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Sun Sep 14, 2014, 01:00 PM Sep 2014

Does today's Democratic Party speak for you? [View all]

I'm not encouraging anyone to switch affiliation - for one thing, there's no better alternative. But I am curious as to how many folks feel at home in our party, vs. feeling like strangers.

As a favor... Please keep this kicked so we get a good sample.


95 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I feel very comfortable with today's Democratic Party
2 (2%)
I mostly feel comfortable with today's Democratic Party, but would like to see some changes
5 (5%)
There are a few elected Democrats that I like, but the Party as a whole is disappointing
64 (67%)
The Party is a disaster
20 (21%)
Other (please elaborate)
4 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Other... Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2014 #1
Wonderful quotes, Tierra_y_Libertad. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #30
Perfect! nt adirondacker Sep 2014 #48
I think I like your answer best of all. woo me with science Sep 2014 #91
+1,000 Scuba Sep 2014 #103
I'm comfortable with the parts of the party Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #2
I wish you could "like" posts here Depaysement Sep 2014 #43
Welcome to DU, Depaysement! calimary Sep 2014 #74
Thank you for the hello! Depaysement Sep 2014 #84
I had changed my affiliation to Democrat after Obama's election. Maedhros Sep 2014 #65
The question is Does anyone speak for me oldandhappy Sep 2014 #3
Make that two of us that feel that way. n/t A Simple Game Sep 2014 #23
Do you speak to the Democratic Party? duhneece Sep 2014 #53
yes yes and yes, smile oldandhappy Sep 2014 #110
Thank you. I have the hope of an old activist. duhneece Sep 2014 #152
I am disappointed, but who speaks for me more than Democrats? merrily Sep 2014 #4
I'm with you on this. The Democrats makes me despair sometimes, QC Sep 2014 #5
Democratic policies have devolved into fascism, too. woo me with science Sep 2014 #8
Well, sometimes it's a matter of ineffectual hand-wringing QC Sep 2014 #13
So you are saying we're all fascists now Progressive dog Sep 2014 #21
"So you are saying we're all fascists now" Hell no, but nice try. rhett o rick Sep 2014 #24
You took it back, so we're not fascists according to you Progressive dog Sep 2014 #31
You are tricky. You continually try to put words into the mouths of others. rhett o rick Sep 2014 #38
I just attribute their own words to them, Progressive dog Sep 2014 #51
So you think we live in a democracy where meeting the "others" part way will rhett o rick Sep 2014 #64
It's possible to compromise with most Americans, Progressive dog Sep 2014 #67
Well most Americans don't run the country. Our conservative president couldn't negotiate rhett o rick Sep 2014 #73
Holy cow, we have Democrats in Name Only, Progressive dog Sep 2014 #82
Sorry but you seemed to have gone off the edge and I am tired of playing rhett o rick Sep 2014 #85
"You continually try to put words into the mouths of others." QC Sep 2014 #95
Spot on. Perfect translation. woo me with science Sep 2014 #102
Yes exactly. Also, if you'll notice, they ask a lot of insinuating questions and rarely if ever rhett o rick Sep 2014 #109
Yep! n/t QC Sep 2014 #111
+1 woo me with science Sep 2014 #127
+2 bobthedrummer Sep 2014 #153
I bet a progressive cat would not have done that. n/t bobduca Sep 2014 #71
I think someone doesn't understand what the word "progressive" means. rhett o rick Sep 2014 #76
I think some people use that word as protective coloration. QC Sep 2014 #97
I very much noticed. I am glad others notice also. nm rhett o rick Sep 2014 #107
It happens way too frequently, and it is painfully obvious. nt stillwaiting Sep 2014 #132
It's a pretty amusing phenomenon MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #135
No, "we" most certainly are not all fascists. I'm certainly not. woo me with science Sep 2014 #33
How does having fascist policies differ from being fascist? Progressive dog Sep 2014 #46
Silly question. IMO we are not living in a fascist state yet. However, IMO we do live in a rhett o rick Sep 2014 #69
Corptocracy, is that even word? Progressive dog Sep 2014 #78
No, what is being done to this country is not woo me with science Sep 2014 #86
The legislation coming out of government, Progressive dog Sep 2014 #149
Too true! Corporations and the 1% are not content to support Republicans against Democrats. Dustlawyer Sep 2014 #62
Amen. woo me with science Sep 2014 #88
They are going to use any means from stopping campaign contributions. I hope their efforts will Dustlawyer Sep 2014 #101
You are never going to get the exact candidate you want. merrily Sep 2014 #10
Sometimes I just about do need CPR. QC Sep 2014 #16
Exactly!!! I saw this and my immediate reaction was - "a HELLUVA lot more than the GOP does!" calimary Sep 2014 #60
I am confident Bernie will do nothing to help Republicans. merrily Sep 2014 #63
Seems to me that Hillary is the one JEB Sep 2014 #113
Mostly- if it didn't would I be on DU? TexasProgresive Sep 2014 #6
the party's set up to allow the liberals a voice and a place, but mostly to keep them pulling the MisterP Sep 2014 #7
The system is set up that way, not only the Party. merrily Sep 2014 #17
The progressive caucus is where it's at:) grahamhgreen Sep 2014 #9
They are Democrats. merrily Sep 2014 #11
Yes! Much larger than the TEA naggers, yet ignored by the media... And many Dems. grahamhgreen Sep 2014 #14
Much larger than teabaggers, but merrily Sep 2014 #15
76 strong: grahamhgreen Sep 2014 #66
But ordinary Americans don't know they exist. woo me with science Sep 2014 #92
Today's Democratic Party does a poor job of speaking for itself... kentuck Sep 2014 #12
+1 Enthusiast Sep 2014 #120
Great idea for a poll. nt adirondacker Sep 2014 #18
Plus 1 nt SomeGuyInEagan Sep 2014 #41
That's kinda assuming there's one "voice" for the party. jeff47 Sep 2014 #19
IMO ...there are 3 parties. Republicans, Democrats and ..............Centrists. L0oniX Sep 2014 #20
