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Tue Oct 14, 2014, 04:52 AM Oct 2014

According to your values, is illegally downloading a song, TV show, or movie immoral? [View all]

For example, downloading a song off Youtube.

38 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, illegal downloads are immoral.
17 (45%)
No, illegal downloads are not immoral.
20 (53%)
I used to be a pinball champion, but that was before...the incident.
1 (3%)
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Can you even download a song from youtube? bravenak Oct 2014 #1
Yes. Any youtube video can be downloaded as an mp3. nt ZombieHorde Oct 2014 #2
Oh. I never even knew that. bravenak Oct 2014 #3
I know how to download mp4s, can't download mp3s anymore. If the material is copyrighted or the freshwest Oct 2014 #9
I should try that next time I want to watch something. bravenak Oct 2014 #12
Well, I still wouldn't download a Hollywood kind of movie. And I've got tons of DVDs that I bought freshwest Oct 2014 #125
Virtually all material on the internet is protected by copyright - Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #67
Not sure what you mean by downloading a song off of YouTube. Live and Learn Oct 2014 #4
Bandwidth limits? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #60
No (as to assuming it is legal) Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #70
YouTube removes copyrighted material when it knows about it Live and Learn Oct 2014 #77
You Tube is protecting itself when it takes down the material. Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #94
I wish I knew how to download something from YouTube... countryjake Oct 2014 #5
It is easy really. TM99 Oct 2014 #7
Thanks for that. countryjake Oct 2014 #19
Yup, it's highly annoying when my playlists suddenly have that Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #62
if you google "video downloaders" dixiegrrrrl Oct 2014 #17
I'm having a "doh" moment, here. countryjake Oct 2014 #23
Not all vids can be downloaded there, but most can. dixiegrrrrl Oct 2014 #26
The video I'd like to save isn't music or a movie or show... countryjake Oct 2014 #27
I don't lose sleep over it JonLP24 Oct 2014 #6
actually very easy whatthehey Oct 2014 #65
Like a minor traffic violation get the red out Oct 2014 #8
Depends. Do they offer me a way to pay for it? Recursion Oct 2014 #10
As an added plug, there are lots of sites with all Creative Commons music, which is legal Recursion Oct 2014 #11
Creative Commons is a great tool for artists when the marketing industry has rejected them. hunter Oct 2014 #128
Your question brings up other questions. Jenoch Oct 2014 #13
I have downloaded things that are no longer available hobbit709 Oct 2014 #14
Immoral if a legal download is available for sale. Nye Bevan Oct 2014 #15
Best answer! tblue Oct 2014 #107
Yes. n/t Mugu Oct 2014 #16
It's stealing. Is that immoral? badtoworse Oct 2014 #18
Some how I knew the morality police would have showed up by now davidpdx Oct 2014 #24
Morality police? What makes intellectual property different than any other kind of property? badtoworse Oct 2014 #33
If it is being for your own use and not being sold there is no theft davidpdx Oct 2014 #34
So it's OK to break into someone's house and steal stuff as long as you don't fence it? badtoworse Oct 2014 #36
Well, one thing that makes it different is that stealing a physical object means taking it away DanTex Oct 2014 #40
Unless the owner of the IP has authorized its duplication, you are taking something from him. badtoworse Oct 2014 #43
Not really. You have to admit there's a difference between physically stealing something DanTex Oct 2014 #50
There are differences in the examples you gave, but all of them are wrong. badtoworse Oct 2014 #59
Maybe. I'm just saying that it's different from physical theft. DanTex Oct 2014 #75
See Post 82. I think it's easier to just respect the wishes of the IP owner badtoworse Oct 2014 #84
I don't see this as an "ethical pretzel". I think it's a good thing to reason things out in detail. DanTex Oct 2014 #98
