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Does that mean that the guy who created that meme image Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #1
I am slow. what does frise mean? Awesome response I must say. roguevalley Sep 2014 #84
I'm going to take a guess.... Historic NY Sep 2014 #100
Well, I saw the title and thought it meant frisee lettuce betsuni Sep 2014 #119
Perhaps the meme creator is saying that dyslexics don't deserve to survive. DesertDiamond Sep 2014 #134
Afreakingmen PeaceNikki Sep 2014 #2
Wow... That is a pretty great put down. Xyzse Sep 2014 #3
Awesome rant!! Coventina Sep 2014 #4
K & R. n/t FSogol Sep 2014 #5
K&fuckingR.... daleanime Sep 2014 #6
I thought the guy who wrote the sign was being discriminatory snooper2 Sep 2014 #7
awwwww niyad Sep 2014 #13
Cute doggy! Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #20
No! 7962 Sep 2014 #43
No, you get another one. Brigid Sep 2014 #57
Actually it will prove that you are comfortable in your manliness. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #92
Well, I'll never be a parent Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #99
That's nice. Enthusiast Sep 2014 #137
Not at all! The hottest and sexiest men I know are sweet and gentle around little animals! calimary Sep 2014 #120
The thing that gets me about this meme is justiceischeap Sep 2014 #8
Maybe if he made a living wage he could help himself out. Atman Sep 2014 #9
Yet we do the same thing with "Get a brains Moran!" justiceischeap Sep 2014 #11
The guy who wrote the "Get a brains" sign is claiming superior intelligence jeff47 Sep 2014 #16
^^^ This Atman Sep 2014 #30
False Equivalence. We don't question whether the "Moran" guy should have the right to vote TalkingDog Sep 2014 #18
I gotta post it--- packman Sep 2014 #33
I think the moran guy should get a living wage. Ash_F Sep 2014 #37
"And for all you know the frise guy is a right winger." justiceischeap Sep 2014 #40
Meaning he/she could be against minimum wage. Ash_F Sep 2014 #41
I've known a couple too. Their reasoning was they did more work & deserved more than the others. 7962 Sep 2014 #44
That's rich! Ash_F Sep 2014 #45
Yep. I suggested to one that he should get moved to the front since they didnt work so hard 7962 Sep 2014 #48
Well there is a reason why we mock signs like "No Socalized Medicin" which is held madinmaryland Sep 2014 #90
This may reflect the correlation dotymed Sep 2014 #139
Dyslexia abelenkpe Sep 2014 #15
$15 accounts for productivity gains jeff47 Sep 2014 #34
Just asking. Did you count the outrageous high rents now? BlueJazz Sep 2014 #91
Yes. jeff47 Sep 2014 #122
Oh..OK....I was just wondering. (I like getting the facts straight when I "Lay into" Republicans) BlueJazz Sep 2014 #123
Amen! bobGandolf Sep 2014 #29
So, how do we know .... Quasimodem Sep 2014 #42
"...could be a product of our public school systems that emphasis testing over learning..." CrispyQ Sep 2014 #82
That's it exactly. (nt) Jackpine Radical Sep 2014 #86
They're being pushed so hard as part of a frantic minimal crew that they didn't have time to think NBachers Sep 2014 #102
Look closely at the letters on the sign. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #112
Indeed - which means they're attempting to become fluent in TWO languages, not just their calimary Sep 2014 #121
Very happy to K&R this. Should be applicable across the board bullwinkle428 Sep 2014 #10
kand r and hurrah for david. niyad Sep 2014 #12
perfect... excellent... handmade34 Sep 2014 #14
The "fair tax" actually doesnt work that way. 7962 Sep 2014 #47
Well fucking said Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #17
Nicely said, Dave Cartoonist Sep 2014 #25
a decent rant hfojvt Sep 2014 #19
Not abusive Cartoonist Sep 2014 #26
False equivalence. Ash_F Sep 2014 #38
Exactly: Tolerate everything but intolerance. knightmaar Sep 2014 #50
ah no, his statement said hfojvt Sep 2014 #76
It is not abuse Ash_F Sep 2014 #78
and everybody thinks that their OWN attack is warranted hfojvt Sep 2014 #126
This has been thoroughly explained by multiple people, including myself Ash_F Sep 2014 #135
Arrrgggg! God I hate that type of thinking. Stop it! 20score Sep 2014 #51
I hate your type of thinking too. hfojvt Sep 2014 #77
Good strategy. Remain steadfast in your reactionary wrongness! Cheers! 20score Sep 2014 #83
my point hfojvt Sep 2014 #129
On the bloody morning after, NBachers Sep 2014 #103
LOL, the old "it's abusive to call out abuse" meme. Wrong. Dead wrong. bettyellen Sep 2014 #53
+1000 baldguy Sep 2014 #89
+2000 nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #128
Can you please give me a Facebook link to this? HomerRamone Sep 2014 #21
I cannot. It's from an Imgur account. TalkingDog Sep 2014 #24
Not enough magnification on Facebook. Thanks anyway HomerRamone Sep 2014 #32
you can right click and download the file, then.... steve2470 Sep 2014 #67
I used OCR to make a text version to go with the picture. Thaks for the suggestion, though! nt HomerRamone Sep 2014 #70
This popped up in my Facebo0ok feed; I wonder if it was yours? arcane1 Sep 2014 #80
David Gerrold rocks - TBF Sep 2014 #22
I think the subject line does not do it justice - many might have no idea what it is about karynnj Sep 2014 #35
It was not that long ago that we had a vice president that did not know the plural of potato. nt logosoco Sep 2014 #23
I have no problem with that spelling, frankly. FlatStanley Sep 2014 #27
