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84. Here goes my long held idea -
Tue Dec 9, 2014, 11:45 AM
Dec 2014

want to eliminate voter suppression and the rollback of civil rights in America's South?
Figure out a way to have the top 100 HIGH SCHOOL athletes in football and basketball each year sign a pledge that will not accept a scholarship from a school residing in a state that practices obvious voter suppression/civil rights abuses - I 100% GUARANTEE that states like Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, etc. - will immediately reverse their horrid practices because the fervor with which they support and follow their college teams is something that is of tantamount importance to them.

.. Cha Dec 2014 #1
Kick! NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #2
Mahalo SKP~ Aloha #BlackLivesMatter from Hawaii. Cha Dec 2014 #3
Bravo! silverweb Dec 2014 #4
Neither am I, silverweb.. but, I support these Black Athletes standing up for #ICantBreathe! Cha Dec 2014 #5
Amen to that! silverweb Dec 2014 #12
I can imagine how proud their Mamas must be! Bursting! Cha Dec 2014 #13
Indeed. silverweb Dec 2014 #14
Vital point.. "More importantly, these athletes are heroes to a lot of young people, who emulate Cha Dec 2014 #15
.. Cha Dec 2014 #6
Hats off to a brave bunch of guys! ucrdem Dec 2014 #7
I'm so proud of these guys.. I can imagine how their Mamas must feel.. bursting! We're feeling it Cha Dec 2014 #8
Kick for Hawaii Cares! ucrdem Dec 2014 #107
Kick for California, too! Cha Dec 2014 #114
Oh well... Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #9
I love these Black Athletes standing up for Justice, Jamaal.. I'd like to see some Cha Dec 2014 #10
.. Cha Dec 2014 #11
.. Cha Dec 2014 #16
.. Cha Dec 2014 #17
.. Cha Dec 2014 #18
What does beauty have to do with this pmrotest? Jenoch Dec 2014 #19
If you don't see the beauty in these athletes supporting #ICantBreathe.. I'm sorry. Cha Dec 2014 #20
+1 Euphoria Dec 2014 #61
You did not answer my question.. Jenoch Dec 2014 #121
You just want to argue.. too bad you're being obtuse.. everyone else gets it. Cha Dec 2014 #122
I'm not being obtuse.. Jenoch Dec 2014 #134
It's not the outward appearance that is the beauty of these athletes. Cha Dec 2014 #137
.. Cha Dec 2014 #21
This really means a lot! montana_hazeleyes Dec 2014 #22
It's Monumental, montana_hazeleyes! Cha Dec 2014 #24
This is going to be short and sweet sheshe2 Dec 2014 #23
Their Mamas must be bursting with pride at their beautiful sons standing up for Justice, she..Hawaii Cha Dec 2014 #25
Love you! sheshe2 Dec 2014 #27
Mahalo she~ Cha Dec 2014 #28
.. Cha Dec 2014 #26
.. Cha Dec 2014 #29
nothing more beautiful than to see hopemountain Dec 2014 #30
I like the way you put that, hopemountain.. sweet.. Mahalo~ Cha Dec 2014 #32
Love seeing those pics napkinz Dec 2014 #31
.. Cha Dec 2014 #33
big kick and rec! nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #34
A Big Thank you to you, Steve! Really good role models for our younger generation watching all this Cha Dec 2014 #35
.. Cha Dec 2014 #36
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #37
Of course you don't.. being an idiot asshole it must be really hard to see anything worthwhile. Cha Dec 2014 #38
sigh steve2470 Dec 2014 #39
Oh, we definitely had a poor bumbling racist on this thread.. wanting to flame out.. obviously Cha Dec 2014 #40
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #47
ah..... steve2470 Dec 2014 #48
.. Cha Dec 2014 #41
.. Cha Dec 2014 #42
.. Cha Dec 2014 #43
.. Cha Dec 2014 #44
Are any white athletes supporting this? If not, wtf? Vattel Dec 2014 #45
crossed my mind also - would be a great statement rurallib Dec 2014 #90
Yes, if only I was a professional basketball player, I would join in solidarity Vattel Dec 2014 #102
I'd love to hear Harry Edwards comments on this moment malaise Dec 2014 #46
It was terrific to see he added his presence to the statement. Good for all of them. n/t Judi Lynn Dec 2014 #49
Hi Judi Lynn.. wanted you to see this too.. in case you didn't know.. quite sweet.. Cha Dec 2014 #51
Hi there sis malaise Dec 2014 #55
Yes, that would be interesting.. i just looked him up. Here's a musician and his wife standing up.. Cha Dec 2014 #50
That is lovely malaise Dec 2014 #56
I'm listening to the music vid now.. it's quite good.. it's got "Ferguson" in it.. written before Cha Dec 2014 #58
