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Fri Oct 31, 2014, 07:05 AM Oct 2014

Poll on police abuse of power [View all]

I posted a question a couple days ago asking if anyone has been a victim of abuse by the police. It was suggested that "who hasn't been" would be easier. Probably would have had fewer responses.

I am curious to see numbers on what type of abuse, etc. Since it isn't possible to create sub-responses in polls, I will do my best to create one that is as specified as possible. I am unable to include if the initial contact was even legal and many other important factors, I would still like to see the high level answers.

Abuse doesn't mean physical abuse only. It is any wrong doing by the police. Even for being pulled over for driving while black or driving while pretty. If there was no legal reason to be pulled over, that is an abuse of power

The first 5 are specifically for people of color. 6 through 10 for white people

Sexual abuse specifically: If you were a victim of abuse because of some cop getting off on his power over you for sexual reasons, whether it went as far as physical abuse (seems strip searches are pretty common) or if there was no physical abuse, please respond to the sexual abuse question and not the physical abuse question.

I wish I could create sub responses. I also wish I could include sexual orientation. But those are not possible with only 10 answers allowed.

Please feel free to elaborate in replies. Obviously, the poll responses cannot possibly cover reasons, the end results, the degree of the abuse or if it went further than the police contact, like an arrest, conviction, a lawsuit, etc

Thank you for your participation

I also would appreciate a rec just for exposure. I am just trying to make sure this is seen by as many possible. I don't know what other way to make that happen except for recs. Thanks for considering


