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Sat Jan 3, 2015, 11:26 PM Jan 2015

If The President Supports The TPP... I Should Support The TPP... [View all]

NO !!!

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NO !!!
27 (96%)
YES !!
1 (4%)
Obligatory Other !
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I refuse to live without TP, I'm drawing the line RIGHT THERE. NYC_SKP Jan 2015 #1
what a charmin' statement! NRaleighLiberal Jan 2015 #3
It's quilted. If it ain't quilted I'M OUT OF HERE! NYC_SKP Jan 2015 #4
Great SCOTT - you aren't serious? NRaleighLiberal Jan 2015 #6
You're on a roll! Takket Jan 2015 #5
Not to be cornfused with a TPS report mindwalker_i Jan 2015 #10
Are you saying you support 2/3rds of the TPP? Well that's crappy. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #47
But this is TPP TTP PTT PT er better than toilet paper! Rex Jan 2015 #57
I don't support TPP. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #2
... sheshe2 Jan 2015 #7
Hell no. 840high Jan 2015 #8
No point in this poll.... beerandjesus Jan 2015 #9
Ironically Rand Paul supports fast track approval of the TPP nationalize the fed Jan 2015 #14
And Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert oppose it. pampango Jan 2015 #25
Clearly he knows on which side his bread is buttered. SammyWinstonJack Jan 2015 #29
Well, sure he does - the TPP and other agreements like it will speed up his goal djean111 Jan 2015 #30
Said no one Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #11
There's still recs to be counted in the DU DAMN YOU OBAMAAAA!!!1 allegedly anti-TPP parade Number23 Jan 2015 #13
True. Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #15
Whooo boy, you fucking NAILED. IT. Number23 Jan 2015 #16
Actually, some of your comments today opened my eyes to it. Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #17
17,000 posts, and you haven't seen anything about police militarization? beerandjesus Jan 2015 #39
I'm sorry, is police militarization and police brutality the same thing? Number23 Jan 2015 #56
Completely irrelevant response. Nice hysteria, though. beerandjesus Jan 2015 #59
"we actual liberals" does it hurt to pat yourself on the back so hard?? Number23 Jan 2015 #60
Funny, we get called the "TeaLeft"... but you're happy to stand by naked falsehoods! beerandjesus Jan 2015 #61
You need to stay focused Number23 Jan 2015 #63
Does it really feel that good to just pretend everyone else is racist? beerandjesus Jan 2015 #64
Sweet Jesus. You could absolutely NOT have proven my initial Number23 Jan 2015 #66
Post removed Post removed Jan 2015 #18
Post removed Post removed Jan 2015 #21
He's got 80 posts. Feral Child Jan 2015 #32
He's been here for over twelve years. QC Jan 2015 #42
Understood. Feral Child Jan 2015 #45
It is an important topic, FC. And I've been loving your posts on the issue Number23 Jan 2015 #58
Thanks, #23. Feral Child Jan 2015 #67
Are you seriously suggesting that opposition to TPP facilitates institutional racism, etc.? Jim Lane Jan 2015 #34
+1....along with most Democrats in congress. RiverLover Jan 2015 #37
What a perverse--and unfounded--accusation against other DUers beerandjesus Jan 2015 #36
Funny thing is those among us that favor the TPP never want to debate the issue. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #48
Oh come one! Name one single poster here who defends President Obama when he goes against their core Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #12
I'm not convinced they have core principles. nt Union Scribe Jan 2015 #19
That would be a stupid reason to support the TPP Recursion Jan 2015 #20
For being "meh" on it Union Scribe Jan 2015 #27
Not really, I just find the hair-on-fire stuff tiresome, and call it out Recursion Jan 2015 #28
As I recall you like that OrwellwasRight Jan 2015 #44
And pushing the memes of such policies' backers. Marr Jan 2015 #62
If we disagree one of us must be motivated by blind support for or opposition to Obama? pampango Jan 2015 #22
You are braver than I. joshcryer Jan 2015 #26
Boy, do I wish I were seeing more of this in these threads... beerandjesus Jan 2015 #35
^^This^^ 2naSalit Jan 2015 #40
that seems to be true treestar Jan 2015 #50
That works both ways. In fact those that oppose the TPP are willing to debate the rhett o rick Jan 2015 #54
Indeed it does. That is what I meant to say. pampango Jan 2015 #55
Just like NAFTA, republicans will pass it, then sit on their hemorrhoid asses and point B Calm Jan 2015 #23
No (nt) bigwillq Jan 2015 #24
He gets the benefit of the doubt. randome Jan 2015 #31
Don't just give him the benefit of the doubt. OrwellwasRight Jan 2015 #43
No rock Jan 2015 #33
it doesn't make a micron of difference what our opinions are. librechik Jan 2015 #38
This is no more true than OrwellwasRight Jan 2015 #41
ROFLMAO... I just came out of Manny's thread on the TPP SomethingFishy Jan 2015 #46
Nobody said that treestar Jan 2015 #49
Well, I hope you aren't calling the Democrats in Congress 'defeatist' fringe. RiverLover Jan 2015 #52
Much more complex questions treestar Jan 2015 #53
No is not strong enough....no fucking way. Not now. Not ever. yourout Jan 2015 #51
Why are we shitting on the Heartland? Did they withhold cheese and milk again? Rex Jan 2015 #65
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