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54. Petty is TOTALLY spot-on.
Tue Dec 30, 2014, 11:18 PM
Dec 2014

It was PETTY as hell! Made them look very small indeed. And petty. Petty AS HELL.

That event was supposed to be about the grieving widow and family, and honoring the memory of he who died. It wasn't the time for a display of grievances. It wasn't the time for grievances PERIOD.

ASSHOLES. Petty ASSHOLES. Makes me not care what they think. Makes me not give a damn about "their side" of it. Makes me want to tell them all to go do what dick cheney told Patrick Leahy to do - on the floor of the Senate no less. They just lost all credibility and standing - and any right to whine and complain about their "grievances." Their job was simple. Just show respect. SHUT the FUCK UP and show respect. For the lost brother-in-arms, and his loved ones who mourn him. And that was IT. Epic FAIL. Epic PETTY Fail!

But but but malaise Dec 2014 #1
kudos to the times! spanone Dec 2014 #2
The media helped exaggerate their little temper tantrum also. There were thousands of cops sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #3
Ghouliani too!?!? LiberalElite Dec 2014 #5
Rudy should have kept his mouth shut and gone shopping for something to notadmblnd Dec 2014 #51
"There were thousands of cops there who did not turn their backs on the Live and Learn Dec 2014 #10
The pic with one officer not turning his back... thesquanderer Dec 2014 #11
Their petulant tantrum was so disrespectful to the family of their fallen colleague. myrna minx Dec 2014 #4
Could not have put it any better myself. Although I was going to use the KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #16
Good article and well said, however sarge43 Dec 2014 #6
Absolutely!! 2naSalit Dec 2014 #19
Amen.... daleanime Dec 2014 #27
Wow. Kudos to the NYT EB nt LiberalElite Dec 2014 #7
I love this part - so well written adigal Dec 2014 #8
I wonder about the second funeral this coming weekend starroute Dec 2014 #9
Interesting quote..... George II Dec 2014 #14
"support our brothers". . . I could have sworn that there are actually women in the nypd, as well. niyad Dec 2014 #25
"You won't find this in any other field than law enforcement....." daleanime Dec 2014 #28
Oh really? sarge43 Dec 2014 #31
That's what I'm saying..... daleanime Dec 2014 #35
Wasn't a criticism of you. My apology. It was for the idiot that said it. sarge43 Dec 2014 #41
Thank you.... daleanime Dec 2014 #43
Heck cwydro Dec 2014 #36
Obviously he has never been to a firefighter's funeral hootinholler Dec 2014 #32
brothers, but not sisters. nt roody Dec 2014 #30
There are so many things to be bothered about ... Pacifist Patriot Dec 2014 #46
Good. I'm glad they issued this. K&R closeupready Dec 2014 #12
did the rw radio gods goad them into this? fairly normal event certainot Dec 2014 #13
This is an old tactic for these thugs nichomachus Dec 2014 #48
Good for the Times, but they still tiptoe around the cops.. mountain grammy Dec 2014 #15
Got to the end of the article and found out the Mayor raised police financing Ash_F Dec 2014 #17
I'm sure some of our resident SwankyXomb Dec 2014 #18
But but, when the CNN reporter asked them why? Helen Borg Dec 2014 #20
These Written Words Are Right On Point!!! LovingA2andMI Dec 2014 #21
Great selection from that editorial. truedelphi Dec 2014 #45
K & R !!! WillyT Dec 2014 #22
Now watch the cops roust some NYT reporter in retaliation. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #23
NYPD: Classless CLOWNS Tsiyu Dec 2014 #24
They have big guns, a license to kill and a get out of jail free card. tridim Dec 2014 #34
about time the times got something right. niyad Dec 2014 #26
LOL, so today we like them or hate them? I lose track. Like with Maher, Moore, etc. LOL. nt Logical Dec 2014 #29
In other words, the police are acting just like spoiled baby Repugs. lark Dec 2014 #33
K&R AtomicKitten Dec 2014 #37
That's a great editorial. nt cwydro Dec 2014 #38
Politicizing a funeral is about as asshole as it gets Major Nikon Dec 2014 #39
They demonstrate to everyone how selfish and out-of-control they are. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #40
Just as long as the NY Times isn't playing its usual two-faced games True Blue Door Dec 2014 #42
And if all those cops did that, why would anyone believe they are not unbiased Rex Dec 2014 #44
"too big to jail--" Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #53
They just showed their true selves. DeSwiss Dec 2014 #47
Good.. that's what we were saying on the day. thanks kpete Cha Dec 2014 #49
... napkinz Dec 2014 #50
My NJ brother is sooooo angry at the protesters and the NYC mayor riverbendviewgal Dec 2014 #52
great reply and defuse. reflection Dec 2014 #61
Petty is TOTALLY spot-on. calimary Dec 2014 #54
And even Guliani has said they are wrong for that stunt nt 7962 Dec 2014 #55
Shame on those cops. Shame! Shame! Shame! blkmusclmachine Dec 2014 #56
Amen to that! Hulk Dec 2014 #57
Right-wing radio and the Republican Party are throwing fuel on the flames... kentuck Dec 2014 #58
+1 You nailed it. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #59
K&R! This post deserves hundreds of recommendations! A few to go. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #60
NYPD should take their protest and join forces with the Westboro Baptist Church. B Calm Dec 2014 #62
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