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24. "declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp.." Kinda like RT only for Russian youths?
Fri Aug 29, 2014, 08:43 PM
Aug 2014

"It's best not to mess with us".. Like Putin is Messing with Ukraine and that all the other shit he messes with?

thank you, Peacetrain.

Pro-Kremlin youth camp? louis-t Aug 2014 #1
Well, Putin is a fascist, so it stands to follow. joshcryer Aug 2014 #3
Read: brainwashing facility Takket Aug 2014 #46
Sad to say...but it may be time to get this guy back on the job. Ryano42 Aug 2014 #2
Maurice? Gidney N Cloyd Aug 2014 #15
Just watched it yesterday! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #55
Sounds like we're back with Nikita Khrushchev! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2014 #4
What a spectacularly deranged nimrod Putin is.. Peacetrain Aug 2014 #6
I think his behavior is irrational and I do wonder if there is an underlying cause. n/t RKP5637 Aug 2014 #12
After decades of trying to get nuclear missiles under control Peacetrain Aug 2014 #16
Yeah--he must be going nuts. Louisiana1976 Aug 2014 #28
Last I heard his nuclear arsenal Control-Z Aug 2014 #5
The last you heard? former9thward Aug 2014 #20
Wow. What the hell did I do Control-Z Aug 2014 #39
There is no end of propaganda about Russia. former9thward Aug 2014 #49
That's just not true. There have been stories. Control-Z Aug 2014 #60
The U.S. has the same problems. former9thward Aug 2014 #62
Hmm. Control-Z Aug 2014 #63
We certainly did in 1962. former9thward Aug 2014 #66
Lolol. Control-Z Aug 2014 #69
Don't worry about him he was rooting for the Sgt that was captured to be tried as a traitor. He is Katashi_itto Aug 2014 #61
Thanks, Katashi_itto! Control-Z Aug 2014 #64
Np, Yeah that was my first reaction to him too. Katashi_itto Aug 2014 #67
And still using 8 inch floppies GeorgeGist Aug 2014 #50
Oh my gawd! Lolol. Control-Z Aug 2014 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author roamer65 Aug 2014 #70
Can I take this to mean to cold war is back on? Was it ever off? LiberalAndProud Aug 2014 #7
Putin is singlehandedly pulling us back into a cold war stance. Peacetrain Aug 2014 #9
Absolutely true. Louisiana1976 Aug 2014 #29
I think it was off GP6971 Aug 2014 #27
I seem to remember some controversy when a Russian visited a missile silo LiberalAndProud Aug 2014 #30
No way GP6971 Aug 2014 #33
It must be a unique and interesting view of the rest of the world. LiberalAndProud Aug 2014 #35
Loved going into work GP6971 Aug 2014 #36
So far I don't see anyone messing with you Lord Pootie Poot. Rex Aug 2014 #8
Do you think he is worried that Ukraine's vast and powerful army will invade Russia? pampango Aug 2014 #53
What are things nuclear powers say for $1000, Alex? Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #10
Puttie's Mafia buds are pissed. Wellstone ruled Aug 2014 #11
Excellent points. Louisiana1976 Aug 2014 #31
+1000. nt adirondacker Aug 2014 #37
My fear is that they are more ready for war than we.... kentuck Aug 2014 #13
You have got to be kidding me.. are we threatening the world with nuclear annihilation Peacetrain Aug 2014 #14
More ready in what respect Lurks Often Aug 2014 #19
But then... kentuck Aug 2014 #22
I think we're seeing a reaction CJCRANE Aug 2014 #17
Samatha Power calling Putin a Liar at UN, PBO going after Russia using undiplomatic language KoKo Aug 2014 #56
Disgusting BUT Putins survival is based on his actions now flamingdem Aug 2014 #18
'Cause Putin has dictators waiting in the wings? Cha Aug 2014 #25
Not sure what he's got in the wings! flamingdem Aug 2014 #43
I always find it interesting... Scootaloo Aug 2014 #21
Agreed. I half expected this OP to be about John McCain arcane1 Aug 2014 #23
Not really.. sendero Aug 2014 #52
"declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp.." Kinda like RT only for Russian youths? Cha Aug 2014 #24
When the US greytdemocrat Aug 2014 #26
Well said. Louisiana1976 Aug 2014 #32
You're not missing the sarcasm tag, are you? LiberalAndProud Aug 2014 #34
Heard it on Fox maybe? emulatorloo Aug 2014 #41
It's clear that this crisis has come down to only two real options for NATO: Blue_Tires Aug 2014 #38
Well option two will never happen. Rex Aug 2014 #40
That seems like the choices, all right. Wella Aug 2014 #47
Russia wants the West to stop surrounding it with Nato bases. That's what this is about... KoKo Aug 2014 #57
Wow...the drama in this thread! Xolodno Aug 2014 #42
He might not have even meant that, or the translation could be inaccurate. Sounds more like a Stardust Aug 2014 #48
Maybe I'll be the lucky ones to get blasted to smithereens if this thing kicks off 951-Riverside Aug 2014 #44
Is that the Russian version of "Bring it on!". Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2014 #45
I've seen this movie before. CJCRANE Aug 2014 #51
That's pretty much what this is about.... Enemies everywhere... KoKo Aug 2014 #58
As the election approaches (now, and in 2016), look for more such stories demwing Aug 2014 #54
Actually given the War Fever promoted by MSM ....maybe John McCain should KoKo Aug 2014 #59
Just another little short guy with huge ego issues. leftyladyfrommo Aug 2014 #68
Pootie poot is a neo-Stalinist. roamer65 Aug 2014 #71
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