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Mon Sep 8, 2014, 01:42 PM
Sep 2014

I appreciate your comment.
It has a lot of good ideas, I generally agree with you in so far as I need to ask more questions on how they want they want it.

I am sorry about your last visit.
I sounds like she used a razor to cut your hair, ( it can take a lot off fast.) Stylist that I know use it more to accent the haircut at the end. Sounds like it was a Salon that probably took more than an hour to do. It probably cost up-wards of $100.00

My situation is different in that I live, in a mostly republican town, of 150k. people, I take walk-ins, and not appointments, a haircut is 12.00, its short hair and I have a fraction of the time to do it in. I normally have the added pressure of other people waiting on me. I do not have a lot of time to figure it out.

I don't mean to complain, I just feel like they are never happy with me.
I think what you suggest works on your personality and my personality. Female clients probably enjoy talking about what they want a little more, which is a good and helpful thing.

My clients seem very reluctant to participate.
I have had men tell me that they don't want to answer my questions. When I ask beyond 2 or 3 things. I can hear suspicion raise in there voice, ( like may be Ive never held a pair of scissors before). I had one old guy about 45 yrs old rise up out of the chair, turn and look at me and say ( Well you are the barber, don't you know?) Like I am an all knowing, supreme, mind reading, being.

Or Ive had them say something like I was in here a once before, two months ago, ( do you remember me?) and they act hurt and offended that I can not remember them. ( which is not humanly possible)

I have attempted to solve this problem, my taking there contact information and having them tell me there phone number every time that come in, ( I paid money for a computer system) to store it, and pull up there details of the last cut, so I would know what I did for them last time. I got about half of the people to do it. They were convinced that I was going to ( sell there information to other people, or the government.) whatever that means. They are white, born here, so I have no idea why there hiding form the government, republicans I guess.

So, I don't know, I have never been good with people, I am not good at reading them. In my mind I equate it with placing an order at burger king. If I wanted a Milkshake, I would tell them, I wanted a Milkshake, they really cant anticipate me wanting one. .

And then there are other times, I don't think that its about the hair at all. Sometimes I think that they just want me to flatter them with compliments, honeyed words and invite them to a backyard BBQ, and that they want to me to make them a local celebrity, and will be a pain to me until they get what they want.
I don't know if there is always logic for what they are doing.

I order a regular mans with side burns Paulie Sep 2014 #1
"I'll have a regular man with sideburns" Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #6
I'll take one of those too... ReRe Sep 2014 #8
Now for the donco Sep 2014 #2
I pay 15 too and give my person $5 as a tip, but I like to try to tip very well to everyone. TeamPooka Sep 2014 #4
I have a drivers license taken after a perfect haircut and show it to any new stylist or barber TeamPooka Sep 2014 #3
I took a picture right after a good cut and often show it to the stylist. It's still a crap shoot. Gidney N Cloyd Sep 2014 #19
I think there's a communication problem alright. laundry_queen Sep 2014 #5
^That Orrex Sep 2014 #16
Reply David2775 Sep 2014 #25
Thanks for your reply laundry_queen Sep 2014 #35
Thanks. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #7
Back in the day secondvariety Sep 2014 #9
This is a problem I do not have. baldguy Sep 2014 #10
Nice write up! k&r Little Star Sep 2014 #11
I cut my own, but it's so short it's easy. Scuba Sep 2014 #12
I would love to take a Haircutting 101 class-not because I want to cut hair, tanyev Sep 2014 #13
Cut all of my hair off with a 1 and I'm perfectly happy MrScorpio Sep 2014 #14
90% of the time, it is a problem of communication Orrex Sep 2014 #15
My kid has it down pat mercuryblues Sep 2014 #17
I have a regular barber who is expert at MineralMan Sep 2014 #20
For some reason I had always pictured you as a beard-wearer. hifiguy Sep 2014 #28
You too. That's you in your avatar, right? Arugula Latte Sep 2014 #33
Nope. Can't grow a decent beard or mustache. hifiguy Sep 2014 #34
You hate your job? I never would have guessed. Gidney N Cloyd Sep 2014 #18
When I hate what I'm doing, I don't do it well. nt Snotcicles Sep 2014 #21
R#13 & K n/t UTUSN Sep 2014 #22
Years ago I told my regular barber "I want it short, please" He proceeded to cut my hair. mulsh Sep 2014 #23
"On Bad Haircuts" yortsed snacilbuper Sep 2014 #24
I had bad haircuts most of my life without even knowing it... Because I went cheap. tridim Sep 2014 #26
Being bald has it's advantages. SomethingFishy Sep 2014 #27
Absolute WORST haircut I have ever seen alphafemale Sep 2014 #29
Jesus Christ where are you that 2 is a problem that way round? whatthehey Sep 2014 #30
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Welcome to DU! K&R for your excellent OP riderinthestorm Sep 2014 #32
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