Thanks. Looks like a good read. badtoworse Oct 2014 #101
You're welcome. DanTex Oct 2014 #114
Interesting article and a good analysis badtoworse Oct 2014 #153
If the song is no longer being sold anywhere, then ask permission of the owner of the rights. Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #95
You're only depriving the craftsman of payment if you would have been willing to pay otherwise. DanTex Oct 2014 #112
The choice of distribution model is not yours to make - Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #140
The difference seems to be that mythology Oct 2014 #88
Just to add, in college, pretty much everyone I knew copied songs without authorization. DanTex Oct 2014 #52
Now you are just rationalizing badtoworse Oct 2014 #64
What I'm doing is reasoning. Reasoning is important. DanTex Oct 2014 #73
I think we've gone as far with this one as we can. badtoworse Oct 2014 #82
Plus, of course, the reality shown by actual scientific studies Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #66
The artist may choose to let his/her song be used for free to gain exposure Ms. Toad Oct 2014 #96
What if someone takes a picture of artwork? phil89 Oct 2014 #151
I think it depends. badtoworse Oct 2014 #154
Yes, because I make a habit of breaking into houses davidpdx Oct 2014 #42
What an erudite response. badtoworse Oct 2014 #45
it is copying, not stealing! wildbilln864 Oct 2014 #119
Again, my suggestion is that you read up on IP Law and understand what the IP owner has authorized. badtoworse Oct 2014 #122
Like the guy who took my car for his own use. Kaleva Oct 2014 #135
One very basic difference whatthehey Oct 2014 #47
Who owns the door? badtoworse Oct 2014 #48
The person who originally paid. Who owns the CD or DVD uploaded? Same answer in a sane world. whatthehey Oct 2014 #55
My suggestion is that you read up on IP Law. badtoworse Oct 2014 #63
People are not disagreeing with you as to what laws ARE. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #72
precisely. spanone Oct 2014 #97
Well, it's not stealing, certainly Recursion Oct 2014 #143
it's stealing money from the copyright holder nothing less. spanone Oct 2014 #148
By that logic Microsoft is "stealing" my income by making server products... Recursion Oct 2014 #149
How do you know the person phil89 Oct 2014 #152
The Merriam-Webster definition of stealing sure fits badtoworse Oct 2014 #150
Report: Album Piracy May Help Musicians Sell baldguy Oct 2014 #20
I got a round of applause in a theater after the advertisement... GummyBearz Oct 2014 #21
No kidding davidpdx Oct 2014 #25
I would have clapped for you. bigwillq Oct 2014 #85
Are you aware of how many people work in the industry that brings the movie to your theatre? Beaverhausen Oct 2014 #103
Capitalism is immoral - TBF Oct 2014 #22
^^^This^^^ Tom Ripley Oct 2014 #44
I was trying to think of a reply to the OP, but now I d have to. johnp3907 Oct 2014 #49
Artists should be government employees. Art should be government approved and funded. FrodosPet Oct 2014 #54
Well, that's why you need very high marginal rates on massive incomes. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #74
Why? JonLP24 Oct 2014 #80
You mean like in the erstwhile Third Reich or Soviet Union? Because that is what one gets. WinkyDink Oct 2014 #105
Organized Theft on a Global Scale Octafish Oct 2014 #61
I hope you grow your own food. Manufacture your own cloth and turn it into clothing. KittyWampus Oct 2014 #110
I hope you are well paid. nt TBF Oct 2014 #111
What's an "illegal download?" MADem Oct 2014 #28
I live outside the US davidpdx Oct 2014 #29
Because tv shows are like food joeglow3 Oct 2014 #92
Downloading is not illegal. Sharing a downloaded file is illegal. randome Oct 2014 #30
+1 davidpdx Oct 2014 #35
You indicate illegal downloads as opposed to legal downloads? liberal N proud Oct 2014 #31
if it is available through legal means then yes CBGLuthier Oct 2014 #32
This is the best answer. Bluenorthwest Oct 2014 #39
Seems Iggy Pop is torn but sympathetic to pirates. gvstn Oct 2014 #37
No (nt) bigwillq Oct 2014 #38
