179
When we keep voting for people onecaliberal Aug 2014 #6
There's a typo in your title. I'm suspect you meant "Democratic" leadership. Scuba Aug 2014 #9
It is time for the entire Democratic leadership to change their mind - they have no right to arm the jwirr Aug 2014 #10
"Militarization" is a buzz word. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #13
LOL....... you forgot the sarcasm meme Ichingcarpenter Aug 2014 #14
You sound like an all-or-nothing conservative. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #29
'You sound like an all-or-nothing conservative Ichingcarpenter Aug 2014 #31
It's hard to argue with the logic of the article linked within the linked article: JEFF9K Aug 2014 #35
You only have to look at what happened when the State Police, not pointing rifles, without snipers, dbackjon Aug 2014 #48
How many casualties ... JEFF9K Aug 2014 #62
the police used that equipment to intimidate the people of neverforget Aug 2014 #67
In other words ... JEFF9K Aug 2014 #69
Nor do you. dbackjon Aug 2014 #91
What a smart-alecky comment! JEFF9K Aug 2014 #93
And you asked a poster above to prove a negative. Ikonoklast Aug 2014 #158
In other words, you just don't care about the protesters, just the cops. neverforget Aug 2014 #108
That quote is from a LEO, what do you think they are going to say? cui bono Aug 2014 #104
The fact that Ferguson's representative Clay voted for the amendment should tell you something ancianita Aug 2014 #144
Because in large measure, it IS fucking "black and white." Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #44
You either don't understand the concept of "black-and-white" or you are trying to ... JEFF9K Aug 2014 #56
Still trying to come up with a response to this one, are ya? Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2014 #116
Indeed malaise Aug 2014 #97
Jeff9K - Excuse me but are you new to our planet? NoMoreRepugs Aug 2014 #16
Your two posts contradict each other.... KoKo Aug 2014 #22
"Militarization" includes an extensive array of DEFENSIVE products. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #39
the DEFENSIVE products are being used for OFFENSE, exclusivley frylock Aug 2014 #54
Got any examples? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #58
compare and contrast.. frylock Aug 2014 #64
In no way does that prove that ... JEFF9K Aug 2014 #70
what it does show is that this equipment is entirely unneccessary in this situation frylock Aug 2014 #71
You are wrong. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #78
how does that comport with the demonstrations last night vs wednesday night? frylock Aug 2014 #80
YOU should give it a rest. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #86
what is it that you're afraid of that you would invite tactical units into your neighborhood? frylock Aug 2014 #141
Those armored vehicles they created for the Iraq war. cui bono Aug 2014 #76
How many people were injured or killed by these vehicles in Ferguson? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #81
Oh, so now you've upped your ante. cui bono Aug 2014 #83
It's YOU that's playing word games. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #87
No. I am not playing games and I am not defending the militarization of our police forces. cui bono Aug 2014 #88
Intimidation factor? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #95
What grasping at straws is that? cui bono Aug 2014 #96
Post hoc ergo prompter hoc? LanternWaste Aug 2014 #120
Posse Comitatus 99th_Monkey Aug 2014 #18
What does that have to do with THIS situation? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #74
The spirit of this Act is counter to militarizing local police forces. 99th_Monkey Aug 2014 #90
"safety forces" IDemo Aug 2014 #19
You are denying that the police are called "safety forces?" JEFF9K Aug 2014 #30
Call them purple magic dragons IDemo Aug 2014 #34
I think you're missing the bigger picture. lark Aug 2014 #20
How many victims of "militarization" have there been in Ferguson? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #33
none anymore, since the local cops have been relieved of duty frylock Aug 2014 #55
How many before that? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #59
you mean how many were hit with rubber bullets or were subjected to gas canisters? frylock Aug 2014 #66
The SAME protestors? JEFF9K Aug 2014 #89
Wow. You are actually arguing for militarization. cui bono Aug 2014 #85
I'm in America. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #92
Why did you make a point of stating you are in America? cui bono Aug 2014 #94
A battleship gifted to coastal city police force... LanternWaste Aug 2014 #121
I haven't seen the injury count lark Aug 2014 #180
of course you don't.. frylock Aug 2014 #51
"Better-armed criminals"? Bull. Fucking. Shit. NickB79 Aug 2014 #126
Safety Forces? Look at this picture (Graphic Warning) NutmegYankee Aug 2014 #136
So every small town needs a flame thrower and tank? drynberg Aug 2014 #155
States have armies, they're called the National Guard... Hippo_Tron Aug 2014 #157
Yay for the Safety Tank! Marr Aug 2014 #163
Only 43 Dems and 19 Repubs voted for Grayson's Amendment.... KoKo Aug 2014 #17
Purge Hillary,Hoyer, Feinstein, Pelosi etc billhicks76 Aug 2014 #146
Purge Purge Purge Purge Purge Purge them all! stonecutter357 Aug 2014 #150
Primary Challenges billhicks76 Aug 2014 #165
too many people only give a shit about looking cool in their Democratic party letterman jacket. frylock Aug 2014 #168
