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108. Wow, frazzled! Maybe that's why Dr West didn't get invited to the Inauguraton.. could not be.. but,
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 11:59 PM
Aug 2014

geeze.. that's just crazy talk and the kind I'm use to coming from "mr so entrenched in people's skin color" he's rendered himself obnoxious. His own worst enemy.

"At any rate, we'd tuned into the Tavis Smiley radio show on NPR, and he had his friend West on. And they start talking about Obama and West says, "He's not really a brother, you know. His mother was white." And my husband and I looked at each other and pretty much gasped. The conversation continued about how this fellow Obama (then our senator from Illinois) was not black enough, and in that sense, was some sort of fraud."

Dr West sounded like a jealous mean girl before Obama became President.. now it's just the Tavis and West Vitriolic Tour and sure they have some ODSers to give them applause .

mahalo frazzled~

Maybe he's racist? Maybe he doesn't like Obama? I really don't know why he does that. Autumn Aug 2014 #1
If you don't like Obama that is one thing, but what does that have to do with the President's race? still_one Aug 2014 #4
He's a Racist Black Man with experience in Civil Rights Movement? KoKo Aug 2014 #94
What!!! Who did that? That is so wrong. Autumn Aug 2014 #96
Downthread...here's the link... KoKo Aug 2014 #98
The admins see every alert, it seems that they would do something about that. Autumn Aug 2014 #100
I think he's just still pissed off that he never made it into even the outer circle of advisors. MohRokTah Aug 2014 #2
Al in..Cornell out HipChick Aug 2014 #3
That is a probable reason why he is bitter, but always referring to the President's race inter- still_one Aug 2014 #5
I'm trying to think of an ex. of a repug white guy talking shit like that about George Dumya. JaydenD Aug 2014 #107
Do you remember when Tavis Smiley .. SummerSnow Aug 2014 #16
Exactly! Stellar Aug 2014 #72
Tavis & West were the "go-to" folks for black thought back in the day. As you say, Obama stole..... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #76
Oh my~ sheshe2 Aug 2014 #132
She, that graphic is priceless, and exactly how I feel. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #145
Well, Tavis got into a major snit because he invited then Senator Obama to his Cha Aug 2014 #103
You may be onto something 3rdwaydem Aug 2014 #32
He was doing it before Obama was president frazzled Aug 2014 #6
a hidden secret Colorism HipChick Aug 2014 #15
you called him a "coon" in the other thread bigtree Aug 2014 #19
no projection...that is generally how he is viewed in the black community HipChick Aug 2014 #21
YOU called him a 'coon' bigtree Aug 2014 #24
Reading is fundamental.. HipChick Aug 2014 #26
stalking? I'm responding to your remark about 'a hidden secret Colorism' in THIS thread bigtree Aug 2014 #29
You seem to be determined to follow me all over DU today to respond to my posts HipChick Aug 2014 #34
two threads about Cornel is not 'all over DU' and you know it. bigtree Aug 2014 #37
Your continued personal attacks.. HipChick Aug 2014 #38
personal attacks? e-bullying? Are you suggesting that I've no right to respond to your slur? bigtree Aug 2014 #41
You have hi-jacked OP's thread as a way to personally attack me.. HipChick Aug 2014 #42
If you feel you've been 'personally attacked' then ask a jury to take down my posts bigtree Aug 2014 #45
He does have a point since you are... Al Carroll Aug 2014 #49
I am disgusted and disappointed in Cornell but your comment was beyond offensive Number23 Aug 2014 #85
If you think that then you show that you don't know the black community one damned bit. ancianita Aug 2014 #48
Are you a member of the Black community? eom. 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #146
I believe that 100%. When Corny said that Obama "fears free black men" he lost me FOREVER Number23 Aug 2014 #83
link? U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #104
Yes, there are plenty on the Internet. Number23 Aug 2014 #109
Then give me one to prove your 'Corny said that Obama "fears free black men"' quote. U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #111
Aren't you and your demands precious. And as unnecessary as they are laughable Number23 Aug 2014 #112
So you've got nada? m'kay U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #113
You may make demands of your family members without a "please" but I ain't your family Number23 Aug 2014 #114
