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52. Reads like a more detailed version of the rationalizations I read right here.
Sat Oct 25, 2014, 02:12 PM
Oct 2014

Obama can only sign bills, Obama is handcuffed by Congressional Republicans Or the classic "if you expect more from Obama you must want a dictator . . . or a KING".

Perhaps the author is not considering another possibility. Obama's goal from the very start was to be a caretaker president who just wanted to re-establish the status quo in a time of crisis.

He's satisfied with his work as president. He preserved the existing system and many many fortunes and followed the neoliberal economic playbook to the letter.

As a finishing touch on his second term he can sign the TPP and put together a grand bargain with the help of a Republican congress. Maybe that's why he seems to be mailing it in right now. His job is done.

"Obama and the End of Greatness" [View all] MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 OP
Are your Ready for Mediocrity, 2016? NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #1
I can guarantee that Pres. Warren will not be mediocre. MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #3
Quite the opposite, indeed! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #4
She won't be elected Prs is 2016, so we'll never know... Adrahil Oct 2014 #19
Good question Andy823 Oct 2014 #53
Your posts often remind me of the late Bill Hicks, in a good way Electric Monk Oct 2014 #2
Oops, this is the clip I meant to post, but they're both good so I'll leave that earlier one. Electric Monk Oct 2014 #5
He's better looking and smarter than me MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #8
This looks like a good thread and I want to get in on it underpants Oct 2014 #6
Oops, here it is MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #7
The minute a President actually seems to be bringing change, Americans slam the brakes Algernon Moncrieff Oct 2014 #9
Sounds like Shesol is laying the groundwork for Clinton distancing herself. joshcryer Oct 2014 #10
Yep, the Clinton's are just all over apathy and hubris. nt bemildred Oct 2014 #11
I agree madokie Oct 2014 #12
... Scuba Oct 2014 #13
There are those who look at things the way they are, MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #14
I am glad to see we think alike. nt bemildred Oct 2014 #40
Seek immediate help MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #49
There are those who look at things the way they are and ask "How can I make a buck off it?" nt bemildred Oct 2014 #39
Hey, the Age of America is over... TreasonousBastard Oct 2014 #15
Don't despair Manny; history is unpredictable DerekG Oct 2014 #16
I don't see a problem with that treestar Oct 2014 #17
When were we so great to begin with? geek tragedy Oct 2014 #18
There is a persistent myth of... Adrahil Oct 2014 #21
Washington, Lincoln, FDR MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #23
You listed war time presidents. geek tragedy Oct 2014 #26
Washington and Lincoln made war. MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #35
And WWII had nothing to do with his legacy geek tragedy Oct 2014 #36
In FDR's first term, unemployment halved MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #38
Fuzzy math . geek tragedy Oct 2014 #50
We need a great media more than a great president. CJCRANE Oct 2014 #20
Correction: it's not a short story, and it's written by (not about) a Clinton staffer. ucrdem Oct 2014 #22
I meant "the short story" as compared to the "long story" MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #24
Story means fiction. This is a tendentious essay, written by an interested party. nt ucrdem Oct 2014 #25
Are you deliberately being difficult? RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #30
Not in a publication that routinely publishes fiction. ucrdem Oct 2014 #31
You must not be a regular reader. RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #41
The term in the OP is "short story" and it means fiction in any context. ucrdem Oct 2014 #45
I bet you think a small businessman is a midget, too. RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #46
Well. MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #34
Comes with the season, I guess RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #43
Sounds like a lame riff on "The End of History" MADem Oct 2014 #27
I don't believe the Great Man theory of history -- with one exception: RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #28
You must be a Marxist! n/t QC Oct 2014 #32
Sure! RufusTFirefly Oct 2014 #44
. . .and let's not forget "Lenin", either. . . DinahMoeHum Oct 2014 #54
This Esquire article does a great job describing how bollixed up we are BeyondGeography Oct 2014 #29
I believe historians will judge Obama as a truly great president awake Oct 2014 #33
You Better Believe It! n/t JTFrog Oct 2014 #37
Damn!! Beat me to it! nt msanthrope Oct 2014 #42
Ouch. nt MannyGoldstein Oct 2014 #48
I would like to think that after these mid-terms cilla4progress Oct 2014 #47
" Impeachment isn't on the table " was the end of greatness. orpupilofnature57 Oct 2014 #51
Reads like a more detailed version of the rationalizations I read right here. pa28 Oct 2014 #52
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