I Noticed In College billhicks76 Aug 2014 #169
. stonecutter357 Aug 2014 #170
Lame And Worthless billhicks76 Aug 2014 #172
smug and sanctimonious. stonecutter357 Aug 2014 #174
Yawn billhicks76 Aug 2014 #175
Now watch some Right Winger give a list of all Dems that voted for it.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #24
Sure would be nice if Democrats would act like Democrats (like Grayson, Kucinich, et al) Roland99 Aug 2014 #26
Ain't that the truth. nt Nay Aug 2014 #50
The party labels stay the same while the ideals change. Happened before and it's happening now. L0oniX Aug 2014 #101
One corporate party - two faces. Wake up America! polichick Aug 2014 #27
Too bad we can't rec posts. nt awoke_in_2003 Aug 2014 #123
That shows me that Grayson was smarter than ladjf Aug 2014 #28
He's a fearless truth teller Ichingcarpenter Aug 2014 #32
I, amazed on learning how many small town police departments are being given maddiemom Aug 2014 #38
Oh, meant to say: I can't wait for the day our local police force are equipped with tanks to maddiemom Aug 2014 #40
Extremely important! H2O Man Aug 2014 #41
I certainly hope there's a motion to reconsider Jack Rabbit Aug 2014 #46
No Shock At All colsohlibgal Aug 2014 #52
let's punish them by voting twice as hard! MisterP Aug 2014 #53
GOTV! frylock Aug 2014 #57
With the ability of some of the weapons to be purchased there may be times when the extra equipment Thinkingabout Aug 2014 #60
A sensible response! JEFF9K Aug 2014 #65
End the failed drug war and not only will they not need this hardware but we'll find TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #159
The incident i was talking aboit was a bank robbery. Thinkingabout Aug 2014 #160
Bullshit, semiautomatic weapons have been available for generations. Stop the excuses. TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #161
I have not made excuses, this is reality, would you want to step out in a Thinkingabout Aug 2014 #162
What movie did you see this in? What you describe is pretty much nonexistent. TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #166
Yeas and Nays merrily Aug 2014 #61
Thanks for the link! Dems to Win Aug 2014 #100
You are welcome. I am of the view that merrily Aug 2014 #102
"...even if you somehow know the name and number of the bill" woo me with science Aug 2014 #173
There's about 2% difference btwn the DEMS and the GOP, but militarizing the Police Force isn't part blkmusclmachine Aug 2014 #68
Alan Grayson, lovemydog Aug 2014 #73
k&r avaistheone1 Aug 2014 #75
DURec leftstreet Aug 2014 #77
Follow the money. Look at the congresspersons, then look at their districts. MADem Aug 2014 #79
feed the pig hibbing Aug 2014 #107
Jobs are usually a factor, but Ferguson's own representative Clay voted for the amendment, ancianita Aug 2014 #145
I'll bet there isn't a single pork barrel enterprise MADem Aug 2014 #148
Actually, google shows a few within commuting distance of Ferguson. ancianita Aug 2014 #151
All politics is local. MADem Aug 2014 #152
Just another reason for me to not give the national party the time of day, much less money. hobbit709 Aug 2014 #82
I wish Grayson would run for President n/t betterdemsonly Aug 2014 #84
Has anyone considered the possibility that Grayson's amendment is not a good idea. JEFF9K Aug 2014 #98
Yes. I live in Boston, land of the Marathon attack. I considered that and rejected. merrily Aug 2014 #103
This party is just about dead to me. L0oniX Aug 2014 #99
Barbara Lee speaks for me. Dems to Win Aug 2014 #105
She voted no on Iraq, too. (Was that the time she was the only "no" vote in merrily Aug 2014 #111
She Voted NO on Afghanistan and Iraq Dems to Win Aug 2014 #113
AUMF = War on Terror. merrily Aug 2014 #114
I can understand why some Dinos buckled DonCoquixote Aug 2014 #106
It was not some DINOs. It was most House Democrats. merrily Aug 2014 #112
my point being DonCoquixote Aug 2014 #115
None. Same no excuse for all of the House Democrats who voted against it. merrily Aug 2014 #124
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2014 #117
They must vote their oligarchy masters wishes. riverbendviewgal Aug 2014 #122
How is the MIC supposed to turn a profit if the Military doesn't "surplus" equipment Thor_MN Aug 2014 #127
Once again, thank you Rep. Grayson for continuing to bring common sense to an increasingly insane maddiemom Aug 2014 #128
Oxymoron Fuddnik Aug 2014 #129
one word... Corruption. Agony Aug 2014 #133
Just as with the Iraq war vote, they are all too scared of being tblue37 Aug 2014 #134
I think that sabbat hunter Aug 2014 #138
Grenade launchers are used by police Savannahmann Aug 2014 #142
Lets face it folks . . . another_liberal Aug 2014 #140
Grayson for President. nt Zorra Aug 2014 #147
Corruption New Deal Liberal Aug 2014 #149
WTF is wrong with these idiots we put in charge. SmittynMo Aug 2014 #154
They are all rat fuckers. Neither side of the aisle care one bit about us little people. Hotler Aug 2014 #156
It's clear that neither party is interested in promoting the interests of the common folk. Liberal_from_va34 Aug 2014 #164
They are also on College Campuses malaise Aug 2014 #167
+1 And this Democratic administration has actively resurrected and expanded the programs. woo me with science Aug 2014 #176
Sad that so many congresscritters fear the dreaded Blue_Tires Aug 2014 #178
kick woo me with science Aug 2014 #181
kick woo me with science Aug 2014 #182
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