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17. That could be a good thing - let's really push for it and make these GOP bastards look like the
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 05:48 PM
Dec 2014

Last edited Wed Dec 31, 2014, 08:17 PM - Edit history (1)

hard-hearted selfish asshole Scrooges they are.

It presents an excellent opportunity to make them look HORRIBLE. And thoroughly UN-Christian, regardless how loudly and obnoxiously they boast about being exactly that.

A SUPERB opportunity! If only our Dems would seize upon it. Let's shit all over the enemy's "good name" in the new year - and keep infusing the Dems and the White House with calcium supplements for their freakin' BACKBONES!!!! With Elizabeth Warren in her new elevated position with a seat at the table, and MORE realization that we need to stand by liberal/progressive principles, AND a President who's finally decided to be defiant against the bad guys - at long last, MAYBE our forces will remember what they should really be standing for, and standing STRONG for it, dammit!

Holy cow.....that's exactly what I want in my 2016 candidate!!!!!! a kennedy Dec 2014 #1
Sounds good to me too... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #51
Unfortunately, not one of those will get through the Republican Senate. zappaman Dec 2014 #2
When Obamacare repeal failed in the Congress, what did the Republicans do? Did they grahamhgreen Dec 2014 #7
+1,000,000,000 (top .01%) n/t gelsdorf Dec 2014 #9
+1 LWolf Dec 2014 #11
Just saying these are all great things zappaman Dec 2014 #12
Precisely. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #16
Repugs do fight for what they want - LiberalElite Jan 2015 #35
How bout football? "We can't get the ball to their endzone, they don't want us too!" grahamhgreen Jan 2015 #40
I reject that as an excuse. zeemike Dec 2014 #14
^^^ This ^^^ Tommymac Jan 2015 #25
That could be a good thing - let's really push for it and make these GOP bastards look like the calimary Dec 2014 #17
Defeatism AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #31
Well, there you go. No point in fighting for what we want, it's all a done deal. sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #46
No need to put words in my mouth. zappaman Jan 2015 #47
Yup YoungDemCA Jan 2015 #54
Now that is a REAL Democratic Agenda. hifiguy Dec 2014 #3
Love them all. I hope he raises each of them during the campaign. n/t pampango Dec 2014 #4
He adds to those with fighting to eliminate campaign contributions and enacting Publicly Funded Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #5
Polls indicate these policies are popular across a wide political spectrum, Enthusiast Dec 2014 #6
Exactly why Sanders will win:) grahamhgreen Dec 2014 #10
Amen to that, which will also be why they will fight any progressive candidate tooth mother earth Jan 2015 #29
K&R AtomicKitten Dec 2014 #8
Maybe Bernie is a Democrat afterall, he has listed items which has been in the Democrat Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #13
We have the largest Pork Barrel Defense Budget in the History of the World. Tommymac Jan 2015 #26
I seriously doubt the first thing on your mind when terrorist are coming to where you are is going Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #30
I don't worry about terrorists. I do worry about getting hit by lightning or drunk drivers. eom Tommymac Jan 2015 #33
I vacuumed out from under my bed. The bad boogiemen are ALL gone. Autumn Jan 2015 #34
^^^ This ^^^ Tommymac Jan 2015 #36
Did you find any corporations? Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #38
No silly. I can't look under the bed in the Lincoln bedroom,or ANY bed in the White House. Autumn Jan 2015 #39
In your reply you said "my bed", it is reasoning the only issue a president has to Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #41
I think that that republicans that shake and quiver in fear, and then cry "defense of our Nation" Autumn Jan 2015 #44
Can't help you, don't think Bernie is serious about the office of president if Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #48
Good for you, some of us deal with reality, some has to protect others. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #37
And Some of us do both. Sen Sanders - a Realist and Fighting for We The People. Tommymac Jan 2015 #43
His record does not indicate he is "fighting for we the people". I think I heard about the TP Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #53
Comparing Bernie Sanders to Sarah Palin on DU tells me all I need to know about you. Tommymac Jan 2015 #57
You can attack me and you are the one who used "we the people" and I pointed out this is a TP Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #58
I have been Fighting for We The People all my life. Tommymac Jan 2015 #62
Yep, TP. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #63
these are all things that you will NEVER hear Hillary Ramses Dec 2014 #15
Then you don't know HRC's record. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #42
These 12 items as well as sadoldgirl Dec 2014 #18
I want every one of these things. lovemydog Dec 2014 #19
President Bernie aspirant Dec 2014 #20
While we're looking at raising the minimum wage, Utopian Leftist Dec 2014 #21
This is why I support Bernie for President in 2016 Autumn Dec 2014 #22
K&R liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #23
"Reversing Climate Change" isn't possible anymore. tclambert Jan 2015 #24
Several firms are working on making sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere feasible LondonReign2 Jan 2015 #45
10%? zappaman Jan 2015 #50
k & r & thanks! n/t wildbilln864 Jan 2015 #27
"Crumbling infrastructure" MadDAsHell Jan 2015 #28
Progress Octafish Jan 2015 #32
I can get behind this. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #49
Giving him a national platform for these common-sense ideas will open a lot of people's eyes. arcane1 Jan 2015 #52
But how does any of this help moondust Jan 2015 #55
Send this list to Schumer. Evidently he is looking for ideas. djean111 Jan 2015 #56
Campaign and platform ideas. Nothing to really act on. Just needs the ideas Autumn Jan 2015 #59
It would almost be refreshing if Schumer just asked for "campaign blather". :-O n/t djean111 Jan 2015 #60
I want to see one of them just say, vote for me or I'll be unemployed and poor and that sucks. Autumn Jan 2015 #61
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