Bravo, kind sir! Bravo! ColesCountyDem Sep 2014 #28
I'm going to semi-defend Gerrold packman Sep 2014 #31
Its a software application Ruby the Liberal Sep 2014 #95
My husband made upwards of $30/hour as a CNC programmer. He was also dyslexic. ScreamingMeemie Sep 2014 #116
I looked at the sign and wondered what was wrong with it -- thinking salad bar and the green, frisee karynnj Sep 2014 #36
It too me a minute, too. randome Sep 2014 #46
I had the same response, and looked it up. Frisée, aka curly endive. Shrike47 Sep 2014 #59
I was confused to! BobbyBoring Sep 2014 #143
you nailed it. mountain grammy Sep 2014 #39
I've read a good amount of David Gerrold. His stuff is good. navarth Sep 2014 #49
He is an equal rights activist who is a hound on raising the minimum wage Ruby the Liberal Sep 2014 #96
Good to hear navarth Sep 2014 #109
Sometimes I completely forget how to spell a word. And sometimes I have to put it into google Maraya1969 Sep 2014 #52
Rather than "The GUY THAT wrote this sign" delete_bush Sep 2014 #54
Yes. Brigid Sep 2014 #60
Thanks! delete_bush Sep 2014 #79
I'm going to bet that guy who wrote that sign is dyslexic. MADem Sep 2014 #55
k and r...nt Stuart G Sep 2014 #56
I'm sick of the way the right-wing keeps the mantra that the poor need to Rozlee Sep 2014 #58
The majority of the workers at my local fast-food joints justiceischeap Sep 2014 #62
My parents never noticed anyone aside from Latinos working in the fields and Rozlee Sep 2014 #65
Social Control daredtowork Sep 2014 #106
Years ago I inherited some money. I remember after a week or so of it finally sinking in. BlueJazz Sep 2014 #94
I think that's just human nature. Rozlee Sep 2014 #107
Your words ring so true. I find it comforting to see people who wake up each day with all... BlueJazz Sep 2014 #115
A most righteous rant. Brigid Sep 2014 #61
I agree wholeheartedly Warpy Sep 2014 #63
"Maybe people will start to realize just how many adults are being paid suburban teenager wages." nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #130
How does he know the manager didn't write it? rocktivity Sep 2014 #64
For all anyone knows, a manager did write that. Brigid Sep 2014 #66
No, $15/hour is clearly not enough. The GOP should immediately make him a VP at $200K/yr TrollBuster9090 Sep 2014 #68
awesome rant by Mr. Gerrold steve2470 Sep 2014 #69
Not only that rock Sep 2014 #71
IME the worst spellers in the world have masters' degrees jmowreader Sep 2014 #72
Agree 100%.. I have been proofreading for my husband for 44 years SoCalDem Sep 2014 #74
A lot of lawyers making a few hundred bucks an hour can't spell. Misskittycat Sep 2014 #114
Using "that" to describe a human being negates any possible superiority claim. displacedtexan Sep 2014 #73
I just had a facebook argument Sweet Freedom Sep 2014 #75
Good for Mr. Gerrold on putting that moran in his place. ladyVet Sep 2014 #81
that was RIGHTEOUS! BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #85
Not particularly important treestar Sep 2014 #87
Hey, spelling is important. Just as Wisconsin Governer (sic) Scott Walker! Scuba Sep 2014 #88
Preach it! shenmue Sep 2014 #93
Loved it AuntPatsy Sep 2014 #97
Entitled douchebags complaining about a harmless sign, they could kindly offer to correct it whereisjustice Sep 2014 #98
Everyone needs to watch this video and listen very close. Milliesmom Sep 2014 #101
Why can't I think on my feet like that??? ret5hd Sep 2014 #104
He left off the final letter in frisee? MineralMan Sep 2014 #105
As a special education teacher with a reading specialist certificate, his spelling is not as bad as wcast Sep 2014 #108
Was probably management. n/t tazkcmo Sep 2014 #110
I dont know if I'd pay 15 an hour for the crap photoshop job that switched the "S" and "E" Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #111
Um... what don't you buy? That somebody would create a piece of propaganda to prove a point? TalkingDog Sep 2014 #117
Look closely at the allegedly misspelled sign itself. Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #125
I did seem to notice some blurring/pixelation that would indicate a Photoshop job. nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #131
I fully realize it's not worth this level of conspiratorial overthinking. That said... Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #136
I wouldn't be surprised. n/t nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #138
it doesnt look shopped to me. mopinko Sep 2014 #142
I spent a grand total of five seconds on mine. If I was trying to put something over on Warren DeMontague Sep 2014 #144
Totally Agree! bluedeer71 Sep 2014 #113
apart from all the other considerations mentioned here, I will add one more: the number niyad Sep 2014 #118
Right Wingers talk like a job,...ANY job is a cure all.... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2014 #124
"There are no freakin' french fries!" R. P. McMurphy Sep 2014 #127
Maybe he meant little old ME: WinkyDink Sep 2014 #132
My thoughts exactly, said better than I could. To David: MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! And a HUG!!! DesertDiamond Sep 2014 #133
How about the manager that approved the sign? marym625 Sep 2014 #140
It probably was the manager who wrote it. B Calm Sep 2014 #141
k&r for David's response and for labor. n/t Laelth Sep 2014 #145
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