I'm simply asking for one of those 400. U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #115
Lots and lots and lots of people have posted lots and lots and lots of comments Number23 Aug 2014 #116
Here: greyl Aug 2014 #118
Thank you, greyl for doing the poster's work for them. "..Obama has a certain fear of free black men Cha Aug 2014 #120
You could have taken the 2 seconds it took me to find it. And it's even worse in context. pnwmom Aug 2014 #147
"Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men,” West says" Others are doing your work for you. Cha Aug 2014 #121
http://www.eurweb.com/2011/05/video-cornel-west-believes-obama-fears-free-black-men/ raven mad Aug 2014 #151
Wow, frazzled! Maybe that's why Dr West didn't get invited to the Inauguraton.. could not be.. but, Cha Aug 2014 #108
Dunning-Kruger. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #7
Probably because he supports RAND PAUL!!!! beerandjesus Aug 2014 #8
another rand paul post, oh my still_one Aug 2014 #11
LOL woo me with science Aug 2014 #63
Cornel West is in love with the sound of his own voice REP Aug 2014 #9
That is true, but doesn't really answer the question, unless it is for shock value still_one Aug 2014 #10
Cornel is a jealous old fool who thinks he owns blackness. Cad Bane Aug 2014 #12
And it gives the handful of racists we have on the left cover... conservaphobe Aug 2014 #13
AND on the AlwaysWrongRight. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #35
You nailed it. And some are all up in that other thread with their "Brutha West speaks the troof" Number23 Aug 2014 #86
It's not racism JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #71
" .. He sounded like a black Rush LImbiuagh". exactly and those with ODS giving Cha Aug 2014 #117
+++ flamingdem Aug 2014 #137
.. Cha Aug 2014 #142
Cornel and Tavis wanted to raise their profile on Obama's coattails Cad Bane Aug 2014 #14
Eh...didn't West support Nader in 2000? N/T Chathamization Aug 2014 #18
SMH Mr Dixon Aug 2014 #17
Really ??? - Maybe Jesse Can Show You why... From Memphis... To Chicago... WillyT Aug 2014 #20
Let's not forget Jesse called Obama names too.. HipChick Aug 2014 #23
oh, go ahead bigtree Aug 2014 #25
I don't know why you are stalking me all over DU?..Anyone can google and see what Jesse called Obama HipChick Aug 2014 #27
two threads, both about Cornel, which you chose to post in. Not stalking, responding to your remarks bigtree Aug 2014 #33
Really? Google must be broken in your part of the world... HipChick Aug 2014 #36
you're the only one I've seen with the temerity to call this accomplished African Americanprofessor bigtree Aug 2014 #39
yet if you google, you will find approximately 34,567 hits saying the same thing... HipChick Aug 2014 #40
googled on DU, our internet community (which is the ONLY relevant comparison) bigtree Aug 2014 #44
That's a defense commonly used by right wing bigots. You don't want to use that defense anymore. ancianita Aug 2014 #53
Except Jessie recognized it was wrong and apologized for it, and meant it. Big difference still_one Aug 2014 #57
Maybe a sense of deep betrayal woo me with science Aug 2014 #22
I always got the impression that he did not like the president notadmblnd Aug 2014 #28
Cornel West called Al Sharpton ‘the bonafide house negro of the Obama plantation HipChick Aug 2014 #31
Yeah, well the whole plantation metaphor can explain all of us and our positions on the "capitalism ancianita Aug 2014 #52
Contradicting yourself much? HipChick Aug 2014 #58
Explain. I don't see it. ancianita Aug 2014 #60
Historically though - that's not been the case JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #73
Not assigning anything; describing how I've heard this same accusation made, many times, and yet I ancianita Aug 2014 #84
lipstickalley.com? HipChick Aug 2014 #90
For the Colorism debate JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #93
It wasn't overtly "racist", but effectively saying the President isn't "black enough". The latest still_one Aug 2014 #62
His expectations were not met, so he's pissed off. riqster Aug 2014 #30
What utter bullshit. woo me with science Aug 2014 #46
See, that is your expectation. riqster Aug 2014 #47
See, this is one reason why the Third Way is so malignant. woo me with science Aug 2014 #54
Like I said, it's projection. riqster Aug 2014 #67
War is Peace. woo me with science Aug 2014 #68
Like I said. Typical non answer. riqster Aug 2014 #70
That answer was completely clear. Telling people that 2+2 = 5 perfectly describes sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #149
But that is not what I said. riqster Aug 2014 #150