That is a beautiful song. logosoco Dec 2014 #66
Isn't it a beautiful song, logosoco?! I wish everyone could hear it.. yeah, that is too bad about Cha Dec 2014 #67
Take them out of their uniforms... Blue_Adept Dec 2014 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #54
Just ask Jesse Owens - way too late for that malaise Dec 2014 #57
.. Cha Dec 2014 #53
.. Cha Dec 2014 #59
.. Cha Dec 2014 #60
.. Cha Dec 2014 #62
.. Cha Dec 2014 #63
K&R bump bump bump nt TBF Dec 2014 #64
Muchas Gracias, TBF~ Cha Dec 2014 #65
K&R ismnotwasm Dec 2014 #68
mahalo ismnotwasm Cha Dec 2014 #69
... Cha Dec 2014 #70
.. Cha Dec 2014 #71
.. Cha Dec 2014 #72
. Cha Dec 2014 #73
.. Cha Dec 2014 #74
.. Cha Dec 2014 #75
This is great! Gemini Cat Dec 2014 #76
You're Welcome Gemini Cat.. Mahalo for appreciating it so much! :) Cha Dec 2014 #77
. Cha Dec 2014 #78
It was wonderful to see, I was very happy to see the coverage on the news... Spazito Dec 2014 #79
Mahalo Spazito.. you're exactly right.. it's a movement with Protesters all across the country who Cha Dec 2014 #85
Watching coverage of all the protests night after night has been very encouraging... Spazito Dec 2014 #101
Thank you for that.. I don't have a tv.. hope it's on American TV, too.. probably not quite like Cha Dec 2014 #103
Great pics from Hawaii! Spazito Dec 2014 #105
Mahalo so much for this, Spazito! I'm in and out right now but looking forward to reading! Cha Dec 2014 #106
Never been a fan or professional sports TNNurse Dec 2014 #80
I love these guys, TNNurse! Not a sports person, either.. per se. Cha Dec 2014 #86
That top photograph would make an ideal model for a park statue. Baitball Blogger Dec 2014 #81
Indeed it would, BB~ Cha Dec 2014 #87
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Dec 2014 #82
Thanks Enthusiast! Cha Dec 2014 #88
K&R. nt Zorra Dec 2014 #83
Mahalo Zorra Cha Dec 2014 #91
Here goes my long held idea - NoMoreRepugs Dec 2014 #84
Interesting.. I see what you mean.. thanks NoMoreRepugs Cha Dec 2014 #93
Nice to see mcar Dec 2014 #89
It's heartwarming, mcar.. after all the injustice to see People standing up against it! Cha Dec 2014 #94
May it continue and grow Cha mcar Dec 2014 #98
Yes! Our Best HOPE.. May it Continue to Grow! Cha Dec 2014 #100
They all have my support and admiration! K & R. mountain grammy Dec 2014 #92
Thank you so much, mountain grammy~ Cha Dec 2014 #96
Best sports racism story ever, from Chicago. KamaAina Dec 2014 #95
I had to read that twice.. to get it.. Mahalo, KamaAina! Cha Dec 2014 #97
If Lebron's #icantbreathe T-shirt bothers you, you are probably a racist Stellar Dec 2014 #99
Such whiners.. and yes they probably are racists.. we had a couple of vicious ones on here last Cha Dec 2014 #104
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #108
no, she talks about them like she belongs to the community. La Lioness Priyanka Dec 2014 #109
gorge. i want to see more allies do this too. La Lioness Priyanka Dec 2014 #110
Mahalo to you, La Lioness Priyanka~ Cha Dec 2014 #115
Just got home from work~ sheshe2 Dec 2014 #111
Muchas Gracias. she~ The Laker Team came out with #ICantBreathe Tees before their Game! Cha Dec 2014 #117
So cool~ sheshe2 Dec 2014 #118
buddy... Cha Dec 2014 #120
Entire Laker team came out with I can't Breathe shirts tonight taught_me_patience Dec 2014 #112
Thank you for that news, taught_me_patience Cha Dec 2014 #119
i can't stand lakers as a nuggets fan, but that's fantastic! certainot Dec 2014 #126
recccccc! flamingdem Dec 2014 #113
Muchas Gracias, flamingdem.. Cha Dec 2014 #123
kick nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #116
For years I hated the Lambs but then this happened... Dr. Xavier Dec 2014 #124
Wow.. that's so sad.. need to read this when I Cha Dec 2014 #128
ironically, 28% of rush limbaugh radio stations (170+) depend on athletes certainot Dec 2014 #125
I hear ya, certainot.. Protests need a broader basis.. thank you! Cha Dec 2014 #129
Thank you for this, Cha. marym625 Dec 2014 #127
And, they're doing it again, marym.. Thank Goodness! Cha Dec 2014 #132
yes, thank goodness! marym625 Dec 2014 #133
Fantastic...Donttorturedontshoot , what is that riot gear for, aint no riot here NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #130
NoJusticeNoPeace! Cha Dec 2014 #135
Yes we can... AuntPatsy Dec 2014 #131
Mahalo AuntPatsy~ Cha Dec 2014 #136
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