I'd say, but more accurate would be... vi5 Sep 2014 #26
"Centrists" BlindTiresias Sep 2014 #27
I'd say Democrats, Republicans, and the John Birch Society RufusTFirefly Sep 2014 #42
Well, at the risk of annoying by posting this yet AGAIN, woo me with science Sep 2014 #96
By all means please keep up the annoying! L0oniX Sep 2014 #98
kick phantom power Sep 2014 #22
the state of the democratic party is awful. nt xchrom Sep 2014 #25
Same old thing Eatacig Sep 2014 #28
Good catch! Manny is a notorious right-winger RufusTFirefly Sep 2014 #36
Damnit, Manny! They're on to you ... SomeGuyInEagan Sep 2014 #44
Bastards. MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #68
Prove it n/t leftstreet Sep 2014 #40
Au contraire MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #99
I like grassroots Democrats and I support Democratic Principles rhett o rick Sep 2014 #29
That captures a part of it for me SomeGuyInEagan Sep 2014 #47
It certainly speaks for more people than it would have in the past YoungDemCA Sep 2014 #32
I am a Democrat... Dr Hobbitstein Sep 2014 #34
There's a serious disconnect between the rank and file and the leadership RufusTFirefly Sep 2014 #35
I'm disappointed but I'd much rather see Democrats in power than Republicans. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #37
I almost went with "The Party is a disaster"... 99Forever Sep 2014 #39
Voted with the overwhelming majority. City Lights Sep 2014 #45
This am I watched Tom Harkin locks Sep 2014 #49
Other, of course Warpy Sep 2014 #50
As DU polls go, this one is getting a good number of responses. merrily Sep 2014 #52
Today's DU doesn't speak for me still_one Sep 2014 #54
How so? MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #79
You are always so polite Manny. It was just my way of saying that folks should be critical thinkers still_one Sep 2014 #114
I wish the Democratic Party used science and statistics for policies. ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #55
+1 Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #81
Woo me with science, ZombieHorde! woo me with science Sep 2014 #90
The 21,000 hungry dying might be undeserving based on their boot strap performance. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #121
There's two so I went with a few, but I agree the party is a disaster. Autumn Sep 2014 #56
impossible to fix this as it is..2 parties, owned by money for the most part and corrupt to the core xiamiam Sep 2014 #57
Yes, Manny, the Party speaks for me. Jackpine Radical Sep 2014 #58
K & R MoreGOPoop Sep 2014 #59
Other. H2O Man Sep 2014 #61
On the edge of "Party is a disaster" BlindTiresias Sep 2014 #70
I can't say "disaster". Feral Child Sep 2014 #72
The party has done a crappy job with messaging, especially since Wasserman-Shultz became chair MerryBlooms Sep 2014 #75
+1 You nailed it. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #123
Mario Cuomo's Son is a Quintessential example of what happened . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #77
Amen! QC Sep 2014 #100
Precisely. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #122
+1000 orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #140
They speak for me rock Sep 2014 #80
Air strikes are aggressive . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #141
Actually, I speak for the Party..... brooklynite Sep 2014 #83
Talk about what and with whom ? orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #87
The head of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee... brooklynite Sep 2014 #115
Perhaps you can give us some advice then. MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #117
Through what means do you talk with the DSCC? Enthusiast Sep 2014 #124
Actually, they do... brooklynite Sep 2014 #130
Oh. So because you have donated they called you up to discuss the issues? Enthusiast Sep 2014 #131
But surely, his contributions are $50 here, $25 there MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #137
I can no longer afford much. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #139
Internet forums, by their nature, are apolitical. joshcryer Sep 2014 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #142
Nope. The Party is a disaster. (nt) bigwillq Sep 2014 #89
Other: the thought of a political party as home seems strange. Starry Messenger Sep 2014 #93
the two party system is killing this country KG Sep 2014 #94
It doesn't seem like we have two parties. Autumn Sep 2014 #106
We have two fake parties, woo me with science Sep 2014 #108
I believe you are correct. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #125
K&R minivan2 Sep 2014 #104
They speak? RagAss Sep 2014 #105
Why should it? treestar Sep 2014 #112
Why I didn't pick the "disappointing" option Jim Lane Sep 2014 #116
I realize I must seem like the least likely DUer to kick this, but I will Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2014 #118
The Democratic Party establishment is most akin to Vichy France. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #129
Let me guess... LuvNewcastle Sep 2014 #144
LOL Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2014 #147
84% disappointed or disaster grahamhgreen Sep 2014 #119
60+% haven't read the platform. joshcryer Sep 2014 #126
LOL! The question was not "Does the Dem Party Platform speak for you." merrily Sep 2014 #133
100% have seen the actions and results MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #134
Very few Dems speak for me. 840high Sep 2014 #136
I said "Mostly Comfortable" RadicalGeek Sep 2014 #138
Obama and Chomsky agree - Obama would be considered a moderate Republican bananas Sep 2014 #143
Noam Chomsky talks more like a 70's Dem, than the orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #145
More than disappointing Babel_17 Sep 2014 #146
It's better than the alternative Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #148
Bombing Syria, dragnet NSA spying, Bankster bailouts! What's not to love! nt Romulox Sep 2014 #150
No - but that is largely because we have 2 major parties. TBF Sep 2014 #151
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