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Tue Nov 18, 2014, 09:26 PM Nov 2014

How About a Collective THANK YOU to the Senate Dems & Indies Who VOTED NO on XLKeystone? [View all]

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Richard Casarez @richcasa
2:15 PM - 18 Nov 2014 Grapevine, TX, United States

The Obama Diary

One tiny problem.. I get 42 Senators who aren't among those who Voted Yes.. so somebody didn't Vote apparently unless I'm missing something?

Baldwin, Tammy – (D – WI)

Blumenthal, Richard – (D – CT)

Booker, Cory – (D – NJ)

Boxer, Barbara – (D – CA)

Brown, Sherrod – (D – OH)

Cantwell, Maria – (D – WA)

Cardin, Ben – (D – MD)

Coons, Christopher – (D – DE)

Durbin, Richard – (D – IL)

Feinstein, Dianne – (D – CA)

Franken, Al – (D – MN)

Gillibrand, Kirsten – (D – NY)

Harkin, Tom – (D – IA)

Heinrich, Martin – (D – NM)

Hirono, Mazie – (D – HI)

Johnson, Tim – (D – SD)

King, Angus – (I – ME)

Klobuchar, Amy – (D – MN)

Kaine, Timothy – (D – VA)

Leahy, Patrick – (D – VT)

Levin, Carl – (D – MI)

Markey, Edward – (D – MA)

Menendez, Robert – (D – NJ)

Merkley, Jeff – (D – OR)

Mikulski, Barbara – (D – MD)

Murphy, Chris – (D – CT)

Murray, Patty – (D – WA)

Nelson, Bill – (D – FL)

Reed, Jack – (D – RI)

Reid, Harry – (D – NV)

Rockefeller, John – (D – WV)

Sanders, Bernie – (I – VT)

Schatz, Brian – (D – HI)

Schumer, Charles – (D – NY)

Shaheen, Jeanne – (D – NH)

Stabenow, Debbie – (D – MI)

Udall, Mark – (D – CO)

Udall, Tom – (D – NM)

Warren, Elizabeth – (D – MA)

Whitehouse, Sheldon – (D – RI

Wyden, Ron – (D – OR)


Thank you, Senate Dems for Thinking about our Environment~

And, a personal Mahalo to my Senators from Hawaii~ Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz

