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23. Well, I don't agree with that essay either.
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 08:50 AM
Sep 2014

Well for one, how has she marketed herself as feminist icon? Sure, other people have discussed whether she is or not, but how does she have any control over what other people say about her?

And that "whole narrow and often times impossible beauty standards" line is just weird. We're talking about a woman here, who has been ridiculed for having a big ass, looking pregnant while out in public, for looking plain and ordinary by not wearing makeup in public and not always having hair perfectly coiffed when a paparazzo takes a pic of her doing some mundane errand. Yet whenever she's got her hair and makeup done, she's wearing an outfit that she either bought herself or was donated to her for she to wear and she's at some gala event with a bunch of other people who are all doing the exact same thing, she alone is the problem here.

And really, "impossible beauty standards?" For whom? There are all kinds of beautiful women walking around this planet, who are just as beautiful or even more so than she. They wear nice make up and nice clothes and beautiful fragrances and the have their hair done… And many, if not most, paid for all of that out of their own pocket without the help of any man. Some of these woman may even be lesbians, so there's absolutely no factoring of men or patriarchy into those particular instances at all.

It really appalls me that women are somehow criticized for looking attractive, as if that's all they're supposed to be about. Or that women are unable to establish their own standards of beauty, apart from the norm, when there's absolutely nothing true about that whatsoever.

The world is full of many so-called "non-traditionally beautiful" women… Women who may be considered too short or too tall or too curvy or too whatever. And I can tell you that that particular article that you've posted smacks to me as if it was written by a white feminist author. Which is problematic in itself, given the discord between both white and non-white feminist activists.

The last thing that I would want to do is criticize any woman's look. As man, I don't have that right. It's not my place to grade whether or not her beauty is valid or not. That's where the misogynists come in, telling women that they're too fat or too ugly. Or whether or not they're remotely "fuckable."

In the last couple of years, especially from exposure to feminist women of color's voices in places like Tumblr, I've had to do a reassessment on my own views about women and the validity of how women look at themselves. What I've realized is that my own judgement about how women live their own lives is completely irrelevant. That's why I am completely opposed to harassment of women and cat calling, judging their clothes or whether or not they smile, blaming the victims of abuse for being abused, whether or not they meet some narrowly definition of beauty based completely on a standard of white supremacy and most of all criticizing the choices that they make about their own bodies.

None of it is any of my own business, especially as a man.

