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Sat Dec 27, 2014, 05:14 PM Dec 2014

Do you support NYPD members turning back on DiBlasio? [View all]

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10 (10%)
84 (86%)
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4 (4%)
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I do not agree with heir point of view, but I support their right to protest. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #1
I don't believe officers in uniform Control-Z Dec 2014 #6
They are American citizens. They certainly do have a right to protest as citizens. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #51
Are you allowed to protest while at work? Scuba Dec 2014 #73
I don't work for the government. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #93
No, but I used to work for the government. Scuba Dec 2014 #106
A big deal about the sanctity of the funeral was made to keep other protesters away daredtowork Dec 2014 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author daredtowork Dec 2014 #88
Paid by tax dollars... how do you feel about IRS employees protesting? cherokeeprogressive Dec 2014 #61
I'm not sure that applies. Control-Z Dec 2014 #65
The same way I feel about the people in Furgusson protesting. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #102
off duty and out of uniform or other identifying insignia is fine CreekDog Dec 2014 #108
At a funeral? ann--- Dec 2014 #11
It was a policeman's funeral, and they were protesting their city government. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #52
Do they have the right to lie about the cause of the death of the officer at whose funeral sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #83
I don't know what you mean ann--- Dec 2014 #85
Not by being disrespectful to their boss ann--- Dec 2014 #84
Great comparison. n/t marym625 Dec 2014 #76
That's the issue treestar Dec 2014 #94
I support their right to organize and protest madville Dec 2014 #50
I agree entirly. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #53
Precisely. aquart Jan 2015 #110
Do police have a right to not help you if they disagree with you? aquart Dec 2014 #103
They are union members with the right to unionize. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #105
That's highly disrespectful. GGJohn Dec 2014 #2
Needs a Hell no.... daleanime Dec 2014 #3
The NYPD works for the people and mayor of New York City meow2u3 Dec 2014 #4
Was that your position with Wisconsin teachers pintobean Dec 2014 #7
Not even close in comparison Ellipsis Dec 2014 #8
plus CatWoman Dec 2014 #14
Unions are on the scum side? pintobean Dec 2014 #18
Jury results. Glassunion Dec 2014 #22
Thank you. pintobean Dec 2014 #24
Indeed. Glassunion Dec 2014 #25
Standing ovation Caretha Dec 2014 #44
Jury Results: Sheldon Cooper Dec 2014 #64
... MrMickeysMom Dec 2014 #32
What is happening to DU? ann--- Dec 2014 #86
Free speech here is limited to a specific subset of accepted speech. Bonx Dec 2014 #91
police unions often are Man from Pickens Dec 2014 #23
I've learned a lot about Police unions these past few months CatWoman Dec 2014 #41
they (police unions) are sick etherealtruth Dec 2014 #43
police unions are CatWoman Dec 2014 #42
Exactly. And it's that obvious. R B Garr Dec 2014 #47
You do realize that you anti-unon attitudes put you in agreement with Republicans. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #54
only asshole unions, which they fully endorse CatWoman Dec 2014 #55
Thank you for proving my point. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #57
you're very welcome. CatWoman Dec 2014 #58
Real unions SwankyXomb Dec 2014 #104
Real unions arrange to protect their members with health care, Agnosticsherbet Dec 2014 #107
It is a good comparison treestar Dec 2014 #95
Close as LA is to New York Ellipsis Dec 2014 #109
apples and oranges. JaneyVee Dec 2014 #15
That is what I would say too if I had no response. joeglow3 Dec 2014 #96
you're right backwoodsbob Dec 2014 #75
As a public school teacher, I was not even allowed to have an opinion or talk to the press. DamnYankeeInHouston Dec 2014 #5
