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Douglas Carpenter

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Sun Jan 4, 2015, 11:17 AM Jan 2015

Does ANYONE here SERIOUSLY believe that DU is full of paid trolls? [View all]

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It is no secret that there are people who work for candidates and causes who post on Internet forums to advance their candidates and causes. But there seems to be a suggestion from some quarters that there are a number of people here who either work for corporate interest to advance a pro-corporate Democratic agenda or who secretly work for the Republicans to try to suppress voter turnout by undermining support for the Democratic Party and its leadership.

Is it not possible that people can be wrong for free? Maybe there are some paid trolls - But I doubt it. At least not very many.


84 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, there are a number of paid trolls working on DU
50 (60%)
Come on! That is ridiculous. There might be a few. But people simply hold different opinions. They don't have to be paid for it.
28 (33%)
Canadian bacon and British back bacon are far superior as a breakfast dish. But American streaky bacon works better as a flavorizer on a number of items from Roasted Brussels Sprouts to Clam Chowder.
6 (7%)
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During election seasons I certainly do JonLP24 Jan 2015 #1
Some try to come here, but I do think we have a pretty good system of weeding them out hlthe2b Jan 2015 #2
Think so? MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #134
Are you saying that you are a paid troll? hlthe2b Jan 2015 #135
On the payroll of Karl Rove *and* Rand Paul MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #136
well, then you don't disguise it very well. hlthe2b Jan 2015 #140
Au contraire! MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #150
I received an offer to post on Mitt Romney's blog to cause confusion and doubt in 2012. Major Hogwash Jan 2015 #164
several years ago before baggers had their "twitter training camps" there were craigslist ads asking Sunlei Jan 2015 #219
I don't think they are paid for it, but yeah and I don't think they are working for the candidates. Autumn Jan 2015 #3
Trolls, or paid trolls? Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #6
How do you get one of these gigs? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #4
Paid? Capt. Obvious Jan 2015 #5
did you say BACON!!!!!!!11!1 corkhead Jan 2015 #7
it's BACON1111!!!!1!1! NuclearDem Jan 2015 #38
Oh. My. God. Inkfreak Jan 2015 #190
Option 3 is just crazy talk. aikoaiko Jan 2015 #8
Canadian Bacon, another name for Ham. riqster Jan 2015 #35
I That Prosciutto Was Another Name For Ham ProfessorGAC Jan 2015 #196
Pass. Feral Child Jan 2015 #9
Since I have no way to know whether any DUers are paid to post, MineralMan Jan 2015 #10
I worked for a political ad agency: Yes Atman Jan 2015 #11
More inclined to go with ^^^THIS^^^ MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #123
Thanks for this. elleng Jan 2015 #152
+1 Seen it done at an ad agency as well Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #204
Jeebus, I come back from my agency's mandatory holiday break to this crap thread? msanthrope Jan 2015 #12
DUzy! arcane1 Jan 2015 #108
If so, no one's getting their money's worth Union Scribe Jan 2015 #13
I don't think trolls are here to espouse different opinions. Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2015 #50
Sometimes THAT is the objective Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #207
I have seen several Hillary supporters like myself called paid shills. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #14
No, it's very insulting. cheapdate Jan 2015 #106
Agreed! It is very insulting. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #112
What if I told you that the posters accusing others of being paid shills Trekologer Jan 2015 #203
It isn't pleasant to be called a paid shill when you're a supporter...tell them you 'work' for free! Sunlei Jan 2015 #222
Lol i wish I could get paid to post. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #223
maybe Some of the pro Putin stuff JI7 Jan 2015 #15
Little doubt..the question is who are they paid by? canoeist52 Jan 2015 #16
ISIS? Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #17
