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17. 40% (as of this post), that should never be allowed to serve...
Tue Apr 24, 2012, 11:53 PM
Apr 2012

on DU or court room jury duty.

(Certain he is guilty of racial profiling and stalking and cold-blooded murder).

I only know what's on TV, so I have no idea. nt Deep13 Apr 2012 #1
I really don't know, but if I had to guess, I would guess Vattel Apr 2012 #2
Exactly RZM Apr 2012 #4
I believe he is guilty of what he is charged with frazzled Apr 2012 #3
Well said etherealtruth Apr 2012 #11
I am withholding judgement of Zimmerman TexasProgresive Apr 2012 #5
Other. I don't like the terminology in the poll at all. DevonRex Apr 2012 #6
Not sure about the cold blooded murder.... Little Star Apr 2012 #7
Let's be clear on what we mean by "murder." Deep13 Apr 2012 #8
Oh come on... It was a "thrill killing". A popular DU'er saw it in his eyes during his arraignment. cherokeeprogressive Apr 2012 #27
No, I have not read them. Deep13 Apr 2012 #33
Guilty of not standing down when he was told to by 911 and then somehow became so afraid... peace13 Apr 2012 #9
: ohiosmith Apr 2012 #10
Should have gone for the manslaughter charge. ellisonz Apr 2012 #12
Why? Deep13 Apr 2012 #13
Easier case to make. ellisonz Apr 2012 #14
yes woolldog Apr 2012 #15
I really hope there will be justice for Martin, shimonitanegi Apr 2012 #16
40% (as of this post), that should never be allowed to serve... -..__... Apr 2012 #17
Too Bad So Sad You Have No Control Over That HangOnKids Apr 2012 #20
That might be all fine and well in a web forum... -..__... Apr 2012 #22
Happens all the time HangOnKids Apr 2012 #26
I'd like to see a poll asking cherokeeprogressive Apr 2012 #29
100 % sure..... period....bet my life on it...profiler does not meet SYG code. opihimoimoi Apr 2012 #18
Dare to disagree... -..__... Apr 2012 #19
You'll be happy to know that I just alerted on your post. Not 60% of other DUers, just yours. Electric Monk Apr 2012 #23
You got lucky. Jury voted 3-3. Electric Monk Apr 2012 #30
I'm reasonably certain that Zimmerman was racially profiling and coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #21
Which part is in dispute? Marr Apr 2012 #24
Trayvon Martin either was killed in cold blood or was using self-defense when killed KeepItReal Apr 2012 #25
A jury will decide unionworks Apr 2012 #28
I spent too many years working in the legal biz to rush to judgment before all the evidence is known Blue_In_AK Apr 2012 #31
An UNARMED kid is dead by his hand, in a confrontation......... socialist_n_TN Apr 2012 #32
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