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37. Thanks for posting that! I'd never heard of Aivazovsky before (shameful, I know), but
Thu Feb 5, 2015, 02:19 AM
Feb 2015

I really like what I'm finding...

That's more of a normal size for a woman as tall as I suspect she must be. Vinca Feb 2015 #1
I have to disagree... sundevil2000 Feb 2015 #14
She's a normal-sized real woman meow2u3 Feb 2015 #43
I thnk she's gorgeous, but I think her top is ill-fitting. nt msanthrope Feb 2015 #2
I agree underpants Feb 2015 #4
I fell right into that, didn't I? nt msanthrope Feb 2015 #6
Better than her falling OUT of it underpants Feb 2015 #15
I eschew clothing that requires double-sided tape to keep my breasts in, generally. msanthrope Feb 2015 #16
Pasties only use single sided tape! jberryhill Feb 2015 #29
Curvy, huh? immoderate Feb 2015 #3
I don't get it. nt cyberswede Feb 2015 #22
I'm musing on the use of language. immoderate Feb 2015 #44
Sure - there are several synonyms for that. cyberswede Feb 2015 #45
It's still an objectification of women, so not sure why this is 'better' than a slimmer model. closeupready Feb 2015 #5
it's an ad for selling bathing suits JI7 Feb 2015 #7
If so, then the thread title is misleading. closeupready Feb 2015 #9
yes it is misleading JI7 Feb 2015 #11
Right, it is equally "bad" Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #26
And I agree with you, insofar as this: that if you reject one kind of exploitation, closeupready Feb 2015 #28
Or else you dont think people finding other people attractive on the basis of physical appearance Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #30
Sure, whatever. This doesn't upset me. closeupready Feb 2015 #32
I think one can safely assume that everyone on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #35
I'm still trying to figure out how someone can be exploited at $10,000 per day Major Nikon Feb 2015 #41
I'm sure some will still disapprove because they didn't have to remove Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #8
WTF? Kali Feb 2015 #21
Ykcutnek suggests that some will argue that the model isn't really "plus sized" Orrex Feb 2015 #34
This poster has a real way with words. a la izquierda Feb 2015 #38
Huh? cyberswede Feb 2015 #23
Uh-oh. I remember what happened to the last SI cover thread aikoaiko Feb 2015 #10
She'll need more than a skimpy bathing suit to weather that storm. TheCowsCameHome Feb 2015 #13
The last SI cover thread... NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #33
Thanks for posting that! I'd never heard of Aivazovsky before (shameful, I know), but petronius Feb 2015 #37
That is a FANTASTIC painting! PassingFair Feb 2015 #52
I consider that to be average-sized Terra Alta Feb 2015 #12
you haven't been Snow Leopard Feb 2015 #20
cuegrumpycatgood LifeLoveLib Feb 2015 #17
When I see good looking men and women of many ages and many sizes in the SI Swimsuit Issue... hunter Feb 2015 #18
Swimsuit mags put the focus on her boobs but LittleBlue Feb 2015 #19
because they are trying to sell the bathing suit JI7 Feb 2015 #24
"Which hits newstands this week" Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #25
Oh come on now... NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #36
Kind of like the discussion about Spider Woman's ass ... Arugula Latte Feb 2015 #46
You'll never believe it but there is a sculpture of Baitball Blogger Feb 2015 #47
I vaguely remember something about that. NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #48
Well, I guess you need a Spider Woman and Spider Man to make a Spider Baby Arugula Latte Feb 2015 #49
Ugh... NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #50
What's amazing with the photo is that if you look closely for a while .... rickford66 Feb 2015 #27
"There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt." NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #31
Gosh----She must be at least 3 lbs overweight nikto Feb 2015 #39
that's a great picture Skittles Feb 2015 #40
Ok, but the guy behind her is way too thin! AwakeAtLast Feb 2015 #42
There's a guy in the picture? NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #51
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