Why would anyone bother to pay people to post here? hack89 Jan 2015 #18
Sway opinions and create a consensus Boreal Jan 2015 #110
But why here? hack89 Jan 2015 #117
DU helped elect President Kucinich. zappaman Jan 2015 #120
If DU doesn't matter, then, why are you here? Octafish Jan 2015 #179
Entertainment--- snooper2 Jan 2015 #181
It's a shame you have to be reminded Oilwellian Jan 2015 #185
Sweet, could you come over to my cube and finish this engineering documentation? snooper2 Jan 2015 #186
Weren't for snooper2, I might never have reported on Duquesne to DU. Octafish Jan 2015 #188
We sure learned a lot! zappaman Jan 2015 #199
Putting words in my mouth again, Brad? zappaman Jan 2015 #198
Why, because I put ''thoughts'' in quotation marks for zappaman? Octafish Jan 2015 #200
Smear away! zappaman Jan 2015 #202
Dunno about that Boreal Jan 2015 #121
You tell me. Crunchy Frog Jan 2015 #145
Ask Cass Sunstein, he explained it all very clearly! sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #151
"Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas" was an excellent book. Nt hack89 Jan 2015 #166
There are at least a few. LWolf Jan 2015 #19
No, I think it is an accusation people resort to treestar Jan 2015 #20
Does being a troll pay more than being a caregiver? jk Sivafae Jan 2015 #21
Hell yea just like they are on progressive radio bigdarryl Jan 2015 #22
It's a tricky conversation el_bryanto Jan 2015 #23
When someone or something is interested in shaping opinion, Yes. Octafish Jan 2015 #24
Thank you for the source. Anyone who doesn't consider this at least a possibility canoeist52 Jan 2015 #32
precisely! n/t wildbilln864 Jan 2015 #34
LOL, why did I predict you would think there are paid trolls? nt Logical Jan 2015 #45
Because I'm interested in crimes of the national security state? Octafish Jan 2015 #75
Because he's accused DUers of it? zappaman Jan 2015 #90
You know that cute little line they drag along the water? MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #124
Bate! zappaman Jan 2015 #125
No…. no…. Thank YOU! MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #126
Awwww. zappaman Jan 2015 #127
conspiracy theory / Greenwald bullshit uhnope Jan 2015 #72
Nice smear. Show where I'm wrong. Octafish Jan 2015 #77
that's easy. Whether you'll admit you're wrong is the hard part uhnope Jan 2015 #85
Don't hold your breath. zappaman Jan 2015 #91
At least I include links. Octafish Jan 2015 #98
Thanks for proving me right! zappaman Jan 2015 #102
'Don't hold your breath.' 'Thanks for proving me right!' Octafish Jan 2015 #114
The bird is the word. zappaman Jan 2015 #119
Least Valuable Player Octafish Jan 2015 #182
Sorry, telepathy still isn't a thing. NuclearDem Jan 2015 #211
CIA tells the New York Times what to do. Octafish Jan 2015 #96
I'm Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #25
paid Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #26
by Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #27
the Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #28
post. Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #29
LOL! You need this smilie csziggy Jan 2015 #37
I see... riqster Jan 2015 #40
It would be foolish not to think that there are people here that are paid to stir the pot notadmblnd Jan 2015 #30
I think there are 840high Jan 2015 #148
Full? ... No. lpbk2713 Jan 2015 #31
Paid by ALEC callers call into all radio shows, read the same script over and over randys1 Jan 2015 #33
It's a kick when they're reading from their scripts and cordelia Jan 2015 #97
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jan 2015 #36
You forgot the Libertarians and the DINOS Demeter Jan 2015 #70
You left out kooks and lunatics. Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #128
!!! zappaman Jan 2015 #129
And zombies of banned posters... SidDithers Jan 2015 #170
Cognitive infiltration JonLP24 Jan 2015 #39
Cass Sunstein helped get Bush and Cheney off the hook... Octafish Jan 2015 #116
It is ridiculous to think there are people paid to troll DU oberliner Jan 2015 #41
No it's not. Not just 840high Jan 2015 #149
Hey, it paid for the BMW sitting in the driveway Lurks Often Jan 2015 #42
I suggest to google "propaganda" and read a little how well that concept works today. Sunlei Jan 2015 #220
I'm aware of how propaganda works Lurks Often Jan 2015 #221
Beacon? FrodosPet Jan 2015 #43
Nope. The cost/benefit ratio simply does not support it. IDemo Jan 2015 #44
