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11. The other problem I see pains me as a union member.
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 03:41 PM
Dec 2014

This thug Lynch who's mouthed off and dialed this whole mess up WAY past 11 is doing NOTHING to help his union brothers and sisters. He's doing exactly the things that will piss off the public, AND legislators, when it comes time to renegotiate contracts and pension arrangements and so forth. He's shooting himself not only in the foot but in the mouth and in the wallet. And all his other union brothers and sisters too. He's alienating the public. He's blowing away people in positions of authority who may have to make decisions about a PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNION - that may not be favorable to them in the years ahead. He's really doing damage to the union movement as a whole. People can now point to him and the petty "protest" other officers pulled the other day during that solemn event for one of the two murdered officers. He's making them all look bad, and encouraging - even fomenting - bad behavior. And that's not gonna end well.

It's gonna shit all over every union from here on. People are gonna think of this petty belligerent goon and think ill of unions in general. Which will hurt the union movement across America - just when we need to be building it back up again! His behavior is free advertising for why we shouldn't bother with unions anymore, because they're now perceived as too in-yer-face, demanding, hostile, and trouble-making. He's made himself into the poster child for that.

Hey, Lynch, buddy - good luck at the next contract negotiations, okay, pal? Watch how far your myopic pugnacious bullshit will get you - and us.

If the NYPD Want to Play That Game [View all] phantom power Dec 2014 OP
"obnoxious busywork that mainly serves to separate poor people from their money" villager Dec 2014 #1
"...or their lives." Iggo Dec 2014 #5
Good one. calimary Dec 2014 #8
Increasingly, yes. villager Dec 2014 #10
Yes But billhicks76 Dec 2014 #21
Their "leadership" is brilliantly illustrating how useless and harmful they are. Scuba Dec 2014 #2
The other problem I see pains me as a union member. calimary Dec 2014 #11
Great post. Yup, Lynch gives union chiefs a bad name. nt SunSeeker Dec 2014 #12
I agree completely. Good post! mountain grammy Dec 2014 #22
That's a great post. I've long held that the progressive labor movement in this country KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #25
He is going to to run for office LiberalArkie Dec 2014 #26
HAH! Wouldn't surprise me in the least. calimary Dec 2014 #31
You are absolutely correct. Scuba Dec 2014 #32
Yep. Counterproductive. moondust Dec 2014 #34
THIS ^^^^ calimary Dec 2014 #35
His rants are intentionally designed to make all unions look bad meow2u3 Dec 2014 #39
Well, if it's not intentional, then he's not just a loud loutish thug, he's a frickin' IDIOT. calimary Dec 2014 #41
Isn't he meeting with local GOP party members? Oilwellian Dec 2014 #44
They are, in fact, in the process of negotiating a contract right now, and tblue37 Jan 2015 #45
After they realize their "gimmick" lsewpershad Dec 2014 #37
Great! They are performing this experiment for us. Chemisse Dec 2014 #3
Check This Out...Not A Suprise billhicks76 Dec 2014 #28
Citizens Surround Cops Making Petty Marijuana Arrest billhicks76 Dec 2014 #29
LA is no safe zone either Tsiyu Dec 2014 #38
A broken taillight can lead one directly into financial ruin. Flatulo Dec 2014 #4
So true. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #13
The fines for minor violations are absolutely absurd Flatulo Dec 2014 #15
Great. If they arrest few enough people, Mr.Bill Dec 2014 #6
The citizens of NYC have one of the highest per capita police forces on the planet randr Dec 2014 #7
I'm cutting down my crime sprees by 94% too. nt TeamPooka Dec 2014 #9
One guy cut down his cigarette selling by 100%...n/t Sheepshank Dec 2014 #17
alleged cigarette selling. nt TeamPooka Dec 2014 #18
yup, alleged. The miscreant that required a substantial PD takedown. Less for the PD to do already. Sheepshank Dec 2014 #20
Now that the word is out that the cops have decided to take it easy, some bad guys will decide to Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #14
No Not Actually... NotHardly Dec 2014 #27
Very good points, but you missed one.... daleanime Dec 2014 #36
No city should rely on fines as operating revenue. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #16
It seems they are making a perfect argument for a reduction in force. abakan Dec 2014 #19
typical union thuggery. Adam051188 Dec 2014 #23
Absolutely necessary... freebrew Dec 2014 #24
I totally agree! Stellar Dec 2014 #30
in denmark where they have enough taxes to pay for govt. in almost a month. i did not SEE a cop nor pansypoo53219 Dec 2014 #33
Yes, low taxes, especially on the rich/corporations, are part of the problem. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #40
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #42
Matt Taibbi has a good article on this pokerfan Dec 2014 #43
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Matt Taibbi cuts to the heart of the matter.. 2banon Jan 2015 #47
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