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Lesson learned? MoonRiver Nov 2014 #1
That's because there is no lesson to learn there FBaggins Nov 2014 #2
Are you kidding don't you realize anecdotal evidence is always better than logic? HERVEPA Nov 2014 #3
I'm sure this is how the tea party souded a few years ago FBaggins Nov 2014 #6
Maybe the lesson is biglib63 Nov 2014 #7
Welcome to DU! cilla4progress Nov 2014 #39
Grimes should have said vlyons Nov 2014 #44
+1 Arkansas lost (finally) two DINOS Dont_Bogart_the_Pretzel Nov 2014 #55
After Ross bragged (on a commercial) that he voted against Obamacare... Blanks Nov 2014 #78
how dare you insult weasels! vlyons Nov 2014 #134
I dare say that any candidate with a set of weasels is not likely to win. Thor_MN Nov 2014 #140
You at least have to make the D stand for something more than A Simple Game Nov 2014 #54
^^^^^ marions ghost Nov 2014 #77
+1000 blackspade Nov 2014 #119
But it turned out, those races weren't close at all, except for HoosierRadical Nov 2014 #11
And that worked out so well for them. MoonRiver Nov 2014 #14
Missing from that claim is any evidence that it would have been better FBaggins Nov 2014 #25
Well the results could not have been worse. MoonRiver Nov 2014 #38
Maybe Obama is NOT the only Democrat in the world hfojvt Nov 2014 #40
She made a horrible mistake and lost, imo, because of it. MoonRiver Nov 2014 #46
neither do I hfojvt Nov 2014 #49
The fact that PO is a DINO... ReRe Nov 2014 #114
Exactly! cilla4progress Nov 2014 #41
yeah sure, Grimes lost 56% to 41% hfojvt Nov 2014 #51
Yep. cilla4progress Nov 2014 #60
Her strategy was based on coal country's anger towards Obama JonLP24 Nov 2014 #101
Of course it could have been worse.n/t FBaggins Nov 2014 #73
A different strategy... ReRe Nov 2014 #112
Yes, but the base was not inspired to vote for candidates trashing their own President. nt kelliekat44 Nov 2014 #57
And there's no evidence of that FBaggins Nov 2014 #72
Well, there is this: Qutzupalotl Nov 2014 #74
Rick Berman, whose strategy is/was... ReRe Nov 2014 #113
You haven't seen that before? FBaggins Nov 2014 #118
Your comment makes no sense here. Qutzupalotl Nov 2014 #124
Then you missed the point FBaggins Nov 2014 #125
before the election maybe, but not after. Qutzupalotl Nov 2014 #126
It's *always* before an election FBaggins Nov 2014 #128
You're assuming only Republican-lite candidates can win in moderate districts. Qutzupalotl Nov 2014 #131
Other factors in NC marions ghost Nov 2014 #79
Not convinced "all politics are local" still applies lexington filly Nov 2014 #98
clintons would be the drag PatrynXX Nov 2014 #20
Lol... and there's the problem with this line of argument FBaggins Nov 2014 #29
yeah I don't get the line of reasoning hfojvt Nov 2014 #42
Given how most of the world acts based on quotes that are thousands of years old Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #61
Truman was speaking in a day hfojvt Nov 2014 #70
There were a lot of TV ads with B. Clinton as well. Your point is very good one. spooky3 Nov 2014 #90
Ask Al Gore. zonkers Nov 2014 #32
That's what I was thinking. deurbano Nov 2014 #52
The Regpig in Michigan Wabbajack_ Nov 2014 #37
Is that true? navarth Nov 2014 #84
Probably not Dopers_Greed Nov 2014 #58
Funny that.. Thanks for the Graphic, kpete.. I mentioned Gary Peters in a post earlier as one who Cha Nov 2014 #4
Durbin in IL lunasun Nov 2014 #21
We had a good chance at getting rid of McConnell, but Grimes gave the middle finger to her base. B Calm Nov 2014 #5
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #12
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Capt. Obvious Nov 2014 #17
She was never going to win Kentucky Calista241 Nov 2014 #99
She lost because she ran as a right-wing gun totin conservative who never voted for Obama. B Calm Nov 2014 #116
That's one idea MFrohike Nov 2014 #122
She lost by 20 points because she ran as an Obama hating republican! B Calm Nov 2014 #135
Ok MFrohike Nov 2014 #137
Please explain to me how she was going to win over the racist white voters B Calm Nov 2014 #141
You're a hoot MFrohike Nov 2014 #142
. B Calm Nov 2014 #144
! MFrohike Nov 2014 #149
K&R ReRe Nov 2014 #8
yep. BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2014 #9
She not only let her state down... ReRe Nov 2014 #15
What does Grimes defeat for Senate have to do with KyNect onenote Nov 2014 #83
How does her defeat affect KyNect/ACA? ReRe Nov 2014 #87
Your passion is admirable. But you don't make a lot of sense onenote Nov 2014 #103
Thank you for your opinion... ReRe Nov 2014 #105
You're opinion might carry some more weight if was backed up by any facts onenote Nov 2014 #106
Do YOU live in KY? ReRe Nov 2014 #110
I don't. But I have a personal dislike for McConnell too. onenote Nov 2014 #121
Yep. HoosierRadical Nov 2014 #13
Agreed LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #28
I agree (in theory) with what you are saying. dotymed Nov 2014 #68
Like Dukakis and the Tank... SomethingFishy Nov 2014 #123
Gawd, I miss Molly Ivans. n/t ReRe Nov 2014 #130
hem allan01 Nov 2014 #10
Who gave who 2 stunning victories? n/t ReRe Nov 2014 #16
Obama gave us two stunning victories in 2008 and 2012 by winning a few Red states. ieoeja Nov 2014 #22
