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13. How is it going to hurt Republicans?
Tue Dec 23, 2014, 01:57 AM
Dec 2014

I seriously doubt Republicans care.

No one seems to care other than 24 hour cable news and a few urban areas of the country.

That's not going to hurt Republicans.

Everyone wants to call this a "revolution." How is this a "revolution?" Nothing is going to change. Prosecutors are simply not going to prosecute cops because they rely on cops to win their other cases. And nobody is demanding any alternatives.

Go with media, its a winner every time. Historic NY Dec 2014 #1
You think riots will help the Democrats in future elections? JEFF9K Dec 2014 #2
especially in areas Niceguy1 Dec 2014 #3
Blocked bridges and highways will actually hurt Republicans. nt Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #5
Protests are only happening in big urban areas where lots of Democrats are davidn3600 Dec 2014 #6
So? Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #12
How is it going to hurt Republicans? davidn3600 Dec 2014 #13
So what's your solution? Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #14
Republicans work downtown and are blocked from getting home. JEFF9K Dec 2014 #19
If I based every decision on that metric 99th_Monkey Dec 2014 #7
Then you don't care about the big picture. JEFF9K Dec 2014 #9
It must be nice 99th_Monkey Dec 2014 #10
"Simplistic" is OPPOSITE ... JEFF9K Dec 2014 #16
Yes. I do. morningfog Dec 2014 #17
The Revolution may not be televised, 99th_Monkey Dec 2014 #4
Fa la la la laaaaaa tavernier Dec 2014 #8
The protests in NY were largely peaceful Renew Deal Dec 2014 #11
There will be no revolution Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #15
This is no revolution. FLPanhandle Dec 2014 #18
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