We're the keepers RandiFan1290 Sep 2014 #1
My questions are, other than herself, who else has she exploited? MrScorpio Sep 2014 #2
Celebrities have a big influence marions ghost Sep 2014 #5
And to that I have to ask, if she were a man and did the exact same thing... MrScorpio Sep 2014 #6
I think so marions ghost Sep 2014 #8
I'm still trying to figure out what harm she's posing here MrScorpio Sep 2014 #12
I don't see K as a philanthropist sorry marions ghost Sep 2014 #15
So charity gets only 10% of what she collects from Kim Kardashian. That's not enough. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #77
Bieber? He posts a lot of selfies. cwydro Sep 2014 #47
Narcissist no-talent males have an easier time becoming Senator. Or President. villager Sep 2014 #52
...and do infinitely more damage.... marions ghost Sep 2014 #73
magic Johnson's son. e online rich kids of beverly hills roguevalley Sep 2014 #69
I hate to step into this JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #11
I'm sorry... MrScorpio Sep 2014 #13
PMK JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #14
Well, It's not as if I know what goes behind closed doors with any of them MrScorpio Sep 2014 #17
I know too much JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #18
Certainly those who exploit should be condemned Shankapotomus Sep 2014 #9
That's a good question. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #79
From my understanding.... The Straight Story Sep 2014 #19
Well, I don't agree with that essay either. MrScorpio Sep 2014 #23
Just wanted to remark that a lot of feminists are positive to selfies. KitSileya Sep 2014 #24
The OP article clearly says marions ghost Sep 2014 #25
"their body, their choice, not my business and more power to them." alp227 Sep 2014 #59
what it means is The Straight Story Sep 2014 #67
Isn't this the same argument right wingers make about criticizing Obama? alp227 Sep 2014 #70
+1 XemaSab Sep 2014 #28
Wasn't she born into it? treestar Sep 2014 #63
I could not agree more. Suich Sep 2014 #3
She got her start on the Paris Hilton show as this. Ichingcarpenter Sep 2014 #4
Because her aspect ratio is all fucked up? Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #7
Kim is addicted to consumption marions ghost Sep 2014 #10
And she gets paid very well for it JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #16
It's always been true marions ghost Sep 2014 #21
I know, it's terrible. Something is horribly wrong with humanity, as opposed to the past Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #39
I have no idea what you're talking about marions ghost Sep 2014 #43
"No time in my past were things ever good." Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #49
"Should that be glamorized and emulated by teenagers and young women, the target audience?" Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #37
Of course it's "should" marions ghost Sep 2014 #42
Exactly. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #48
Not completely equivalent as they have taken on some responsibility treestar Sep 2014 #64
A thin sham to cover up the fact that the institution is horribly antiquated; well past sell-by date Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #68
"Wonder Woman" impersonation--so lame marions ghost Sep 2014 #20
Here pant ankles are going to get real dirty Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #38
Now that's funny marions ghost Sep 2014 #44
It's not me, is it? Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #50
not you marions ghost Sep 2014 #72
It is rather surprising that no one has started a palanquin service in LA. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #74
They need to look very fancy.... marions ghost Sep 2014 #75
Hmm. I'm thinking Sun Tzu style, now. If it could somehow be promoted as a high-end exercise regime Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #76
More like this one...? marions ghost Sep 2014 #78
People would pay through the NOSE to carry their favorite celebrities around. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #83
She actually doesn't bother me JonLP24 Sep 2014 #22
I wouldn't know her if I bumped into her on the street. She means squat to me. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2014 #26
Be thankful marions ghost Sep 2014 #27
I wouldn't either treestar Sep 2014 #65
True--what about Khloe and Kourtney? Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #80
The Glorification Of Nothing - The Air Head Culture Personified - When Being Vacuous Is Celebrated cantbeserious Sep 2014 #29
Is she the symptom or the disease? alarimer Sep 2014 #30
Excellent points. There's a line that goes pure drivel drives out ordinary drivel or something like Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #81
There's a market for her mindwalker_i Sep 2014 #31
Amen, n/t tooeyeten Sep 2014 #33
+1000 Tom Ripley Sep 2014 #36
+1 treestar Sep 2014 #66
Hardly, tooeyeten Sep 2014 #32
there's a game out! MisterP Sep 2014 #34
I save my scorn for the consumers and chattering/scribbling classes... Tom Ripley Sep 2014 #35
Wow! Nearly 40 responses on someone who doesn't deserve it. Nedsdag Sep 2014 #40
i think our derision of her is partly misogyny. she is hardly the problem. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #41
Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise have been subject of ridicule. Nedsdag Sep 2014 #45
charlie sheen was a mean asshole to many people and tom cruise was fucking crazy on the ellen show La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #46
Is jumping on a couch so beyond the pale.... ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #54
again, were any of them accused of being a symbol of what is wrong with america? La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #57
I think they were pretty well vilified ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #60
If I may go out on a wildly speculative limb, here Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #51
Do you feel the same about Sarah Palin? n/m ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2014 #53
Nailed it. Misogyny. Has to be. Bachmann, Coulter, Ingraham, Kelly - If men weren't so f'd up... cherokeeprogressive Sep 2014 #55
no. sarah palin used to have some real power La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #56
Nope. PoutrageFatigue Sep 2014 #58
Right on! Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #82
Who? tavernier Sep 2014 #61
Thank God there are so few male narcissists! WinkyDink Sep 2014 #62
I'm sick of her , Kanye West and MFM008 Sep 2014 #71
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