Uhhhh... ReRe Nov 2014 #69
This. n/t jtuck004 Nov 2014 #109
Oh get this... TRoN33 Nov 2014 #18
He wasn't a "Democrat" candidate, he was a Democrat-IC candidate!!!!! George II Nov 2014 #24
Thank you for pointing out the Limbaughism. FarPoint Nov 2014 #127
It's actually a McCarthyism, but it was also used as far back as the 1930s. It's like nails... George II Nov 2014 #133
It makes me cringe too.. FarPoint Nov 2014 #138
Shazam! Old Nick Nov 2014 #19
Michelle AND Barack Obama were in Connecticut last month.... George II Nov 2014 #23
"By the way, Christie was in Connecticut five times....hahahaha!!" Brwawawaaaaa Christie was Cha Nov 2014 #63
I actually think that Connecticut is the bluest of all the states (or close to it)... George II Nov 2014 #75
Good on Conn, George! Blue Hawaii.. I didn't realize our gov race was this close.. Cha Nov 2014 #92
Nice - the RGA dumped tens of millions in states around the country..... George II Nov 2014 #96
I know that is odd.. Was Conn ready to get rid of the last gop when Dan Malloy came along? Cha Nov 2014 #97
The last republican governer decided not to run again....it was a very strange turn of events.... George II Nov 2014 #100
Yeah, you'd think Connecticut would be at least weary of snake oil, er I mean republicons as their Cha Nov 2014 #107
This Meme..... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #26
Can your response fit onto an Capt. Obvious Nov 2014 #27
I wish... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #33
Of course he ran a great campaign and he didn't run away from the President or Obamacare. Cha Nov 2014 #64
No, it did not hurt however.... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #80
Michigan also has not forgotten what Obama did for Detroit. Barack_America Nov 2014 #104
Oh, yeah! How nice.. those who appreciate! Mahalo, B_A Cha Nov 2014 #108
What do you mean by a "split ticket" state? George II Nov 2014 #136
Do you know what SPLITTING a BALLOT LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #150
Udall in Colorado belongs right up there with Grimes when it comes to stupid and cowardly. world wide wally Nov 2014 #30
Oh wow! Sad pathetic.. thanks for that, www.. Damn! Who's bright idea was that? Can Cha Nov 2014 #65
But isn't Obama a 3rd way, DLC, Republican-lite? JoePhilly Nov 2014 #31
Umm.... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #35
What's a Progressive Moderate? JoePhilly Nov 2014 #36
Joe PHILLY.... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #56
Agree completely. JoePhilly Nov 2014 #59
Got it....and yes.... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #81
On the other hand... ReRe Nov 2014 #111
On the Other Hand.... LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #120
I'm sorry... ReRe Nov 2014 #129
No Re Re LovingA2andMI Nov 2014 #132
maybe Obama didn't want to be seen with a bunch of losers corkhead Nov 2014 #34
The only non-Dickless H. Chickenshit that ran. nt ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2014 #43
Michigan Democrat taking Koch brothers head on over Obamacare ProSense Nov 2014 #45
I like this guy.. thanks ProSense! Wow, a staunch defender of Obamacare and he won! Cha Nov 2014 #66
Republicans hit Senators voting for Obamacare as the big sin. ErikJ Nov 2014 #47
Despite a F rating from the NRA, he won big in a gun friendly state. Kaleva Nov 2014 #48
Both Stabenaw and Levin have F ratings from the NRA etherealtruth Nov 2014 #62
But Peter's did well in Michigan's red counties. Kaleva Nov 2014 #85
He did better than Schauer did etherealtruth Nov 2014 #86
Yes, Terry Lynn Land was a bad candidate. Kaleva Nov 2014 #89
That boggles the mind and I'm betting makes the NRAers queasy Cha Nov 2014 #67
Democrats in general still don't get it: Obama = victory. True Blue Door Nov 2014 #50
It is sad watching people blame Obama for the results on the 4th. Rex Nov 2014 #53
Gary Peters is not a friend of the gun voters (a large block in the state). Dawson Leery Nov 2014 #71
Infuriating the way they ran from him... randys1 Nov 2014 #76
all white people are racist Doctor_J Nov 2014 #102
We are losing because people dont care about midterms, not because one white guy on the internet randys1 Nov 2014 #117
Oregon is almost all white, just gave you one of your few Senate victories 4 Reps and a Governor Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #148
I commented on this on Twitter and... Harriety Nov 2014 #82
I can think of 3 dem incumbents that won marlene.elyse Nov 2014 #88
Grayson is a Rep, lots of Democratic Reps won. My Democratic Senator won by 20 points but Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #146
Unrec for not saying who it is Reter Nov 2014 #91
"Unrec" haha.. We political heads keep up.. and there's the link provided in the OP.. thanks for Cha Nov 2014 #93
hehe... hopemountain Nov 2014 #94
Backatcha, hopemountain! Cha Nov 2014 #95
He was a very heavy favorite oberliner Nov 2014 #115
Early in the campaign, Land lead Peters in the polls. Kaleva Nov 2014 #139
That flipped in May/June oberliner Nov 2014 #143
But Peters was vocal about his support of Obama's policies long before that Kaleva Nov 2014 #145
Good point oberliner Nov 2014 #147
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