Not if the artist is dead Tom Ripley Oct 2014 #41
The strange thing about some of the 'Yes' responses... randome Oct 2014 #46
Apparently, Millennials are against capitalism... FrodosPet Oct 2014 #69
It is teft so i say yes it is immoral. hrmjustin Oct 2014 #51
"Breakin' the law, breakin' the law..." panader0 Oct 2014 #53
I voted no. I'm 51. whatthehey Oct 2014 #57
I voted no and I'm 53 FLPanhandle Oct 2014 #78
Not enough nuance, the option I ould go with is Erich Bloodaxe BSN Oct 2014 #56
Theft is Theft. Octafish Oct 2014 #58
I'll first make a fair effort to buy it at a fair price, but... FLPanhandle Oct 2014 #68
I did a paper on this in college tabbycat31 Oct 2014 #71
Really? You only have 64 gig of music? randome Oct 2014 #86
According to my itunes I have exactly 12 tabbycat31 Oct 2014 #93
If said work of art is readily available for purchase... NCTraveler Oct 2014 #76
Fuck artists and musicians trying to earn a living. I don't like paying for shit. Throd Oct 2014 #79
Money contaminates everything it touches with immorality. But I would say it's unethical. hunter Oct 2014 #81
There are small crimes and big crimes el_bryanto Oct 2014 #83
Depends on what you mean by "illegal". Dr. Strange Oct 2014 #87
yes, but i am not religious so i dont think all immorality is at the same level of sin. La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2014 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2014 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2014 #89
No. Xithras Oct 2014 #99
I no longer steal music, now that a viable product is available. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2014 #100
I can think of no crime so heartless, so cruel so sinister than illegally downloading a song, Douglas Carpenter Oct 2014 #102
Let me ponder....."Illegally...." If only I could find the definition...... WinkyDink Oct 2014 #104
"Legal" and "Moral" have no relation to each other. KentuckyWoman Oct 2014 #106
This is my favorite reply in this thread. ZombieHorde Oct 2014 #144
It's not a black and white issue. vi5 Oct 2014 #108
there is a huge opportunity for artists to put works into the Public Domain KurtNYC Oct 2014 #109
I went with "other." Chan790 Oct 2014 #113
Piracy kills. NuclearDem Oct 2014 #115
Yes, but not very. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Oct 2014 #116
Might be... But, I genuinely don't care. LostInAnomie Oct 2014 #117
Do you think every person who works at or supports the record companies is a highly paid exec? Beaverhausen Oct 2014 #118
Like I said: Don't care. LostInAnomie Oct 2014 #120
you missed the point completely Beaverhausen Oct 2014 #124
downloadhelper! n/t wildbilln864 Oct 2014 #121
Here's an informative video to help people decide: kentauros Oct 2014 #123
what's immoral is to refuse to provide for free something that can be easily distributed for free. unblock Oct 2014 #126
Is recording a song from the radio, or a TV show to DVR, immoral? Spider Jerusalem Oct 2014 #127
I'd say that, in hindsight, we can reasonably say that home taping did NOT kill music. Maedhros Oct 2014 #129
You need another choice, "I say immoral, but I voted for stealing anyway." Rex Oct 2014 #130
Nope. I believe art is part of the public domain and shouldn't be held hostage by huge media conglom cbdo2007 Oct 2014 #131
I Voted Yes ProfessorGAC Oct 2014 #132
Not at present tuhaybey Oct 2014 #133
Depends MillennialDem Oct 2014 #134
This thread brings up another question tabbycat31 Oct 2014 #136
Personally I do not feel this is a bad thing. Glassunion Oct 2014 #139
Actually I don't see any issues with that. KentuckyWoman Oct 2014 #155
Me, personally: Blue_Tires Oct 2014 #137
I had a very brief carreer as an artist in the music industry and file sharing killed it. Glassunion Oct 2014 #138
I think it is every bit as reprehensible as masturbation. nt bemildred Oct 2014 #141
lol Chimeradog Oct 2014 #142
I attend 15-20 concerts every year. U4ikLefty Oct 2014 #145
It probably depends on who you ask. hughee99 Oct 2014 #146
Saw Tom Petty last Tuesday. U4ikLefty Oct 2014 #147
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