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31. HAH! Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 04:58 PM
Dec 2014

I sure smell posturing every time he opens his large and rather cavernous yap.

If the NYPD Want to Play That Game [View all] phantom power Dec 2014 OP
"obnoxious busywork that mainly serves to separate poor people from their money" villager Dec 2014 #1
"...or their lives." Iggo Dec 2014 #5
Good one. calimary Dec 2014 #8
Increasingly, yes. villager Dec 2014 #10
Yes But billhicks76 Dec 2014 #21
Their "leadership" is brilliantly illustrating how useless and harmful they are. Scuba Dec 2014 #2
The other problem I see pains me as a union member. calimary Dec 2014 #11
Great post. Yup, Lynch gives union chiefs a bad name. nt SunSeeker Dec 2014 #12
I agree completely. Good post! mountain grammy Dec 2014 #22
That's a great post. I've long held that the progressive labor movement in this country KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #25
He is going to to run for office LiberalArkie Dec 2014 #26
HAH! Wouldn't surprise me in the least. calimary Dec 2014 #31
You are absolutely correct. Scuba Dec 2014 #32
Yep. Counterproductive. moondust Dec 2014 #34
THIS ^^^^ calimary Dec 2014 #35
His rants are intentionally designed to make all unions look bad meow2u3 Dec 2014 #39
Well, if it's not intentional, then he's not just a loud loutish thug, he's a frickin' IDIOT. calimary Dec 2014 #41
Isn't he meeting with local GOP party members? Oilwellian Dec 2014 #44
They are, in fact, in the process of negotiating a contract right now, and tblue37 Jan 2015 #45
After they realize their "gimmick" lsewpershad Dec 2014 #37
Great! They are performing this experiment for us. Chemisse Dec 2014 #3
Check This Out...Not A Suprise billhicks76 Dec 2014 #28
Citizens Surround Cops Making Petty Marijuana Arrest billhicks76 Dec 2014 #29
LA is no safe zone either Tsiyu Dec 2014 #38
A broken taillight can lead one directly into financial ruin. Flatulo Dec 2014 #4
So true. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #13
The fines for minor violations are absolutely absurd Flatulo Dec 2014 #15
Great. If they arrest few enough people, Mr.Bill Dec 2014 #6
The citizens of NYC have one of the highest per capita police forces on the planet randr Dec 2014 #7
I'm cutting down my crime sprees by 94% too. nt TeamPooka Dec 2014 #9
One guy cut down his cigarette selling by 100%...n/t Sheepshank Dec 2014 #17
alleged cigarette selling. nt TeamPooka Dec 2014 #18
yup, alleged. The miscreant that required a substantial PD takedown. Less for the PD to do already. Sheepshank Dec 2014 #20
Now that the word is out that the cops have decided to take it easy, some bad guys will decide to Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #14
No Not Actually... NotHardly Dec 2014 #27
Very good points, but you missed one.... daleanime Dec 2014 #36
No city should rely on fines as operating revenue. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #16
It seems they are making a perfect argument for a reduction in force. abakan Dec 2014 #19
typical union thuggery. Adam051188 Dec 2014 #23
Absolutely necessary... freebrew Dec 2014 #24
I totally agree! Stellar Dec 2014 #30
in denmark where they have enough taxes to pay for govt. in almost a month. i did not SEE a cop nor pansypoo53219 Dec 2014 #33
Yes, low taxes, especially on the rich/corporations, are part of the problem. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #40
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #42
Matt Taibbi has a good article on this pokerfan Dec 2014 #43
Were There Any Reports of Increased Crime Leith Jan 2015 #46
Matt Taibbi cuts to the heart of the matter.. 2banon Jan 2015 #47
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