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4. A man told me once
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 12:37 PM
Dec 2014

That the knife he was using to cut his cucumbers had killed two nickers.

He was older. I was younger. Clinton was in his first year of his first term. And I just listened.

He told me that his uncle was a golden gloves boxer and short order cook at a greasy spoon. He told me there was a sign on the road into town telling blacks: Nicker, don't let the sun set on you in this town.

After midnight into this restaurant came two young black men, and sat down at the bar for service. The cook/waiter asked them: Didn't you nicker see that sign on the way into town? And right away, one of them starts sassing the man, and said: Ya, we saw the sign, and so what?

That old boxer punched that black man in the face and knocked him out. As the second man headed for the door he jumped the bar and caught that man and cut his throat. Then he went back and cut the throat of the first man. Then he called the woman who owned the place, who said: My God; What have you done? But she loaned him her new car, anyway, and after a while, she called the police. She said the blacks had tried to rob her, and that one of her customers had killed them, and left. The cook stayed gone for a year, and everyone knew what happened, but nobody ever did anything about it.

Now. What can I tell you. The man was from the Carolina's, North, I think. He won a safety award that was the most undeserved award anyone ever won, since he would not even bother to tie off unless made to. And that prize was a new truck and the Job was the new Detroit V.A. Hospital, so I know he made the trade paper: The Building Tradesman. And I think I have the knife, since I found one a few days later, and it was like the one he showed me, though I did not get a good look. It has a one armed blade. That is, the knife is already part ways open, so a one armed man can grasp the blade, and open the knife by dragging the handle against his leg. It is not imposing by any means. Almost a utility knife. If anyone has a mind for mysteries and a cop gene, there is your trail of bread crumbs. It might be nice for some people to know their children were not killed as criminals, but simply murdered for incivility. Or should I say; in defense of incivility.

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