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I stand with President Obama [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 OP
Me too... Ryano42 Sep 2014 #1
Me too. MuttLikeMe Sep 2014 #2
I do too. femmocrat Sep 2014 #3
I stand in opposition to US military actions in other nations' civil wars. morningfog Sep 2014 #4
I am ambivalent, watching and it doesn't matter what I declare on a forum as far as immediate policy uppityperson Sep 2014 #5
He's but one man . . . fadedrose Sep 2014 #6
Me too. Aristus Sep 2014 #7
I'm not letting party allegiance cloud my judgement when it comes to protecting the interests corkhead Sep 2014 #8
In case anyone noticed, the RW is blaming Obama for everything Kingofalldems Sep 2014 #9
That is nothing new. They blamed him for the economic collapse in 2008 corkhead Sep 2014 #11
blaming Obama for everything and basically calling him a traitor. AlbertCat Sep 2014 #12
Same here. n/t FSogol Sep 2014 #10
Enlist whatchamacallit Sep 2014 #13
Will they put me in the Quinquagenarian Brigade? DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #14
There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. Lord Acton Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2014 #15
I kid you not, a co-worker blames him for 911 Iliyah Sep 2014 #16
Not on the isosceles issue. Not me. FlatStanley Sep 2014 #17
Triangulation of the very worst sort. riqster Sep 2014 #20
I do not support Presidents who manipulate the population into supporting a war of choice.[n/t] Maedhros Sep 2014 #18
Actually, in this instance the causation goes in the other direction DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #19
The "will of the people" can be manufactured - just ask Goering. Maedhros Sep 2014 #22
Yes, manufactured consent exists but not in this instance. DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #24
I don't believe that there is anywhere enough evidence for anyone to claim Maedhros Sep 2014 #30
I don't. clg311 Sep 2014 #21
One of the reasons my hair isn't on fire over events "over there" -- IdaBriggs Sep 2014 #23
Obviously, I strongly oppose his plans re ISIS, but that said I have a great deal of sympathy cali Sep 2014 #25
As do I. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2014 #26
good God where did unrec go? Doctor_J Sep 2014 #27
??? DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #32
I stand with Wall Street. el_bryanto Sep 2014 #28
Same here, easily. JoePhilly Sep 2014 #29
"...apparently some of them are very upset with you." DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #33
You got it madokie Sep 2014 #31
not me. Not only do I not support military action in Syria, I am pissed at what is liberal_at_heart Sep 2014 #34
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