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Here, here! Thanks true Dems! nt ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2014 #1
True Thinking Dems.. they're out there, ChisolmTrailDem! Cha Nov 2014 #5
If you can, write your Senators who voted (I have TWO!) SomeGuyInEagan Nov 2014 #170
Cornyn and Cruz... ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2014 #171
I have 2, too! NastyRiffraff Nov 2014 #172
merkley & wyden hopemountain Nov 2014 #195
Mahalo Cha, so glad my Democratic Senator Nelson voted against... steve2470 Nov 2014 #2
I know, steve.. I had to look twice when I didn't see Sen Bill Nelson on the Yes list! Cha Nov 2014 #8
Our FL Nelson voted no? mcar Nov 2014 #49
WOW, Maybe He Got My Letter!! ChiciB1 Nov 2014 #67
Thank you for writing Sen Bill Nelson, ChiciB! Maybe more than a few others wrote too? Cha Nov 2014 #156
Baby Steps For Now... ChiciB1 Nov 2014 #181
Yeah, that's too bad about the Fla Democratic Party, ChiciB.. and the combination of Cha Nov 2014 #186
K&R! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2014 #3
Thanks RKP! Cha Nov 2014 #10
And a special thank you to President Obama...for pissing off the Republicans on this issue: Cali_Democrat Nov 2014 #4
Oh! someone should ask Boehner is he thinks the US Senate is "calling the American people stupid"-- Raine1967 Nov 2014 #9
Yes! Another Special Mahalo to Pres Obama for Educating the American People on KeystoneXL Cha Nov 2014 #12
Thank you! Raine1967 Nov 2014 #6
Yes, I was hoping others would get on and THANK their Senators for Voting NO if that were the case! Cha Nov 2014 #14
I also saw that Warner isn't on the list. DU Home Page 'Fracking oked for GW National Forest' appalachiablue Nov 2014 #85
sadly, he supported xl. i saw his name on another list. hopemountain Nov 2014 #203
Great win, unfortunately I think it will pass in January MiniMe Nov 2014 #7
You are among a few people that I see post this. Question: Raine1967 Nov 2014 #11
Well, mitch is quoted as saying it will pass in January, Raine.. but, I just saw this.. Cha Nov 2014 #22
I just don;t see how they will go thru this entire process again. Raine1967 Nov 2014 #59
I feel it's 100 percent a top issue. bigwillq Nov 2014 #71
I just don't know. The hose never bothered to bring it up before. Raine1967 Nov 2014 #90
I think you have a good point. Why let Pres Obama have the upper hand with a veto rhett o rick Nov 2014 #168
They will have this fight all over again in January. totodeinhere Nov 2014 #87
ya think? hopemountain Nov 2014 #201
You might have misread my comment. I am not advocating for the pipeline. I am totodeinhere Nov 2014 #208
are you doing anything to stop it? hopemountain Nov 2014 #219
What I may or may not be doing is not the point. My comment was about the fact that totodeinhere Nov 2014 #220
yes, your post is the point. hopemountain Nov 2014 #224
How many times has the House voted to repeal Obamacare? MiniMe Nov 2014 #130
Yes, but we still have our Firewall in Chief with a big VETO Pen. We have the moment now Cha Nov 2014 #15
I like that! Firewall-in-Chief! calimary Nov 2014 #122
It's amazing that Senator Feinstein voted it Down, too! We needed every single vote.. just think if Cha Nov 2014 #128
Thank you ChazII Nov 2014 #13
Thank you, Chaz from Arizona! Cha Nov 2014 #17
Thank you! And thanks to Obama for using the bully pulpit, finally!!! grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #16
THANK YOU oldandhappy Nov 2014 #18
And, Mahalo to you, oldandhappy! Cha Nov 2014 #20
thank you sen durbin. kirk must go. mopinko Nov 2014 #19
Yes! Thank you to Senator Durbin, Mo! It seemed like no one knew how he was going to Cha Nov 2014 #24
yeah, a big part of illinois is extractive industries. mopinko Nov 2014 #86
I'm with you, mopinko! Thank you, Sen Durbin! sueh Nov 2014 #113
To Tammy Duckworth running against Mark Kirk in 2016, sueh! Cha Nov 2014 #143
that's the rumor. mopinko Nov 2014 #169
