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59. Excellent depictions of the slithering runner that is Rand Paul, napkinz!
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 06:03 PM
Aug 2014

Thank you, napkinz!

.. Cha Aug 2014 #1
This is the guy AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #2
And, not only didn't vote for the Civil and Voting Rights Acts but "claimed he did".. Cha Aug 2014 #4
Sounds like he's trying very hard not to say what he's thinking bhikkhu Aug 2014 #3
Good point, bhikkhu.. Cha Aug 2014 #5
Just another fuckin' cracker. They're a dime a dozen. kysrsoze Aug 2014 #30
K Cha Aug 2014 #6
k Cha Aug 2014 #7
Really? Really Rand? sheshe2 Aug 2014 #8
"Hey, Randy, do you find the murder by cop of an unarmed black child offensive?" Cha Aug 2014 #10
Three strikes...we are going for 4 now... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #13
Damn, Rand Paul is a bona fide racist like his dad, Ron.. and he lies about it.. which is par for Cha Aug 2014 #15
"Rand Paul is a bona fide racist like his dad" sheshe2 Aug 2014 #16
Oh, yeah, that solidarity from the drug war meme. Just forget all the rest of it and look at me! freshwest Aug 2014 #33
Exactly, freshwest! Trying to distract from the racist FPD and talk about "drugs" which Cha Aug 2014 #35
Talking out of both sides of his ass. Again. arcane1 Aug 2014 #9
Right.. same ol Rand Paul.. "spreading the Misinformation because it WORKS". Cha Aug 2014 #11
Pays him better than honest work, that's for sure. Mr. Koch Brothers>AFN>Libertarian>GOPig. freshwest Aug 2014 #34
It's beyond Disgusting, freshwest.. slithery and slimey come to mind. Cha Aug 2014 #36
At the very least, the cop was afraid for his life when there was no need to be. How applegrove Aug 2014 #12
I don't think the cop was afraid for his life, apple. But, Ferguson has a long Cha Aug 2014 #17
The racist history in Ferguson, MO that I was refering to, apple.. Cha Aug 2014 #39
How did he get Jamaal510 Aug 2014 #14
Exactly, Jamaal.. my post from up thread.. Cha Aug 2014 #18
The Anti 'War on Drugs' is the Libertarian meme to win black voters. But from: freshwest Aug 2014 #80
. Cha Aug 2014 #19
He doesn't want to alienate his racist fan base that is the glowing Aug 2014 #20
Precisely, glowing! Well Done! "Doesn't want to alienate his racist fan base".. so he talks Cha Aug 2014 #22
+1000 raven mad Aug 2014 #74
K & R Iliyah Aug 2014 #21
They can want it all they want, Iliyah, but they won't be campaigning for him on DU.. not during Cha Aug 2014 #24
What do you expect from a man who thinks businesses should be allowed to discriminate? nt SunSeeker Aug 2014 #23
And, always talks out of both sides of his mouth.. doesn't want to lose his racist fan base Cha Aug 2014 #26
Rand Paul whitesplaining to the citizens of Ferguson. Hilarious. nt DRoseDARs Aug 2014 #25
I know, DRoseDARs.. SMH! and Cha Aug 2014 #27
If anyone had any doubts, on his word alone saying it is not about race proves that it is about race gordianot Aug 2014 #28
No doubt whatsoever but you're right.. the opposite of what Rand Paul says is Cha Aug 2014 #29
Some police are out to get "some" leave others. gordianot Aug 2014 #37
Is it denial? Or deliberate ignorance? JDPriestly Aug 2014 #31
It's "whitesplaining" to the citizens of Ferguson MO while trying to hold on to his racist fan Cha Aug 2014 #32
k Cha Aug 2014 #38
. Cha Aug 2014 #40
. Cha Aug 2014 #41
Never liked this guy to begin with. AverageJoe90 Aug 2014 #42
Thank you, Joe.. just wanted to highlight Rand Paul "whitesplaining" to the citizens of Ferguson Cha Aug 2014 #43
I just hope there's a very good chance Rand Paul has nothing to do with this place: Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2014 #44
But, he's trying so hard to talk out of both sides of his mouth, DNSK.. Cha Aug 2014 #47
Not a problem for him, Cha. Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2014 #54
Thank you for that Vid, Dark n Stormy Knight! Cha Aug 2014 #56
Fuck Rand Paul XRubicon Aug 2014 #45
Yes, those are my sentiments, too, XRubicon. Cha Aug 2014 #48
It appears that we are in full agreement as to Rand Paul's disposition my friend. XRubicon Aug 2014 #69
Cheers~ Cha Aug 2014 #70
There is a very good change Rand Paul isn't too bright. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #46
More than likely and there's a very good chance Rand Paul is talking outta both sides of his arse. Cha Aug 2014 #49
That's my senator!!! blackspade Aug 2014 #50
Lucky you! Cha Aug 2014 #51
It's beyond me. blackspade Aug 2014 #52
Kentucky deserves exponentially better! Cha Aug 2014 #55
No kidding. blackspade Aug 2014 #61
Except you did get Gov Beshear who implemented Obamacare. :) Cha Aug 2014 #63
Geez heaven05 Aug 2014 #53
That's what I'm trying to say, heaven! Cha Aug 2014 #58
well I'm saying that also heaven05 Aug 2014 #60
napkinz says it pretty well, too.. Cha Aug 2014 #62
exactly heaven05 Aug 2014 #65
Oh, I think his racist a$$ is going to get Exposed by those who don't want to see Rand Paul Cha Aug 2014 #68
... napkinz Aug 2014 #57
Excellent depictions of the slithering runner that is Rand Paul, napkinz! Cha Aug 2014 #59
Rand needs to be EXPOSED napkinz Aug 2014 #64
I know he does! And, this is exactly why I did this last night.. thank you again, napkinz.. Cha Aug 2014 #67
Thanks for posting this and saving me the time... Blue_Tires Aug 2014 #66
You're welcome, Blue Tires.. Cha Aug 2014 #71
How about focusing on the other guy aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2014 #72
.. Cha Aug 2014 #73
PLEASE tell me this was from the Onion. niyad Aug 2014 #75
Rand Paul is an disingenuously clueless as an onion. Cha Aug 2014 #79
What a clueless fool.. Peacetrain Aug 2014 #76
"Clueless"? or disingenuous to slither a comment on Ferguson without Cha Aug 2014 #81
Cha.. how anyone could even try to point to something positive about that little insect Peacetrain Aug 2014 #83
Well put, Peacetrain.. it boggles my mind, too. Cha Aug 2014 #84
A whopper flamingdem Aug 2014 #77
What stands for "statesman" in the current crop of Cha Aug 2014 #82
So you know that Wilson shot Brown because he was black? Vattel Aug 2014 #78
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