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46. Who was in danger?
Thu Aug 21, 2014, 01:07 PM
Aug 2014

The cop on the left, who had an erratic man coming at him with a knife in his hand.

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Your claims of what happened are far more dishonest Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #1
Witnesses confirmed the knife. Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #4
We have video and we can see what happened Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #5
They should have let him keep coming to stab them? Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #6
There is no evidence he was going to stab them Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #8
No evidence? Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #9
The video shows him several feet away when he was shot Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #11
Police training is to not allow anyone with a knife within 21 feet Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #12
Once again the video shows no knife Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #17
I have an extra large monitor Generic Other Aug 2014 #37
why not try a supposed non-lethal weapon like a taser first? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #55
Tazers are excellent tools to be used in such situations if practical Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #58
and Deadly force WASNT needed in this case...deadly force should ONLY be used VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #63
Many departments don't issue tazers of only issue tazers to supervisors or select officers Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #65
Hello? Doesn't that ring any bells at all with you? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #66
MRADs are free Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #69
Do they require upkeep? Does that cost money? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #71
For some departments, upkeep is relatively inexpensive Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #72
In order for a taser to be effective, it has to be in the cop's hand instead of a pistol. arcane1 Aug 2014 #67
EXACTLY! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #73
Come on....a mentally deranged individual with a pocket knife... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #74
Exactly!!!!!! They are here to protect the mentally ill. Those cops were terrible. Could have zonkers Aug 2014 #78
I'm sorry, but I wouldn't pintobean Aug 2014 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2014 #75
Ignoring their pleas???? Punkingal Aug 2014 #102
He didn't have his knife hand raised, as the police claimed, assuming there was a knife. pnwmom Aug 2014 #97
OK Feral Child Aug 2014 #85
The "Knife Rule" is 21 feet, doncha know? moriah Aug 2014 #68
Why bulletS? Why wasn't the first bullet (or two) plenty to make this man not a threat? pnwmom Aug 2014 #99
The thugification of black men on DU continues unabated. eom MohRokTah Aug 2014 #2
This is simple, if the man is white and wearing dockers and Gucci on a street in BaggersRDumb Aug 2014 #60
Woooo be afraid etherealtruth Aug 2014 #80
Maybe police should learn to fight by hand in some cases world wide wally Aug 2014 #3
In some cases Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #7
merely being armed with a deadly weapon is not a capital offense. unblock Aug 2014 #15
yeah because as usualy, killing the black guy is really the only option. unblock Aug 2014 #10
if someone says 'shoot me', does it not indicate that this person is in the middle of a La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2014 #13
If he was sitting on the curb yelling shoot me -- of course Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #16
in any situation, shooting a man without attempting to really de-escalate the situation La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2014 #19
walking. yeah, that pretty much leaves no option. no way the officer could out-walk him. unblock Aug 2014 #21
So you're of the opinion that walking toward police and saying "shoot me" is rational behavior? Erose999 Aug 2014 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #54
What? Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #57
haha, you act as though their job was to serve and protect. unblock Aug 2014 #18
lol. i know. so silly of me. nt La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2014 #20
+1 uponit7771 Aug 2014 #53
There is no knife wielded in the video. Iron Man Aug 2014 #14
He pulls the knife out of his pocket at 1:26 Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #23
Yeah, he deserved to be shot 7 or 8 times because he was holding Iron Man Aug 2014 #24
If you come at anyone, cop or not, swinging a knife Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #25
It's clear the victim needed mental help. Iron Man Aug 2014 #26
So had he been coming at you Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #27
Isn't there a reason that tasers exist? Iron Man Aug 2014 #36
I am tired of typing it over and over Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #38
But shooting a person a dozen times is viable? Iron Man Aug 2014 #39
When a taser cant reliably be employed Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #40
Murder is a-okay then. Iron Man Aug 2014 #41
When someone is coming at you with a knife Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #42
8 or 9 times in the space of a few seconds? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2014 #81
You shoot until the threat is stopped Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #82
And that's exactly the attitude I don't want in armed people. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2014 #86
Its always good to try and deescalate Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #91
Why was it necessary to escalate force though? Who in that video was in any immediate danger? Erose999 Aug 2014 #45
Who was in danger? Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #46
Who was in danger Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #84
So, he's not actually 'waving' the knife anymore? polly7 Aug 2014 #89
many departments dont allow tazers Travis_0004 Aug 2014 #95
He wasn't "swinging" the knife. And he was no threat at all after the first gun shot. pnwmom Aug 2014 #98
You told me he was waving it at them. polly7 Aug 2014 #33
Check you glasses Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #34
I don't wear glasses, but his arm doesn't appear to me to be moving from side to side at all. nt. polly7 Aug 2014 #35
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #96
I don't understand cwydro Aug 2014 #22
because they didnt have tazers Travis_0004 Aug 2014 #28
Tazers can kill people???? Punkingal Aug 2014 #104
This man was mentally I'll..... FarPoint Aug 2014 #29
+1 iscooterliberally Aug 2014 #32
If they had to shoot him Piscatarian Aug 2014 #30
Shooting to wound is inconsistent with proper police training and procedure Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #31
Rec'd your own thread I see. Kingofalldems Aug 2014 #44
I'm awesome Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #47
The hips aren't those attributes though... police need to be more accurate uponit7771 Aug 2014 #49
Neither is shooting more bullets than you need to. He wasn't armed with a gun so he wasn't pnwmom Aug 2014 #101
Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Annie Oakley, even Tonto could shoot the weapon... immoderate Aug 2014 #70
They couldn't shoot him in the legs? tia uponit7771 Aug 2014 #48
Center Mass ksoze Aug 2014 #50
Center mass is military training... I remember that from boot camp uponit7771 Aug 2014 #52
I have family in the rcmp ..... I remember hearing of how, in basic training polly7 Aug 2014 #61
Two different shootings ksoze Aug 2014 #62
I can see where the bystanders are in the video. polly7 Aug 2014 #64
This is army training. He's not the enemy. Why pump multiple bullets into him after pnwmom Aug 2014 #103
No, that isn't proper police procedure for reasons listed in this thread. Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #51
... center mass is military lingo... I'm seeing all kinds of wrongs with this thinking uponit7771 Aug 2014 #56
The reasons apply for LE as well Michigander_Life Aug 2014 #59
These cops didn't even try to talk him down Warpy Aug 2014 #76
Did you not hear them talking? JJChambers Aug 2014 #83
I heard an order Warpy Aug 2014 #87
Tell me Lee-Lee Aug 2014 #92
When he charges. Warpy Aug 2014 #93
I am so sorry for the disturbance in you pretty little world. ret5hd Aug 2014 #77
how sad Catherine Vincent Aug 2014 #88
Actually you can hear them asking him to drop the knife as he is approaching them JJChambers Aug 2014 #94
He put the cans down on the curb and waited for the police to arrive - he knew what he was doing. Justice Aug 2014 #90
No. I don't think he was shot over two cans of soda. Boom Sound 416 Aug 2014 #100
Anyone who doesn't follow police instructions is asking for trouble. Kablooie Aug 2014 #105
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