Huge K&R for Democrats who still believe in being Democrats. bullwinkle428 Nov 2014 #21
And, actually Thinking about this and going with the FACTS, bullwinkle! Cha Nov 2014 #27
Hurah! TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #23
PROUD of my two Dem Senators who voted with PBO and against the Kochroaches! freshwest Nov 2014 #25
Hey fresh.. Like your latest cat! Cha Nov 2014 #30
Re: Enough to overcome a filibuster, but not an Obama veto. BP2 Nov 2014 #43
Here's to holding the coalition Together, BP Cha Nov 2014 #44
Boxer is out. She's not running for reelection, so she has no fear. MADem Nov 2014 #62
And a shot to the pills for the one's gobbling Koch mindwalker_i Nov 2014 #26
A BIG THANK YOU to the Senate DEMS! Cha Nov 2014 #33
K&R 2naSalit Nov 2014 #28
That's too bad, 2naSalit.. :( Cha Nov 2014 #35
I totally agree, Cha! 2naSalit Nov 2014 #99
Thank you, 2naSalit.. that means a lot. And, thank you for caring so much about our Cha Nov 2014 #100
Well, it goes like this 2naSalit Nov 2014 #102
Mahalo for that eloquent plea for Action on our Environment.. you're right.. it takes more Cha Nov 2014 #107
Recommended, good thread Cha mvd Nov 2014 #29
Thank you, mvd! Yeah, too bad about Sen Casey.. what was he thinking? Cha Nov 2014 #38
Even DiFi voted no! onecaliberal Nov 2014 #31
I was thinking that, too.. onecaliliberal! Good for DiFi! Cha Nov 2014 #39
In this case every vote counted onecaliberal Nov 2014 #60
Every single solitary vote Counted! We Won by One! Cha Nov 2014 #63
good work senate democrats arely staircase Nov 2014 #32
Mahalo arely! To what you said! Cha Nov 2014 #42
Thank you! Owl Nov 2014 #34
Mahalo to you, Owl! Cha Nov 2014 #50
Thank you Senators! With an extra thank you to Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, D-NM! Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #36
Yes, Dont call me Shirley! Thank You to Sen Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico! Cha Nov 2014 #53
And Michele Lujan Grisham and Ben Ray Lujan! Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #55
Yes, to Michele Lujan Grisham and Ben Ray Lujan! And, Congratulations to Ben Ray Lujan as the.. Cha Nov 2014 #61
Nice! Wow that is such amazing news! A progressive, head of dccc. Move left America! Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #64
And, I just found out he was from New Mexico.. thanks to all this Thanking! Cha Nov 2014 #68
Looks like Santa Fe in the background. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #69
So beautiful.. I really am enchanted with New Mexico~ Cha Nov 2014 #72
Well, it is the Land of Enchantment Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #76
Oh I know! :) Cha Nov 2014 #78
Thanks to all, especially Stabinow & Levin fadedrose Nov 2014 #37
Good on your Senators, fadedrose! Cha Nov 2014 #48
Thank you. JDPriestly Nov 2014 #40
To Wind and Solar, JD! Cha Nov 2014 #56
The list of those voting NO who are also up for re-election in 2016: BP2 Nov 2014 #41
Thank you, BP.. Pretty sure my Senator Brian Schatz will Win Again.. And those others seem Cha Nov 2014 #70
Thank you to Angus! jopacaco Nov 2014 #45
Mahalo to Angus King, jopacaco! I love these Dems and Indies! He seems like a smart guy.. Cha Nov 2014 #79
In solidarity Thank you. riversedge Nov 2014 #46
To our Solid Dem Pro Environment Coalition, riversedge! Cha Nov 2014 #80
Senators.... irisblue Nov 2014 #47
Bless their Environmental Hearts, irishblue! Cha Nov 2014 #83
How's this a good thing? tooeyeten Nov 2014 #51
Thank You. Segami Nov 2014 #52
Thank you, Segami! It's A Victory.. We Can Build on This! :)))) Cha Nov 2014 #84
K&R stage left Nov 2014 #54
Exactly, stage left! Halelujah! Cha Nov 2014 #88
Yay! both my Dem senators voted against IronLionZion Nov 2014 #57
Isn't it, IronLionZion! Cha Nov 2014 #94
Good 4 them and thank God, but... nikto Nov 2014 #58
No, nikto.. the fight isn't over.. but, it is a Victory today that We Can Build On! Cha Nov 2014 #92