29 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Never been victim of any abuse POC
4 (14%)
Power abuse but no physical altercation POC
2 (7%)
Sexual abuse POC
0 (0%)
Physical abuse POC
0 (0%)
No physical abuse but gun drawn POC
0 (0%)
Never been victim of any abuse WP
3 (10%)
Power abuse but no physical altercation WP
15 (52%)
Sexual abuse WP
1 (3%)
Physical abuse WP
3 (10%)
No physical abuse but gun drawn WP
1 (3%)
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Poll on police abuse of power [View all] marym625 Oct 2014 OP
I'd say being dared to take a swing at a CHP, with two CHPs present, is abusive. NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #1
Yep. Counts in my book. marym625 Oct 2014 #2
I've been lucky and only had a half-dozen encounters rock Oct 2014 #3
That's lucky? marym625 Oct 2014 #9
It's a tough question for me JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #4
sexual abuse POC marym625 Oct 2014 #12
I complained JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #23
That's another thing most of us females have in common marym625 Oct 2014 #28
One was a woman! JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #43
I have had a female stalker marym625 Oct 2014 #45
No my best friend was still in the closet JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #66
women can be nuts! marym625 Oct 2014 #68
My very first .. sendero Oct 2014 #5
Yeah, being an asshole marym625 Oct 2014 #13
without going into too many details.. sendero Oct 2014 #14
Oh yeah marym625 Oct 2014 #15
I was offering it... sendero Oct 2014 #21
Thank you marym625 Oct 2014 #27
Abuse of power, no physical altercation WP - nt KingCharlemagne Oct 2014 #6
Gun drawn on me once but I don't count it as abuse. Jokerman Oct 2014 #7
I can't imagine marym625 Oct 2014 #10
Well, I was armed at the time. Jokerman Oct 2014 #29
WOW marym625 Oct 2014 #35
Scumbags, Dirtbags, Garbage otohara Oct 2014 #8
Damn marym625 Oct 2014 #11
Been the victim of a conspiracy by the local school board and state's attorney office. Ykcutnek Oct 2014 #16
wow! that's a first I have seen here marym625 Oct 2014 #18
Stopped for Driving While Poor in a Wealthy neighborhood once. And White in a Black one once. n/t ieoeja Oct 2014 #17
yep those happen marym625 Oct 2014 #19
Physical abuse. Lots of it, many times, over many years. Iggo Oct 2014 #20
I'm so sorry. Truly marym625 Oct 2014 #30
every road check is abuse of "power" ileus Oct 2014 #22
It sure is marym625 Oct 2014 #31
Small county, many LEOs three main routes... ileus Oct 2014 #44
YIKES! I've never come across one. n/t marym625 Oct 2014 #47
Agreed. I can't stand those and we have them all the time too. nt Live and Learn Oct 2014 #62
One important thing to keep in mind with this poll is social status me b zola Oct 2014 #24
Yes, true statement marym625 Oct 2014 #32
DU is largely upper middle class? I did not know that--I guess I should've read the TOS more Stardust Oct 2014 #72
There have been several polls over the years reflecting the percentages of ecconomic representation me b zola Nov 2014 #83
The poll seems to disagree with you joeglow3 Nov 2014 #92
I'm a little surprised at the numbers myself marym625 Nov 2014 #119
I doubt we are mostly upper middle class. Chemisse Nov 2014 #85
WP, been cuffed, while they also cuffed my friend (POC) bigwillq Oct 2014 #25
Damn. I just don't understand marym625 Oct 2014 #33
I am white and working/middle class so only a couple of times. hifiguy Oct 2014 #26
I love prosecutors like that! marym625 Oct 2014 #34
Just ASKING Mr Dixon Oct 2014 #36
I can marym625 Oct 2014 #37
Oh bigwillq Oct 2014 #38
Your assumption is correct POC = Person of Color and WP = White Person marym625 Oct 2014 #39
No. I didn't make any assumptions about your race. bigwillq Oct 2014 #40
Thanks, I was confused n/t marym625 Oct 2014 #41
PS marym625 Oct 2014 #42
Middle class white woman here -- received physical but no sexual abuse. nt ancianita Oct 2014 #46
I'm sorry. marym625 Oct 2014 #49
Turned out okay because I'm the one that won that strip search case.The poll is a great idea, thanks ancianita Oct 2014 #51
I KNEW I knew your name marym625 Oct 2014 #53
I am considering strip seaches sexual abuses marym625 Oct 2014 #56
I was torn. I can see both sides of the claim but would rather give benefit of the doubt, since it ancianita Oct 2014 #60
oh. marym625 Oct 2014 #61
Nah, there weren't any in the late seventies. ancianita Oct 2014 #63
That's when it happened to me marym625 Oct 2014 #65
Yeah, I saw nothing at the 11th and State Women's Lockup. ancianita Oct 2014 #67
OH FUN PLACE!! yikes. Thanks n/t marym625 Oct 2014 #69
Pulled over for bogus reasons, also had one harass me after I said I didn't recognize a street name uppityperson Oct 2014 #48
That's exactly why I posted this marym625 Oct 2014 #50
Yes, indeed, and very much so. Another instance, one summer evening around 10 pm, uppityperson Oct 2014 #52
I would rec this if I could marym625 Oct 2014 #54
+1 nt Live and Learn Oct 2014 #64
stupidty+gun= heaven05 Nov 2014 #84
I fully expected to be. I was getting bored doing variations of "I am sorry, sir" but no way was uppityperson Nov 2014 #93
Well, there was the one time... Scootaloo Oct 2014 #55
Holy crap! marym625 Oct 2014 #58
Back when I was a hippie, I used to get pulled over for stealing my lob1 Oct 2014 #57
I remember that kind of thing happening marym625 Oct 2014 #59
Which time? Glassunion Oct 2014 #70
Oh my marym625 Oct 2014 #71
DWSB, Broward County Fla Bonx Oct 2014 #73
I certainly heard about it marym625 Nov 2014 #74
I've only gotten a ticket sakabatou Nov 2014 #75
Should you have though? n/t marym625 Nov 2014 #76
Possibly, as I was given the wrong ticket for the train sakabatou Nov 2014 #77
uhm, what? n/t marym625 Nov 2014 #80
I was a lot younger sakabatou Nov 2014 #88
Do you want to explain marym625 Nov 2014 #91
As far as I know, it wasn't sakabatou Nov 2014 #100
Fort Lauderdale FL Marrah_G Nov 2014 #78
Damn! marym625 Nov 2014 #81
No- I spent the weekend in jail Marrah_G Nov 2014 #99
lots of power abuse heaven05 Nov 2014 #79
of course it counts marym625 Nov 2014 #82
I voted Sexual Abuse FormerOstrich Nov 2014 #86
Thank you for responding marym625 Nov 2014 #87
Marym625.... FormerOstrich Nov 2014 #95
awe! Thank you! marym625 Nov 2014 #97
As a black kid, riding a bike he bought with his own money, in a predominantly white neighborhood MrScorpio Nov 2014 #89
I really hate seeing so much hate against kids marym625 Nov 2014 #90
I had to call the cops Aerows Nov 2014 #94
Just keep being amazed at the audacity marym625 Nov 2014 #96
I'm a petite blonde woman Aerows Nov 2014 #98
Several minor incidents neeksgeek Nov 2014 #101
That's a great deal of crap! marym625 Nov 2014 #102
POC v. WP antiquie Nov 2014 #103
no. marym625 Nov 2014 #104
Before 9/11 antiquie Nov 2014 #105
I am so sorry marym625 Nov 2014 #106
Back when I was a hippie chick antiquie Nov 2014 #107
sure has marym625 Nov 2014 #109
I do consider myself lucky antiquie Nov 2014 #112
Me too. n/t marym625 Nov 2014 #115
edit deleting, I figured it out GummyBearz Nov 2014 #108
Did I miss something? marym625 Nov 2014 #110
np GummyBearz Nov 2014 #114
Thank you. n/t marym625 Nov 2014 #116
although i am POC, i am not black, and in this case it matters. La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2014 #111
It's more about what anyone who isn't a white person marym625 Nov 2014 #113
three times i have been drawn on tapermaker Nov 2014 #117
Oh my goodness! marym625 Nov 2014 #118
Maybe a gun drawn, and a murder. Bradical79 Nov 2014 #120
I am so very sorry marym625 Nov 2014 #121
Thanks, and Im not sure Bradical79 Nov 2014 #122
Wealth/ class marym625 Nov 2014 #123
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