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13. I'm sorry...
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 06:54 AM
Sep 2014

They're married, they seem to love each other and they have a kid together. Which is pretty much all I know about that.

But other than the marriage "contract" what am I missing here?

We're the keepers RandiFan1290 Sep 2014 #1
My questions are, other than herself, who else has she exploited? MrScorpio Sep 2014 #2
Celebrities have a big influence marions ghost Sep 2014 #5
And to that I have to ask, if she were a man and did the exact same thing... MrScorpio Sep 2014 #6
I think so marions ghost Sep 2014 #8
I'm still trying to figure out what harm she's posing here MrScorpio Sep 2014 #12
I don't see K as a philanthropist sorry marions ghost Sep 2014 #15
So charity gets only 10% of what she collects from Kim Kardashian. That's not enough. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #77
Bieber? He posts a lot of selfies. cwydro Sep 2014 #47
Narcissist no-talent males have an easier time becoming Senator. Or President. villager Sep 2014 #52
...and do infinitely more damage.... marions ghost Sep 2014 #73
magic Johnson's son. e online rich kids of beverly hills roguevalley Sep 2014 #69
I hate to step into this JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #11
I'm sorry... MrScorpio Sep 2014 #13
PMK JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #14
Well, It's not as if I know what goes behind closed doors with any of them MrScorpio Sep 2014 #17
I know too much JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #18
Certainly those who exploit should be condemned Shankapotomus Sep 2014 #9
That's a good question. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #79
From my understanding.... The Straight Story Sep 2014 #19
Well, I don't agree with that essay either. MrScorpio Sep 2014 #23
Just wanted to remark that a lot of feminists are positive to selfies. KitSileya Sep 2014 #24
The OP article clearly says marions ghost Sep 2014 #25
"their body, their choice, not my business and more power to them." alp227 Sep 2014 #59
what it means is The Straight Story Sep 2014 #67
Isn't this the same argument right wingers make about criticizing Obama? alp227 Sep 2014 #70
+1 XemaSab Sep 2014 #28
Wasn't she born into it? treestar Sep 2014 #63
I could not agree more. Suich Sep 2014 #3
She got her start on the Paris Hilton show as this. Ichingcarpenter Sep 2014 #4
Because her aspect ratio is all fucked up? Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #7
Kim is addicted to consumption marions ghost Sep 2014 #10
And she gets paid very well for it JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #16
It's always been true marions ghost Sep 2014 #21
I know, it's terrible. Something is horribly wrong with humanity, as opposed to the past Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #39
I have no idea what you're talking about marions ghost Sep 2014 #43
"No time in my past were things ever good." Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #49
"Should that be glamorized and emulated by teenagers and young women, the target audience?" Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #37
Of course it's "should" marions ghost Sep 2014 #42
Exactly. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #48
Not completely equivalent as they have taken on some responsibility treestar Sep 2014 #64
A thin sham to cover up the fact that the institution is horribly antiquated; well past sell-by date Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #68
"Wonder Woman" impersonation--so lame marions ghost Sep 2014 #20
Here pant ankles are going to get real dirty Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #38
Now that's funny marions ghost Sep 2014 #44
It's not me, is it? Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #50
not you marions ghost Sep 2014 #72
It is rather surprising that no one has started a palanquin service in LA. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #74
They need to look very fancy.... marions ghost Sep 2014 #75
Hmm. I'm thinking Sun Tzu style, now. If it could somehow be promoted as a high-end exercise regime Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #76
More like this one...? marions ghost Sep 2014 #78
People would pay through the NOSE to carry their favorite celebrities around. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #83
She actually doesn't bother me JonLP24 Sep 2014 #22
I wouldn't know her if I bumped into her on the street. She means squat to me. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2014 #26
Be thankful marions ghost Sep 2014 #27
I wouldn't either treestar Sep 2014 #65
True--what about Khloe and Kourtney? Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #80
The Glorification Of Nothing - The Air Head Culture Personified - When Being Vacuous Is Celebrated cantbeserious Sep 2014 #29
Is she the symptom or the disease? alarimer Sep 2014 #30
Excellent points. There's a line that goes pure drivel drives out ordinary drivel or something like Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #81
There's a market for her mindwalker_i Sep 2014 #31
Amen, n/t tooeyeten Sep 2014 #33
+1000 Tom Ripley Sep 2014 #36
+1 treestar Sep 2014 #66
Hardly, tooeyeten Sep 2014 #32
there's a game out! MisterP Sep 2014 #34
I save my scorn for the consumers and chattering/scribbling classes... Tom Ripley Sep 2014 #35
Wow! Nearly 40 responses on someone who doesn't deserve it. Nedsdag Sep 2014 #40
i think our derision of her is partly misogyny. she is hardly the problem. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #41
Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise have been subject of ridicule. Nedsdag Sep 2014 #45
charlie sheen was a mean asshole to many people and tom cruise was fucking crazy on the ellen show La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #46
Is jumping on a couch so beyond the pale.... ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #54
again, were any of them accused of being a symbol of what is wrong with america? La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #57
I think they were pretty well vilified ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #60
If I may go out on a wildly speculative limb, here Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #51
Do you feel the same about Sarah Palin? n/m ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #53
Nailed it. Misogyny. Has to be. Bachmann, Coulter, Ingraham, Kelly - If men weren't so f'd up... cherokeeprogressive Sep 2014 #55
no. sarah palin used to have some real power La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #56
Nope. PoutrageFatigue Sep 2014 #58
Right on! Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #82
Who? tavernier Sep 2014 #61
Thank God there are so few male narcissists! WinkyDink Sep 2014 #62
I'm sick of her , Kanye West and MFM008 Sep 2014 #71
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