Awesome Cha!!!! Playinghardball Nov 2014 #65
Mahalo Play!!!!!! :) Cha Nov 2014 #95
I'm truly disappointed in Missouri's Sen. Claire McCaskill LongTomH Nov 2014 #66
She's awful. (nt) bigwillq Nov 2014 #81
yeah, it is too bad, LongTomH.. :( It's the opposite of how wonderful it is to see Dems who Cha Nov 2014 #97
K&R TexasTowelie Nov 2014 #73
Thanks TexasT! Cha Nov 2014 #98
The missing one was Sen Baldwin. She's in the last stages of pregnancy and unable FSogol Nov 2014 #74
Oh Thank you FSogal.. someone actually read that! I was so worried I was coming up with 42.. Cha Nov 2014 #104
Sorry, Sogal.. under further review it looks like it's Tammy Duckworth in the House who the Cha Nov 2014 #114
Ooops. You are correct. FSogol Nov 2014 #161
Some good news… midnight Nov 2014 #75
Thanks to 41 Stalwart Dems, midnight! Cha Nov 2014 #108
Yay! shenmue Nov 2014 #77
Huzzah to our 41, shenmue..and it looks like Sen Tammy Baldwin is too close to having a baby to Cha Nov 2014 #109
Awwww! shenmue Nov 2014 #136
Ooooops! Sorry, that's Wrong... I got told that and I don't think it's Baldwin at all ... It's Cha Nov 2014 #137
Oh jeepers shenmue Nov 2014 #140
k&r...Mahalo! Cha!!!! spanone Nov 2014 #82
A'ole pilikia, spanone! Cha Nov 2014 #110
Best Day E V E R! misterhighwasted Nov 2014 #89
Beautiful post, misterhighwasted! lol Cha Nov 2014 #111
thank you Sen. Coons treestar Nov 2014 #91
Yes, Thank you to your Senator Chris Coons, Treestar! Cha Nov 2014 #117
And for gosh sakes, take a moment to write your senators and thank them. Mister Ed Nov 2014 #93
Great Thought, Mister Ed! And, I thank your Sens Franken and Klobuchar, too.. We Needed Them All! Cha Nov 2014 #118
Just sent my senator a thank you note ladym55 Nov 2014 #96
Lucky us to have such thoughtful Reps, ladym! Thank you! Cha Nov 2014 #119
Joe Manchin voted for it. Hubert Flottz Nov 2014 #101
Of course he did, Hubert.. :( Cha Nov 2014 #120
Thanks, Sens Markey and Warren. Markey has long championed the environment. merrily Nov 2014 #103
K & R Iliyah Nov 2014 #105
Lol~ sheshe2 Nov 2014 #106
And, Thanks to your Senators Warren and Markey, she! I could just hug all our Dems who Stood up Cha Nov 2014 #115
Exactly Cha! sheshe2 Nov 2014 #125
Love ya back, sweetie! Cha Nov 2014 #129
Thanks! Call and kick, everybody! grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #112
Glad both of my senators are on there minivan2 Nov 2014 #116
We needed every last one of them, minivan! Thank you to Sens Boxer and Feinstein! Cha Nov 2014 #123
Held them off by one freak'n vote I understand. Now we need that one additional vote for the next lonestarnot Nov 2014 #121
I can't believe the President wouldn't Veto when he knows exactly how much it's Cha Nov 2014 #131
Ditto! lonestarnot Nov 2014 #132
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! denvine Nov 2014 #124
Really, denvine! Many mucho Mahalos! Cha Nov 2014 #133
XLnt! pinboy3niner Nov 2014 #126
Toast our Environmental Dems who aren't buying the insane Bullshyte, pinboy! Cha Nov 2014 #135
... AzDar Nov 2014 #127
To our 41 Environmental Dem Senators, AzDar! Cha Nov 2014 #139
This message was self-deleted by its author redruddyred Nov 2014 #134
Absolutely-- well done. Marr Nov 2014 #138
A big sigh of relief, thank you. n/t Paper Roses Nov 2014 #141
Yes, Paper Roses.. it could have gone the other way and we wouldn't have this Victory to Build on! Cha Nov 2014 #142
Both of mine on that list leftynyc Nov 2014 #144
And, I thank your New York Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, too.. Leftynyc! Cha Nov 2014 #146
Hey, Cha leftynyc Nov 2014 #147
The weather is perfect.. how cold are you in NYC? I hear upstate by the Adirondacks where Cha Nov 2014 #151
I wouldn't want to live upstate leftynyc Nov 2014 #160
That's right.. bundle up and stay warm and cozy.. It was 20 degrees in NYC on Feb 15, 2003 Cha Nov 2014 #162
I remember that leftynyc Nov 2014 #163
19 last night in the catskills Alittleliberal Nov 2014 #177
