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Thu Jan 8, 2015, 07:44 PM Jan 2015

do military acadenies just benefit the elite and perpetuate inequity? [View all]


Let’s Abolish West Point: Military Academies Serve No One, Squander Millions of Tax Dollars

The service academies once had a purpose: when they were founded in the 19th century (the Air Force split off from Army after World War II), college was classics and religion for gentlemen, so it made sense to have technical training institutes for people who would be in charge of increasingly technical warfare. All the service academies have now to justify their cost and their pretensions, it seems, is their once-illustrious history, and the club of “tradition,” which they wield mercilessly against students who dare question why things are as they are.

Who benefits from these strange historical holdovers? Not the taxpayers who fund them. The service academies are the vanity projects of the brass who went there. Their interest is in looking good (it’s good for their careers) and in keeping the tax dollars flowing. All official information taxpayers get about the service academies comes from the brass who run them and who use them as their private country clubs — at taxpayer expense. Military subordinates (which includes the students) are legally unable to offer conflicting views. The result is that the service academies are feel-good hype factories that operate with virtually no accountability and little oversight, the very definition of government bloat on autopilot.

Oh, yes—there’s one more group of people who defend these places to the death: the parents of the young military members who attend them. Why wouldn’t they? Having their children admitted is a government-sponsored guarantee of a golden ticket to life: college at taxpayer expense with no student debts, the highest salary of any set of graduates, and guaranteed employment and (no-Obamacare-necessary) health benefits for at least five years, frequently well beyond. And no, most people in the military aren’t remotely likely to be shot at.
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I cannot believe ANYBODY would have floated the moronic idea that the service academies should be... MohRokTah Jan 2015 #1
I agree. It is sickening. yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #2
this article is from ultra liberal Alternet Liberal_in_LA Jan 2015 #9
ultra liberal? ha-ha alternet is a wing of the democratic party NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #11
Yes, the ultra left wing of the Democratic Party. eom MohRokTah Jan 2015 #13
The party has an ultraleft wing? Please tell me who's in it. Alternet doesn't run ultraleft NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #15
Alternet is also ultra left. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #16
well, i guess *you* outed yourself. NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #18
I'm considered far left by nearly everybody I know. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #21
Ultra liberal? flying rabbit Jan 2015 #28
Why single out the academies, go for the war colleges, too Brother Buzz Jan 2015 #3
what are "war colleges"? Liberal_in_LA Jan 2015 #8
Graduate level training for the military. bluedigger Jan 2015 #12
Postgraduate institutions. Once you get to colonel you're expected to get a Master's degree Recursion Jan 2015 #24
Living near West Point the academy gives back to the community at large.. Historic NY Jan 2015 #4
Agreed! West Point is an important part of the Hudson Valley region. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #5
Since 1802 as an academ.y Historic NY Jan 2015 #6
... 840high Jan 2015 #23
that's good to hear Liberal_in_LA Jan 2015 #7
After Hurricane Isabel flooded Annapolis, midshipmen rescued dozens of people Recursion Jan 2015 #26
and this is one reason why saltpepperdoor Jan 2015 #10
I think all higher level education should be tax payer funded. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #14
I'm one of those academy guys. cloudbase Jan 2015 #17
Sounds just like my family. My brother went to the Air Force Acad elias49 Jan 2015 #20
Bravo! MohRokTah Jan 2015 #22
Thank you for those kind words. n/t cloudbase Jan 2015 #29
Thats a big bunch of crap -- but its on par for alternet. aikoaiko Jan 2015 #19
At least at Navy, many of the people actually attending classes are not Midshipmen Recursion Jan 2015 #25
Son n law officer at Air Force academy marlakay Jan 2015 #27
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