No. Puglover Jan 2015 #46
Full? Iggo Jan 2015 #47
There are more anti-Dem trolls Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #48
I agree Andy823 Jan 2015 #58
Better Believe It Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #94
Yes they do Andy823 Jan 2015 #205
Many people do truly rotten things for money. Some enjoy it. Zorra Jan 2015 #49
My guess is that Alan Grayson pays somebody to make DU posts mathematic Jan 2015 #51
I wasn't going to mention bare-chested Putin defenders IDemo Jan 2015 #52
Why do you think this about Grayson? appalachiablue Jan 2015 #118
The real question here is what exacly is considered a troll? hrmjustin Jan 2015 #53
anyone that disagree with me. tammywammy Jan 2015 #56
It makes sense that a political campaign would employ such services. Chemisse Jan 2015 #54
I seriously doubt there are paid trolls here Generic Brad Jan 2015 #55
"Full of"? No. SMC22307 Jan 2015 #57
Does it matter if they are paid or do it for the sheer love of trolling? BainsBane Jan 2015 #59
Don't know if they are paid Andy823 Jan 2015 #60
I really don't care. cwydro Jan 2015 #61
it's a website where people post. Of COURSE there are trolls. But paid trolls? KittyWampus Jan 2015 #62
there's almost no difference between #1 and #2 in your poll hfojvt Jan 2015 #63
As a factual question, yes: plenty of people very sincerely believe that Recursion Jan 2015 #64
No MFrohike Jan 2015 #65
When issues pretty much settled in the democratic party, like women's rights or applegrove Jan 2015 #66
I agree - and wonder why anyone persistently denies it occurs here. blm Jan 2015 #187
Whoa we can get paid for this? Where do I sign up? Initech Jan 2015 #67
As the option said, there may be some.. mvd Jan 2015 #68
I sincerely doubt that the nonsense on DU would be posted WITHOUT pay Demeter Jan 2015 #69
Exactly the sort of post hootinholler Jan 2015 #71
Undeniable Matrosov Jan 2015 #73
TYT: Russia's Online Troll Army Is Huge, Hilarious & Already Everywhere uhnope Jan 2015 #74
Yeah, that actually explains some otherwise inexplicable shit around here. Warren DeMontague Jan 2015 #95
Since I can't pass on an opportunity to answer a poll... BillZBubb Jan 2015 #76
he has made some crappy movies olddots Jan 2015 #78
Who eats beacons for breakfast Warpy Jan 2015 #79
Of course not...it's just what people want to believe when they can't beat an argument. ileus Jan 2015 #80
There are a few, but they aren't paid very much. dawg Jan 2015 #81
Paying posters would generally be more cost-effective on other sites. Jim Lane Jan 2015 #82
I believe there are probably some. Jamastiene Jan 2015 #83
Probably not. But, if they're making more than a dollar a week, they're overpaid. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #84
Where's pie? shenmue Jan 2015 #86
No. Throd Jan 2015 #87
I must say, the results so far slightly disappoint me. I wish people could see that people simply Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #88
Disappointing? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jan 2015 #107
I think it is batshit crazy to believe people hold different opinions because they are paid to. This Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #168
Both can exist you know. There are people on here who simply disagree. There are some on here liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #177
o you then believe that people who disagree with your initial premise are not "simply disagreeing"? LanternWaste Jan 2015 #214
I have more of an issue with people not being transparent about who they work for. Starry Messenger Jan 2015 #89
I suspect there are almost as many reasons for posting on DU as there are DUers petronius Jan 2015 #92
Of course wyldwolf Jan 2015 #93
well Mr. Wolf, Could you kindly direct me to a progressive group that would pay me to swing DU Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #169
of course not. I don't hold the keys to the secret society wyldwolf Jan 2015 #191
I think there are a reasonable number of them gollygee Jan 2015 #99
I don't think your attempt at what you thought was a push poll worked out the way you thought. nt. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #100
why do you think I was attempting a push pole?. Do you SERIOUSLY believe that there are several paid Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #184
I can't answer that until I've consulted with my FSB handlers 1step Jan 2015 #101
