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49. You beat the odds!
Sat Nov 8, 2014, 01:54 AM
Nov 2014

Very glad you did get something better than being a Walmart greeter...
While not what you had, you do have dignity now and some financial stability.

SAVE SAVE SAVE as much as you can!

So extremely happy for you yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #1
How the heck did you live 4 years without a job, stopbush?! Glad that's over now and Cha Nov 2014 #2
Well, my wife works part-time, so she brought in some income. stopbush Nov 2014 #39
Congrats to you and your family. riversedge Nov 2014 #51
I'm so happy for you, stopbush.. sorry it took so long to get back to you but my Cha Nov 2014 #61
I tried to find work in Hawai'i. Did a lot of phone interviews. stopbush Nov 2014 #62
I love and miss San Diego and California! :) Cha Nov 2014 #63
I am so happy for you. Sanity Claws Nov 2014 #3
Yippee!!!!! oldandhappy Nov 2014 #4
Congrats! It took me from 2009 to 2011 to find one, at age 60+ CurtEastPoint Nov 2014 #5
Congratulations. n/t ProSense Nov 2014 #6
off topic, but it looks like your moniker is going to be relevant once again. corkhead Nov 2014 #7
What a relief! dixiegrrrrl Nov 2014 #8
Very good news… Every little improvement is great... midnight Nov 2014 #9
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and your family! ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2014 #10
Congrats! bigwillq Nov 2014 #11
Congratulations! sinkingfeeling Nov 2014 #12
Congratulations deutsey Nov 2014 #13
What wonderful news, stopbush Iwillnevergiveup Nov 2014 #14
Congrats SmittynMo Nov 2014 #15
In my case, things aligned correctly. stopbush Nov 2014 #38
Best wishes to you! n/t PoliticAverse Nov 2014 #16
Congratulations!!!!! Perhaps the economy is really improving...two new jobs in my family also. kelliekat44 Nov 2014 #17
If the media heard my story, they would trumpet it as an effect of the Rs wining the Senate. stopbush Nov 2014 #56
congrats cally Nov 2014 #18
Congratulations! mnhtnbb Nov 2014 #19
Wonderful etherealtruth Nov 2014 #20
so glad to hear this. onward and upward! rurallib Nov 2014 #21
well done! big_dog Nov 2014 #22
Congratlations on never giving up. hedgehog Nov 2014 #23
that's great that you didn't give up over such a long time. Congrats. nt raccoon Nov 2014 #24
I couldn't be happier for you! WillowTree Nov 2014 #25
Congratulations. truebrit71 Nov 2014 #26
I am so happy for you. lebkuchen Nov 2014 #27
WooHoo! Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #28
congratulations and best of luck mountain grammy Nov 2014 #29
Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your good news. subterranean Nov 2014 #30
Congrats to you. Keep on Trucking lunasun Nov 2014 #31
Congrats. Moondog Nov 2014 #32
All I can say is . . . Brigid Nov 2014 #33
Blessings on you and good luck Shoonra Nov 2014 #34
Congratulations and best wishes! badtoworse Nov 2014 #35
Congrats!! El Shaman Nov 2014 #36
thank you for sharing your good news--we need all we can get! niyad Nov 2014 #37
Congratulations. Scarsdale Nov 2014 #40
Congratulations, I'm happy for you! DrewFlorida Nov 2014 #41
Best wishes to you stopbush, we are not giving up over here! joanbarnes Nov 2014 #42
As someone in a similar boat to your old one, congratulations, BUT... HomerRamone Nov 2014 #43
Really? So those who are truly suffering need to suffer even more and just give up? stopbush Nov 2014 #59
+1000 !!!! (nt) reACTIONary Nov 2014 #44
Congrats! So happy for you. nt antigop Nov 2014 #45
Good to see UglyGreed Nov 2014 #46
congratulations! magical thyme Nov 2014 #47
Glad to hear that you were able to claw past biparisan austerity. MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #48
You beat the odds! Gloria Nov 2014 #49
congrats Liberal_in_LA Nov 2014 #50
Good! Old Nick Nov 2014 #52
Yeah for you! n/t bobGandolf Nov 2014 #53
Congrats!!!! Johnny Noshoes Nov 2014 #54
Congrats! IronLionZion Nov 2014 #55
I'm glad for you treestar Nov 2014 #57
Thanks to all for the positive thoughts. stopbush Nov 2014 #58
YAY!!! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #60
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