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Lefty Thinker

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11. That makes some serious and unwarranted assumptions
Wed Sep 10, 2014, 08:48 AM
Sep 2014

Particularly, it assumes a steady rate of production, i.e. maxed out productive capacity. That does not reflect the current situation of our economy. Increased production will soak up the extra dollars, preventing or at least mitigating inflation.

Bush did that. Printed checks with his name on them. louis-t Sep 2014 #1
Foreign Affairs says something around 2k should do it big_dog Sep 2014 #2
Bought a lot of votes lame54 Sep 2014 #4
Does inflation ring a bell? upaloopa Sep 2014 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author big_dog Sep 2014 #5
That is what Republicans say about minimum wage. yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #6
Except the poster said nothing about the minimum wage. Kingofalldems Sep 2014 #7
It's got nothing to do with politics. upaloopa Sep 2014 #8
This is Econ 101 tkmorris Sep 2014 #10
That makes some serious and unwarranted assumptions Lefty Thinker Sep 2014 #11
I kept it simple just because it seemed like that is what upaloopa Sep 2014 #14
With That Background. . . ProfessorGAC Sep 2014 #53
We're suffering from stagflation... ljm2002 Sep 2014 #12
Because there is no worth to the money. upaloopa Sep 2014 #15
Theory only gets you so far... ljm2002 Sep 2014 #16
You know that they are called the 1% for a reason don't you? upaloopa Sep 2014 #17
au contraire... ljm2002 Sep 2014 #43
New rule: no mentioning Econ 101 until you take 301,302.... Taitertots Sep 2014 #20
I guess you can give a discussion on what you mean then upaloopa Sep 2014 #22
Inflation...? CEO pay up over 900% since '78.... Bigmack Sep 2014 #37
Remember Romney's 47%? Some of them live right here upaloopa Sep 2014 #38
Can we print enough to put in our own offshore accounts, too? nt valerief Sep 2014 #9
We gave some $16 trillion to the banks to "lend" to us magical thyme Sep 2014 #13
there are issues you are not aware of upaloopa Sep 2014 #24
I am aware that more dollars chasing fewer goods = inflation magical thyme Sep 2014 #25
There is a reason we are not doing what you say we should. upaloopa Sep 2014 #28
like the right? seriously?!? I explained why I don't think it won't cause inflation magical thyme Sep 2014 #29
You have nothing to support what you say. No evidence, history upaloopa Sep 2014 #39
Per Pew Research the 2008 crash cost $108K per household magical thyme Sep 2014 #40
and I hear crickets. No surprise, since my statements are supported by facts. magical thyme Sep 2014 #42
Thanks quaker bill Sep 2014 #49
Ok, you are plain wrong MFrohike Sep 2014 #46
Milton Friedman called, he said the 1970's want their pseudo economic theories back Taitertots Sep 2014 #31
IIRC, the Bush checks were denied to those with student loans. grasswire Sep 2014 #30
the article I read on giving the money directly to the bottom 80% said outright magical thyme Sep 2014 #35
I have a problem with "paying off student loans and purchasing a home"... Bigmack Sep 2014 #44
Since the money was stolen from us to begin with, I believe a substantial magical thyme Sep 2014 #56
Daddy, There really is a Money Tree in the Back Yard !! Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2014 #18
That service is only available to banksters. marmar Sep 2014 #19
The Right Wing wealthy need to stop this "we don't need you" attitude AZ Progressive Sep 2014 #21
It is an old problem BlindTiresias Sep 2014 #23
Will it get printed and mailed every day? If not, the govt should give ppl jobs. nt valerief Sep 2014 #26
What do think will happen when people spend the money? Taitertots Sep 2014 #32
For a day. nt valerief Sep 2014 #47
Why? Do they burn the money after it gets spent once? Taitertots Sep 2014 #52
It gets siphoned to the govt via taxes for WAR so the rich can get richer. valerief Sep 2014 #54
You think that would happen in one day Taitertots Sep 2014 #55
a presidential candidate needs to offer this to the electorate grasswire Sep 2014 #27
A one time check to people would do nothing to cure the problems facing the working class abelenkpe Sep 2014 #33
I would prefer a work program designed to rebuild America infrastructure. B Calm Sep 2014 #34
Two words: Bake Sale NightWatcher Sep 2014 #36
The old helicopter money drop Taitertots Sep 2014 #41
I posted about this above... Bigmack Sep 2014 #45
The 1980 measurement of inflation says its 8-10 percent. roamer65 Sep 2014 #48
I'd like enough to pay off 6 more years of student loans please. ileus Sep 2014 #50
Exactly that was the republican plan to solve the recession. DetlefK Sep 2014 #51
BINGO! B Calm Sep 2014 #57
Skim the scum off the top... hunter Sep 2014 #58
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