A Little Early, isn't it! Cha Nov 2014 #190
Yeah! MoonRiver Nov 2014 #145
Tweeted this ! nt steve2470 Nov 2014 #148
Thanks for the Tweet!.. I FB it. Cha Nov 2014 #153
Bill Nelson voted no? tavernier Nov 2014 #149
he did ! steve2470 Nov 2014 #150
Ah, yes. That's more like the Bill tavernier Nov 2014 #158
Unreal, eh, tavernier! Cha Nov 2014 #154
You counted Klobuchar twice, but thanks for list. dmosh42 Nov 2014 #152
OMG! I've been wondering why I had 42 as I said in the OP.. Thanks dmosh.. I'm going to clean Cha Nov 2014 #155
THANK YOU, Senate Dems and Indies!!! Kath1 Nov 2014 #157
It was an especially sweet Victory today, Kath.. so close! And, it was just a hurdle but we made it Cha Nov 2014 #159
Thanks Cha. Too bad ProSense Nov 2014 #164
Thanks ProSense.. we were so Lucky to get our Victory yesterday by 1 Vote! Only a hurdle but Cha Nov 2014 #187
thank you Mark Udall we will miss you. mountain grammy Nov 2014 #165
Thanks to Sen Mark Udall, too, mountain grammy! So sorry to see him go.. but, he did the Cha Nov 2014 #188
He'll be hearing from me. I'll sure try. mountain grammy Nov 2014 #213
Love the fact Nelson of Florida is on your list. NCTraveler Nov 2014 #166
Something or things got to Bill Nelson, NCTraveler! Thanks for the report! Cha Nov 2014 #191
Thanks for the op Cha. NCTraveler Nov 2014 #214
YOu're Welcome and another Mahalo to you, NCT~ Cha Nov 2014 #216
Thank you. jwirr Nov 2014 #167
Just called Senator Shaheen's office to say thank you for her vote. sarge43 Nov 2014 #173
I thank Sen Shaheen, too, sarge! Thank you for calling her office..you know they love feedback. Cha Nov 2014 #192
Thank you to all of them for doing the right thing! sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #174
The voters will remember those that voted Yea and they will be defeated in their next elections. sammy750 Nov 2014 #175
Really bummed at the dems who voted "yes", sammy.. and for what?! Lies! And, so Appreciative Cha Nov 2014 #193
Thank you, thank you, thank you Peacetrain Nov 2014 #176
Thanks to Senator Harkin, Peacetrain! Cha Nov 2014 #194
We are so going to miss him! Peacetrain Nov 2014 #209
Darn.. us too.. out here in America Cha Nov 2014 #211
Thank you. raging moderate Nov 2014 #178
And Thank you, raging moderate~ Cha Nov 2014 #196
Thank you Chris Coons! Fuck you Tom Carper LynneSin Nov 2014 #179
Yeah, what's up with Sen Carper, Lynne? He really believes all those Keystone lies? Cha Nov 2014 #197
He's always been a moderate. LynneSin Nov 2014 #215
Thanks for the report from Delaware.. call me crazy but just because Carper's a moderate does not Cha Nov 2014 #217
Too late. He's a lost cause LynneSin Nov 2014 #218
To all the "you know it will pass in January" sad sacks DonCoquixote Nov 2014 #180
I know huh, DC? This is our Victory now.. only a hurdle but we did it! It could have gone the Cha Nov 2014 #198
A big huge thnks to all who voted for a Nix on Keystone - truedelphi Nov 2014 #182
Thank you for doing your job as elected. valerief Nov 2014 #183
Thank you one and all!!! truebrit71 Nov 2014 #184
Mucho Mahalo! SunSeeker Nov 2014 #185
Hey I say that, SunSeeker.. Cha Nov 2014 #199
Great minds think alike. SunSeeker Nov 2014 #210
:) Cha Nov 2014 #212
YAY! I am so glad Michigan hasn't gone completely bagger. How the hell can we have catbyte Nov 2014 #189
Thank Goodness you have two Democratic Senators, catbyte.. who stood up for our Environment Cha Nov 2014 #200
192 rec darkangel218 Nov 2014 #202
Mahalo darkangel! Cha Nov 2014 #204
Cheers Cha!! darkangel218 Nov 2014 #205
It's a bloomin' miracle in this era of brainwashed lies.. 41 Dems standing up for The Environment in Cha Nov 2014 #206
. darkangel218 Nov 2014 #207
!!!!!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2014 #221
Mahalo to all our Environmental Dawgs! Cha Nov 2014 #223
Longterm this is probably a good idea JonLP24 Nov 2014 #222
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