The funeral was not the place for this. cwydro Dec 2014 #9
They should all be fired ann--- Dec 2014 #10
It was childish and not the place for it helpmetohelpyou Dec 2014 #12
NYPD declaring it's going to a war footing can't be supported. HereSince1628 Dec 2014 #13
Very childish LordGlenconner Dec 2014 #16
If they were not officially on duty customerserviceguy Dec 2014 #17
Not official duty PADemD Dec 2014 #27
If they violated any NYPD rules customerserviceguy Dec 2014 #30
IMO they have the right to protest LittleBlue Dec 2014 #19
every one that turned their backs Ramses Dec 2014 #20
their right to do so: YES etherealtruth Dec 2014 #21
IS it their right, while in uniform and on duty? WinkyDink Dec 2014 #39
Funny thing, I was reading through the rest of the thread and someone pointed that out (down thread) etherealtruth Dec 2014 #40
How many of them were on duty? joeglow3 Dec 2014 #97
they are like the military MFM008 Dec 2014 #26
I support the numerous SamKnause Dec 2014 #28
I thought the police didn't like protests? alcibiades_mystery Dec 2014 #29
Not only no, but hell no. onecaliberal Dec 2014 #31
Cops want to be pigs at a funeral, just shows you the true character and that of their supporters. Rex Dec 2014 #33
Not at a funeral... Mike Nelson Dec 2014 #34
Disgraceful at a funeral, reminds of the digusting Phelps (? not sure that's their name) family. nt Raine Dec 2014 #35
Dear Mayor de Blasio #NYPD are skilled at turning their backs, especially when it involves.. Cha Dec 2014 #36
Where is the option of madokie Dec 2014 #37
No. WTH do they think they are? WinkyDink Dec 2014 #38
Sure. LWolf Dec 2014 #45
I though the police turning their backs was rude, short-sighted and provocative. branford Dec 2014 #46
Other Ohio Joe Dec 2014 #48
+10 840high Dec 2014 #67
They are not protesting. They are just showing attitude. R B Garr Dec 2014 #49
No and ... Miigwech Dec 2014 #56
Yes I support their actions but NO I don't agree BadGimp Dec 2014 #59
I disagree with them, but support their right to do it, and don't think they should be fired. Nye Bevan Dec 2014 #60
They prove that cops support their killer brethren Union Scribe Dec 2014 #62
I support their right to do so. Was it a dick move? Hell yes. n/t X_Digger Dec 2014 #63
The Police Showed Absolutely No Respect for Authority Today.. All While.. Cha Dec 2014 #66
I support their right to do it. I do not support them doing it. I'll stop now n/t kickysnana Dec 2014 #68
I am thoroughly disgusted by this obvious politically motivated act. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #69
had to chose "other" since you didn't clarify what you meant by "support" TorchTheWitch Dec 2014 #70
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #78
You seem to support them unconditionally against the mayor. geek tragedy Dec 2014 #80
You could have stopped after unconditionally. Rex Dec 2014 #100
Transparency is a great thing, those who support the racist cops really reveal quite a bit geek tragedy Dec 2014 #71
The question is "Do you support NYPD members turning their back on di Blasio?" NO. It's prepubescent Cha Dec 2014 #72
Out of Uniform and Off Duty they can peacefully protest to their hearts content ChosenUnWisely Dec 2014 #74
Going through this thread marym625 Dec 2014 #77
They behaved like that whack job church that protests at funerals. nt IdaBriggs Dec 2014 #79
The police union is being stupid Gothmog Dec 2014 #81
Don't have an issue bigwillq Dec 2014 #82
Lot of low post counts on yes voters. B Calm Dec 2014 #89
They're so subtle aren't they? nt Union Scribe Dec 2014 #98
Some of them have up to 5 hides. . B Calm Dec 2014 #99
There are a huge amount of posters who join but never or rarely post. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #101
The cops that turned the funerals of the two murdered policemen into workinclasszero Dec 2014 #90
No, they don't care. The union will protect them. closeupready Dec 2014 #92
Support as in they should have the right to do so? Sure. Gormy Cuss Jan 2015 #111
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