This message was self-deleted by its author riqster Aug 2014 #69
Is there a book on tape version of this? LuvLoogie Aug 2014 #124
I think you are hitting more on the real reason... cascadiance Aug 2014 #82
Troubling, yes. By no means inexplicable. Chan790 Aug 2014 #43
You're right. Because he believes that black authenticity is part and parcel of humanity, and that ancianita Aug 2014 #56
Define black authenticity JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #74
Those are the choices? Interesting list. I've no idea what any "new" black is. ancianita Aug 2014 #89
I'm a woman first JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #91
Thanks. ancianita Aug 2014 #95
And what drives that? JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #75
I have no idea, frankly. Chan790 Aug 2014 #78
Yeah. Because, being black, any and all blacks do that if they damned well feel like it. And calling ancianita Aug 2014 #50
Meh... the academic cultural left doesn't like being transcended or challenged Sen. Walter Sobchak Aug 2014 #51
And that is the DU Post of the Month. Sub in the "DU cultural Farthest Left," and you have msanthrope Aug 2014 #61
Isn't that special.... Ironic because the right wing haters believe that is what Obama does still_one Aug 2014 #66
Perhaps because he expected more of him as an African American Wella Aug 2014 #55
ok, that may be, then why not word it as you just did? Instead he prefers to make the critique still_one Aug 2014 #59
It's the language of betrayal. Cornell West has been fighting the good fight for a long time. Wella Aug 2014 #64
This isn't about Mr. West, and he has made it so by his rhetoric. You and I obviously have still_one Aug 2014 #65
I understand why you're upset: his language is uncalled for Wella Aug 2014 #88
That is right. He effectively is saying the President isn't "black enough". What does that have to still_one Aug 2014 #119
I didn't take it that way: I thought he meant that he doubted the President's commitment Wella Aug 2014 #122
I wish he had just stuck to that then, instead of adding the inflammatory rhetoric in like an still_one Aug 2014 #128
You and me both Wella Aug 2014 #131
What a load. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #77
A well reasoned post... Thanks...! Recommend! KoKo Aug 2014 #97
It isn't the President's job to kiss his ring Sen. Walter Sobchak Aug 2014 #81
I don't think Cornell West is asking for that Wella Aug 2014 #87
Dr West is his own worst bitter enemy. Yeah, it's all Obama's fault that Cornel has gone Cha Aug 2014 #123
That wasn't exactly the intent Wella Aug 2014 #126
West was doing it before Obama became President.. I don't buy any vicious whine Cornel is selling.. Cha Aug 2014 #129
I didn't hear the show myself, so I can't speak to what the person heard Wella Aug 2014 #130
Did you find it troubling when it was accompanied with praise? Marr Aug 2014 #79
I find it troubling that he finds it necessary to personalize the race of the President in still_one Aug 2014 #80
Because the idea we live in a color-blind society... sendero Aug 2014 #92
His verbosity about the President has NOTHING to do with a "color-blind" society. It has to do with still_one Aug 2014 #102
What amuses me most.. sendero Aug 2014 #143
Excuse me? LloydS of New London Aug 2014 #99
seems like they have something in common with Cornell West then still_one Aug 2014 #101
Then go post on those threads .. we'll discuss Dr West's assholery. And, quite capable of Cha Aug 2014 #125
The guy seems to seek the spotlight, JaydenD Aug 2014 #105
Cornel is consistent & the cheerleaders hate that. U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #106
He has consistent beliefs Wella Aug 2014 #127
Says West's "Cheerleader".. Yeah, he's been a "consistent" asshole talking about everyone's Cha Aug 2014 #133
I think he expected more from him BainsBane Aug 2014 #110
"Cornel West’s tragic meltdown" by Joan Walsh May 19, 2011 Cha Aug 2014 #134
His latest rant got a feature page on InfoWars ucrdem Aug 2014 #136
Now isn't that special! flamingdem Aug 2014 #138
He is used by many so-called Dems as a basis of attacking the President HipChick Aug 2014 #139
Oh, why the hell not?! His racial rants are doing their work for them. I see DIrish has Cha Aug 2014 #141
That really is ugly BainsBane Aug 2014 #144
West is a bitter, ignorant blowhard... Drunken Irishman Aug 2014 #135
He's being used as a black figurehead to attack the President... HipChick Aug 2014 #140
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2014 #148
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