Clearly, anyone who votes no on this is a paid troll. Motown_Johnny Jan 2015 #103
I may be one of them. BlueJazz Jan 2015 #104
Both. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jan 2015 #105
This poll has been trolled. L0oniX Jan 2015 #109
To believe there are paid trolls, one would need to believe there's a reason to have them... brooklynite Jan 2015 #111
I chose pass. I think it is insulting to call people paid shills. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #113
If they turned out to be actual "paid shills" Go Vols Jan 2015 #130
How would you determine if they are paid? hrmjustin Jan 2015 #131
I can't and didn't go into that part Go Vols Jan 2015 #132
Well my point is that it is not pleasant to hear. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #133
Bad things never are. Go Vols Jan 2015 #137
none took the bait here uhnope Jan 2015 #138
Putin is a horrible person. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #139
ya think? uhnope Jan 2015 #142
Why is it insulting? Hutzpa Jan 2015 #159
To be called a paid xhill? hrmjustin Jan 2015 #175
I'm not a paid shill so I have no problem Hutzpa Jan 2015 #215
I agree that creates doubt but i doubt it makes them a shill. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #216
What about volunteer shills? hobbit709 Jan 2015 #167
Do you mean people who sign up with a cause to post about it for no money? hrmjustin Jan 2015 #176
There are suggestions that the Putin regime has online propagandists DemocraticWing Jan 2015 #115
I forgot about those. But there are also a lot of fools out there. JDPriestly Jan 2015 #143
mmm ... beacon AtomicKitten Jan 2015 #122
Paid "trolls?" ScreamingMeemie Jan 2015 #141
People thought I was a paid troll when I first started posting here. Crunchy Frog Jan 2015 #144
Can any of the other operatives here tell me what happened to zappaman Jan 2015 #146
She's been replaced by direct deposit. Major Hogwash Jan 2015 #165
Full? No. Are there some very prominent, very vocal, very anti-Democrat ones here? LadyHawkAZ Jan 2015 #147
I like answering polls Kennah Jan 2015 #153
Dozens of pigs/cops/shitbags all the time easychoice Jan 2015 #154
Now, are all the people who act nasty trolls DonCoquixote Jan 2015 #155
I think there's a few Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #156
Must be, because I've lost count of how many times I've been accused of being one... Blue_Tires Jan 2015 #157
Not sure if anyone is getting paid but... MadDAsHell Jan 2015 #158
Roses are red, area51 Jan 2015 #160
Yep. That's pretty obvious. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #161
PAID trolls? Don't be silly. Joe Magarac Jan 2015 #162
Yes, for both sides davidpdx Jan 2015 #163
There are lots of unpaid trolls... SidDithers Jan 2015 #171
''Trolling is a art.'' - SidDithers to zappaman. Octafish Jan 2015 #180
... SidDithers Jan 2015 #189
Like Henny Youngman used to say all of the time . . . Major Hogwash Jan 2015 #217
paid media are hardly ever banned Sunlei Jan 2015 #172
everywhere is reddread Jan 2015 #173
Is that how Russell Brand spells "bacon"? nt Chiyo-chichi Jan 2015 #174
There must be some Renew Deal Jan 2015 #178
I wouldn't say full... Phentex Jan 2015 #183
No, and DU is one of the few places on the internet we can have a real discussion. chrisa Jan 2015 #192
I have always thought we should be PAID for our information collected online. :) Sunlei Jan 2015 #218
I'm convinced the NSA or its contractors practice psy-ops here. backscatter712 Jan 2015 #193
I'll post for bacon. Real bacon. (nt) Inkfreak Jan 2015 #194
I think there are more who are not honest about their personal motives for posting what they post Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #195
Maybe not paid, but promised ? fadedrose Jan 2015 #197
Only the people that take this site (and themselves) too seriously... n/t leeroysphitz Jan 2015 #201
Not just here zipplewrath Jan 2015 #206
Please examine the graphic below, and then consider the question in the OP again. Zorra Jan 2015 #208
I think there are far more paid trolls and their sock puppets on Salon. hollysmom Jan 2015 #209
Clusters of pro-gun rights agitators have been turning up here for years. Paladin Jan 2015 #210
Just another_poll NuclearDem Jan 2015 #212
Full of? No. Containing? Yes. LanternWaste Jan 2015 #213
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